[haiku-development] GSoC project

  • From: Mathieu PREVEL <prevel.mathieu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 20:26:04 +0200

Hi devs,

My name is Mathieu PREVEL. I am 23 and live in britanny a region of France.

I am studying computer science at ENSSAT an engineering school.

For me, the Google Summer of Code is the opportunity to carry out an
interesting project and better know how the open source evolves. It allows
to work on something I like and it makes me feel happyer than to cook
burgers ;)

I think that knowledge has to be shared. That is one of the reasons why I
like open source, and moreover, why I would be accepted into your
organisation to program with you during this Google Summer Of Code.

I would to apply for an idea which is not suggested yet. I am interested in
the fact to participate to make Haiku multi-users. I am really focussed on
this project because I think it is the best way to make Haiku used by

 I have several ideas to suggest for this project.

First, I could work on a graphical interface which could be easily updatable
and redesignable.

This interface consists in :


   2 main fields : login, password

   a few buttons to reboot, or to shutdown the computer could be present


   if it seems interesting a way to log in as « guest » (default user)


   if enabled, the list of registered users can be displayed

 Then a pannel should allow to configure this interface :


   Enable/ disable the interface. It means an auto-connect to a specified

   Enable/ disable the display of the list of registered users

   Configure/ customize the design of the log interface

 This pannel, or another one should allow to manage users :




 In order to create new users « home », it will be required to discuss about
an implementation to adopt.

For example the path of the home could be :




Another way, to preserve the compatibility could be :




and to use a symbolic link at the connection to keep « home » as home for
each user.

It is also possible to do :




and to use a symbolic link with /home

 I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this project. Please let me know
what you think about these ideas and how do you think I could improve them.

 I am willing to integrate the open source community, and I would like to do
so through such a project.

I hope that you could benefit to the Google Summmer Of Code as further as

M. Mathieu PREVEL
Élève Ingénieur LSI à l'ENSSAT (Lannion)

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