[haiku-development] Re: [GSOC] xhci or USB3.0 support initial patch

  • From: Jian Chiang <j.jian.chiang@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:54:58 +0800

Hi haiku-development,

I have got a pcie-xhci card. I have added some basic code for xhci which
handle with PCI related issues and map runtime, operational and capability
registers, then get OS ownship and reset the host controller. Most
functions are empty so far.

Here is the log on my box:
KERN: usb xhci -1: mapped capability registers: 0x81482000
KERN: usb xhci -1: mapped operational registers: 0x81482020
KERN: usb xhci -1: mapped rumtime registers: 0x81482000
KERN: usb xhci -1: structural parameters1: 0x04000820
KERN: usb xhci -1: structural parameters2: 0x00000011
KERN: usb xhci -1: structural parameters3: 0x00000000
KERN: usb xhci -1: capability parameters: 0x014042cb
KERN: usb xhci -1: extended capabilities register at 1280
KERN: usb xhci -1: XHCI host controller driver constructed
KERN: usb xhci -1: starting XHCI host controller
KERN: usb xhci -1: usbcmd: 0x00000000; usbsts: 0x00000001
KERN: usb xhci -1: successfully started the controller

Attached xhci.tar.gz contains xhci.cpp, xhci.h, xhci_hardware.h and
xhci.rdef, they should be put at src/add-ons/kernel/busses/usb

Attached patch is for those guys want to try, it will enable xhci building
and loading, I think this patch should be delayed to xhci functions are
mostly implemented :)

Have fun!

PS: Is this enough for the required code contribution for gsoc apply? 


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