[haiku-development] Re: Getting started with Haiku code

  • From: Glen <stormbind@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 05:12:10 +0100

> Just ask away, we're glad to help!


I'm interested in axeld's work and looking at his code for two reasons:

1) my C is out of practice and 2) my Intel chipset and VDU combination
isn't supported very well at the moment.

Specifically, the dual head isn't working properly: I cannot select to
use only the 2nd monitor, and I cannot specify the correct resolution.
These are the first two things I would like to help fix.

From ../src/add-ons/accelerants/common/create_display_modes.cpp

I can see that my VDUs' resolutions are not supported in that code,
and furthermore the ratios differ to the hardcoded modes which appear
to be established timings. In practice my Haiku display setting allows
only 1024x600 and this is not supported in the cited code.

Though I have seen the use of blits elsewhere, I have not seen a
memory allocation for pixel arrays.

I'm a lost noob. I think I'm looking for the code that queries the
VDU's supported modes/timings and maybe to trace where that data is
being used to determine display modes. I don't really have a plan for
what to do if I find that but could someone please suggest where I can
look? :)

Many thanks

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