[haiku-development] Re: Git/Hg: some speed tests

  • From: Graham Gilmore <grahamg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 May 2011 22:04:37 -0400

On 5/5/2011 10:57 AM, Ingo Weinhold wrote:

As a developer I often run a modified Haiku version. And when
on something I can usually judge whether my changes can cause a certain
bug. Having to hunt down the revision descriptor of the haiku-central
version my modified version is based on (instead of just copying it from
AboutSystem or the syslog) is a nuisance.

I think it would be possible to implement a simple client-side commit hook in hg such that a local value is incremented for each local commit (and an update hook to reset the counter), and have the build system pick it up to put into the about box as, e.g., "Haiku rev. 383cd829f723aa05 +3" where the "+3" would be the number of local commits and the changeset ID would be the latest one pulled from the central repository. The precise current (local-only) changeset could also be included. (I don't know if it would be possible (or necessary) in git, as I have never used it.) That said, I also think this is really more of a build versioning issue (i.e. the responsibility of the build system) rather than a source versioning issue. But it's not precisely clear to me what you want to use this about-box number for. Do you want to find the changeset ID in the source repository? Do you simply want to compare two changeset IDs/build numbers to see which is more recent?


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