[haiku-development] Re: HaikuPorts logo

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <kokitomare@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 10:32:10 -0700

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Färber wrote:
Am 08.06.2008 um 03:49 schrieb Jorge G. Mare:

What would be the practical consequences of HaikuPorts becoming an
official part of the Haiku project?

In very broad terms, it would mean aligning to the core goals of the project. In a nutshell, that means a commitment to focus specifically on the advancement the Haiku.

That's what I feared as answer.

-1 from me.

There is no need to fear. See below. :)

BePorts/HaikuPorts has been a community effort from the start, with contributors (volunteers) working on ports they are interested in. To make it a really successful project, I believe this is the road to follow. Scott and Luc for instance have been working on paving the way for more games to be ported to Haiku, while I have more focused on development-related tools, as a whole already covering a large number of diverse ports. We have been looking into Haiku's needs and contributing back to Haiku where we could. For just porting the couple of ports strictly necessary for building and running (advancing) Haiku, HaikuPorts seems 'overkill' - Ingo had been doing that in Haiku's SVN before. And having Haiku Inc. decide what ports we are allowed to or supposed to touch does not sound intriguing at all. If there's something Haiku needs, Ingo would probably know, or we'd probably learn it here, and otherwise our mailing list has been open to everyone for ports to be proposed, contributed or discussed.

I strongly believe that in the status quo Haiku and HaikuPorts projects can get along quite well, without being official part of the Haiku project. HaikuPorts is already de facto being recognized as a useful resource for the Haiku project and community, as shown among others by Ingo's and Koki's contributions.

And with some projects already willingly accepting upstream patches for Haiku support, the amount of porting activity for software Haiku itself needs is likely to decrease anyway, once those projects release new versions featuring Haiku support out-of-the-box.

Everything in my answers revolved around the use of the Haiku logo, because that's what you asked about in the first place. From that specific POV, I wanted to convey to you under what hypothetical circumstances HaikuPorts would be able to use the Haiku logo. HaikuPorts is your project, and nobody was trying to dictate or force anything onto you or your team. I was just giving you one extra choice for you to consider (again, in the context of being able to use the Haiku logo). :)

I really want to ask the community not to be oversensitive about Haiku Inc.. It is not a big and evil corporation trying to control your life. :) Haiku is also a community project, and the non-profit is a part of the project that we use as a legal entity to support the project in various ways (ie., tax exemption, fund raising, holding trademarks, etc.).

Another thing to keep in mind is that Haiku Inc. is composed of the very same people that volunteer a lot of their time for Haiku (coding or otherwise), so there is really no separation between the project volunteers and the Haiku Inc. volunteers; they are one and the same. Please, keep that in mind before you start concocting the next Haiku Inc. wants to take over the world conspiracy theory. ;)

Anyway, as I hope you recognize, I have shown my support for BePorts/HaikuPorts from the very beginning. I really don't want this misunderstanding to change that. :)



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