[haiku-development] Re: Haiku Technical Writer wanted

  • From: Przemysław Pintal <premislaus1988@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 01:26:52 +0200


I think You should also put this information on the haiku-os.org forum. Not
everyone subscribes the mailing list.

Haiku General Mailing List is probably the better place for this type of

Unfortunately, I know poorly English language and now I write for haiku-

Best regards

2013/4/10 Chris Jones c/o Unixmen <chrisjones@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Good morning. I am the Assistant Systems Admin, Assistant Editor and
> Staff Writer for Unixmen.com. We are a computer and technical based
> website which publishes Unix and Linux related content. We have
> increased our web presence over the past 12 months to a point where we
> and are currently seeking the assistance of new freelance technical
> writers. We are seeking specifically someone who has the time to
> contribute to the website and write about Haiku.
> It would be a chance for the writer to freely express their views and
> opinions on Haiku and also increase media exposure for the Haiku project.
> There is no specific skill set required other than good English skills
> and the ability to write regular articles which contain decent and
> understandable content.
> I look forward to hearing from a few of you soon. For more information
> or to express your interest, please email me at chrisjones@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Regards
> Chris Jones
> Staff Writer, Assistant Site Editor
> and Assistant Systems Administrator
> Unixmen.com
> --
> Version: GnuPG v1.4.13 (GNU/Linux)
> mQENBFFPo3sBCADxDbIkPcOR0/xdrCemg1rcoFrKBpcQfH+44NZrvMfOW0TO2snZ
> vbyZm9+wRMwDDyMqnFtsFnO3zYGlLGjzbDWFZKGk/2FWnAYz9MFCtvn6G1PaQ3PF
> 5UwIDrCChb3aZrkrbmzp2nxh9qP2AiiL0mbYOWv+57EsYqrS6bXEy1S9zNTyb/CC
> pba59NQHma+BS8wc9AuzwP7DYoKdd93TJUrNpccHA/et4TK7G9Grehj/AdyhkTQT
> XqQCi5wkn+nBBJNawOBgB2hX/LsARJcOYWKWCDwfQV+wl3uNCukit7ZE3oAofSiq
> CGbqYRTEtzci/dly1Yfj9k48GRFbniYrMxMLABEBAAG0JENocmlzIEpvbmVzIDxj
> IgiFtEfpvIix0umbRo6AgFMc9WNbU5M8lT+7tAHX3DjiOd+9WMqrQXapXtMM1mRh
> ip+gLPNZ63BT3NlRKjvosatAQhLqR42MwHtA/cd2Oaf//3BDIAg1L71O/2Y9NB7d
> C/DkJjDQX4xjRKkspmLuiDuZN/KiPhxB293eGdhCIa0wzo74rWiEBvVqAUDPZgnC
> 0LxUGk0lZzyqoVeeSrojWPxt2d4FEw6ytMutQyZ4N2MbE/iBMYSHuYt5IEsLXGQS
> 7PwiHKXrOo8kitXfYfDBQrpjWpO0KnHKNd+5SrEisCjr7Fers9r7kH5O/E2C1w4h
> MZoLN6EhwA==
> =j5I7

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