[haiku-development] Re: Haiku self-hosting.

  • From: "Euan Kirkhope" <euan.kirkhope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 20:26:36 +0100

On 01/04/2008, Luposian <luposian@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Haiku stands supreme.  As it was meant to be.  And so it is.
>  Congratulations to one and all who've made it possible!
>  However, there is one small detail that puts a damper on this excellent
>  news of Haiku self-hosting... and it's something that I have warned
>  would come home to roost, for some time now.  And now it's home...
>  You see, when you do ANYTHING in Haiku, that relates to duplicating
>  (copying) files, adding files, unpacking files, etc., no matter how
>  long you wait, the files is never really SAVED.  Everything SAYS that
>  it is, but... it ISN'T!  The drive light blinked.  The files took time
>  to be handled [however].  And the disk info says that more space is
>  taken up.  EVERYTHING says something REALLY happened!
>  But press F12 (enter Kernel Debug mode) and type one short word...
>  "reboot".  And hit [Enter].
>  The system reboots, and you go back into Haiku.  Look for your files.
>  ANY of them.  It can be 1 file or a dozen of them... they're NOT THERE!
>   Where'd they go?!?  They went bye-bye.  Why?  Because, although
>  EVERYTHING said they were put on the disk, nice and safe and secure...
>  Haiku is now self-hosting... tell me... what happens when someone
>  configures all the files and folders in Haiku to be a development
>  platform... and the system spontaneously reboots (I've had it happen
>  several times, in the past, due to bad capacitors)?  All your effort
>  and work is GONE!  What happens when you've downloaded ALL the files to
>  the latest revision of Haiku and you're ready to Jam them... and the
>  power goes out for a moment?  ALL those files are GONE!!!  What happens
>  when you've taken the time to download and JAM the latest revision of
>  Haiku (a couple hours, let's say) and someone trips over the power
>  The more Haiku can do, the more critical this issue becomes.  And, now,
>  it has likely reached critical status.  As I said, this issue's
>  roosters have come home to roost.  And now they're here.  It's only a
>  matter of time before more people than just me, begin to complain.
>  I do not beat this drum for my own health.  I beat it, as a warning to
>  the health and prosperity of Haiku itself.  If I did not care, I would
>  not protest so loudly.  I would not make myself the annoying PITA that
>  I've likely become.  The "Luposian bug" would not have been mentioned
>  in Haiku CIA...
>  And thus, now it is time to finish the job.  Make certain that files
>  that are SAID to be on the disk, ARE on the disk, so that a computer
>  hiccup or power outage or power cord being tripped over, do not render
>  all for naught.  Because, if it was YOUR files and YOUR time and YOUR
>  effort... would you want something like that, to ruin everything?
>  I think not.
>  Latre!
>  Luposian
>  On Apr 1, 2008, at 8:54 AM, Bruno Albuquerque wrote:
>  > Sorry for the cross-posting, but as it is good news I thought I would
>  > share it with you guys. Today I committed r24720 and, with that, I was
>  > able to compile Haiku inside itself without the neewd for any hacks or
>  > reboots or anything like that (using VMWare with 1 Gb of memory
>  > available to the VM). I also run the generated image in VMWare and it
>  > booted (I didn't test it much tough).
>  >
>  > Although this is April's 1st (and some of you will probably think it
>  > is a joke), this means that we are able to self-host now and pending
>  > something else that we may find during testing, this means we are
>  > self-hosting as of today.
>  >
>  > You can start the fireworks! :)
>  >
>  > -Bruno
>  >
>  > Ps: Juts wnated to point out that this would not be possible without
>  > the huge amount of time the developers have spent on getting this
>  > working and, specifically, the amount of time Axel spent fixing
>  > VM/cache bugs and the amount Ingo spent getting the build system
>  > working inside Haiku. So kudos to them.
>  >
>  >

I can't say I've seen this bug.  Maybe it's a IDE driver issue?  If
people before could complete a self hosted build in two goes, the
first half must have saved the generated files no?

Anyway, stop spoiling the happy time. :-P


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