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On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Patrick Kelly <kameo76890@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> LLVM just got a patch for Haiku configuration... is there any interest 
>> in replacing GCC with LLVM after R1?

>This has been discussed before, but I will summarize what I believe the
general sentiment is about LLVM from the Haiku developers: it is a really
neat technology, but until clang has full C++ >support LLVM really isn't a
reasonable replacement for GCC for use by Haiku. I'm sure there will be some
experimentation with using LLVM in Haiku and maybe using the GCC front-end
and an >LLVM back-end until clang is far enough along (sort of like what
Apple is doing.) But of course that requires a developer to take some
interest and put work into that.
>Honestly there are probably more pressing issues to be done after R1.

I see... I could play around with it, see if I can get Haiku to build with
the LLVM. Is there some sort of test or benchmark I could use to check for

>I assume from your email that LLVM can now compile on Haiku out of the box?
Or at least configure will work? ;) That is good to know since that is less
work for any of us when the time comes to >play with LLVM on Haiku.

I would assume so, unfortunately if you've ever seen LLVM's mailing lists,
most of the submissions are very... lacking in detail. I'll test later


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