[haiku-development] Re: Haiku on G33BU motherboard...

  • From: Luposian <luposian@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:21:47 -0700

I'm trying to get Haiku to boot and it gets so far and just stops. In fact, it gets to the Rocket (launch) icon and just stops. If anyone has this motherboard (or fairly similar), could you offer me whatever BIOS options you have set, that make a significant difference between booting and not booting?

My specs/hardware are:

Intel G33BU motherboard
Core2Quad (Q6600) CPU
Two 512Mb DDR2 DIMMs (Dual Channel config)
Maxtor 6Gb DMA66 IDE hard drive
Latest Haiku build from Haiku-os.org (as of 4/9/08; r2478x (or is it r2487x?), I think)) Intel 10/100 PCI NIC (I also have the built-in NIC enabled; should I disable/remove one of them?)
Using built-in video (I don't have a PCIe video card available)

I have my BIOS set to use SATA as IDE (does this setting matter, if I don't use a SATA HD (which I don't)?). Should it be set to Legacy and/or some other option? I have Firewire enabled, USB and Legacy USB enabled, video set to Internal.

Should I flash my BIOS to the very latest version or would/should this affect anything, concerning Haiku, specifically?

Hope someone has answers, because I may just decide to either stick Vista on it, or sell it on eBay outright. I don't Fold anymore, so it's main purpose (the reason I bought/assembled it in the first place) is gone. I'd only keep it, if I can get Haiku to run on it... and I did have it boot *once*. But then I messed with some settings and no matter what I did, it's never booted up to a desktop since. :-( Shouldn'ta done that, right?


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