[haiku-development] Re: HiDPI strategies, current and future

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 07:55:05 +0900

I state that I disagree with using BFont for anything related to UI scaling. I plan to provide a prototype patches for my approach in 2 weeks that should be simple and clean and allow to use separate UI scaling for PC and tablet depending where system USB disk was booted. Some monitor serial number may be used to store settings per-monitor.

On 2021/08/31 7:40, Mr. waddlesplash wrote:

Ultimately there are plenty of places where metrics computations are
going to have to occur outside BControlLook, e.g. in Tracker list
views, etc. They may well be based on BControlLook values (e.g. "item
spacing * 2" or whatever), but probably they are going to ultimately
go back to the font size.
This and similar problems can be easiliy solved by using something like `BControlLook::PlainFont()` (that will take UI scale ratio in account) instead of be_plain_font with minimal code changes.

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