[haiku-development] Re: List of svn-users

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 14:33:32 -0700

Hi Oliver!

Oliver Tappe wrote:
> No, I wasn't making myself clear: I was asking if we could adjust the entries 
> of the haiku-os.net domain to point to the new servers completely, such that 
> we would have www.haiku-os.net, svn.haiku-os.net and dev.haiku-os.net 
> resolving to IP addresses of the new server.
> This way, we could setup the new webservers to match the (host-)names of the 
> existing haiku-os.org servers. At a later stage, when we transfer 
> haiku-os.org, we'd just have to add the .org domain on top.
> This would avoid having to add temporary entries to the haiku-os.org domain.

For svn, why not just go directly with svn.haiku-os.org? Is it currently 
being used?

For the website and Trac, is it not possible to just create a test 
subdomain for each of their respective VMs (ie., testweb.haiku-os.org 
and testdev.haiku-os.org? Once those two installations are tested and 
known to be running OK, then the DNS settings can be modified to point 
to them. Or am I missing something? :)

>> As a general rule, from a consistency POV it is always better to use
>> the haiku-<wildcard>.org domain pattern whenever possible, such as in
>> haiku-files.org, the upcoming haiku-art.org, etc.
>> If the concern is the inability of the server admins to control the DNS
>> settings, perhaps it can be arranged for them to have access to the
>> Godaddy account where these are managed.
> Ah, I have no concerns about controlling the DNS myself - I simply didn't 
> know that we as a group control the DNS already. I was assuming our current 
> hoster would do so.

It would still be convenient if those working on the new server had 
access to the DNS settings; that way, you would not have to rely on 
somebody across the ocean on a different time zone for a change that may 
be required right away. Redundancy is this case is good IMO. ;)


Jorge/aka Koki

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