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  • From: "Adrien Destugues" <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 18:38:23 +0200

Le Tue, 24 Apr 2012 01:02:56 +0200, anil kag <anilkagak2@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit:

When i asked Mr. Pulkomandy about "what after submission of proposals?", he said show us that u r working on the project. I missed this part. Sorry Mr. Pulkomandy i disappointed you and haiku. I was busy in the academic projects and other assignments and the most dangerous one--> end semester Exams(btw i'm having Formal languages & Automata Theory's paper today). So i would correct myself next year(if program is there and i am working for haiku till then). I started for IMAP as a local filesystem and disturbed so many people including Mr. Ingo and Mr. Madia and many others on IRC too.


First of all, remember that we always get more proposals than we can accept and we're always going to let some students out because of that. Being good sometimes is not enough.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong about failing GSoC, I did as well back in 2008, then I entered the 2009 edition and now I'm part of Haiku's mentor pool. I hope to see more students follow a similar path.

For the record, I made my proposal for the 2009 edition public here :

It is an example of a proposal that was selected. Unfortunately, the blog I was using back then is offline. It had a lot more technical informations and progress reports on what I did to get up to speed woth the code (all while still working for school). I hope some other former GSoC students can make their proposals public as well so it's easier to see what they look like and grab some ideas.

We will still be available on IRC and mailing lists for failed students (and everyone else) to answer technical questions. I hope you can spare some time during the following year to learn more about Haiku, get to know more of it, and then succesfully enter the next Summer of Code, should there be one.

Adrien / PulkoMandy

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