[haiku-development] Header file reuse

  • From: Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 22:16:18 +0200


Am 28.08.2010 um 12:15 schrieb Axel Dörfler:

pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
+       SCSI_READ_12 = 0xA8,
+       SCSI_WRITE_12 = 0xAA,

There already is a SCSI header in our repository that contains all of
those (and a lot more) in headers/private/drivers/scsi_cmds.h, btw.

It seems we have some header code duplication in the repository. In this case there's headers/private/drivers/scsi_cmds.h as well as equivalents for usb_disk and now usb_floppy add-ons.

Is there a policy on header file reuse? Are there good reasons not to?

What I'm in particular looking for is the proper way to share a private header (iSCSI commands) between the boot loader and a kernel virtual disk add-on.
* Is headers/private/drivers/ too general for a file not that universal?
* Putting it in headers/private/kernel/boot/net/ like RemoteDiskDefs.h seems wrong to me as medium-term solution...
* Should it go with the add-on and be reused from there?
* Anywhere else?


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