[haiku-development] Re: GSOC 2011 VirtualBox guest additions added to official optional packages?

  • From: Kingdon Barrett <kingdon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:32:37 -0400

My expertest googling skills have turned up this thread (Sep 2011) as the
latest info about a VirtualBox Guest addition for Haiku.  I saw a blog post
as recent as Sep 2012 that mentioned continued or ongoing development, and
I haven't found a "death of vboxadditions" post anywhere, so I'm guessing
this support is ongoing.

I got the GCC4 nightly installed and a checkout from
https://github.com/scgtrp/vbox-haiku/ which is the only remaining record,
since haikufire seems to be down and out, so there are no binaries left

I got far enough compiling to see that these drivers are not prepared for
gcc 4.7, which is included in the latest GCC4-only Haiku.  I bypassed the
check in configure and found as86 is missing, or it's been moved to be just
called 'as'.  When I changed configure to look for 'as' instead of 'as86'
it just hangs, so maybe I'm wrong.  ^D -- now missing bcc, and only this
far through the alphabet.

I did not dare try it on GCC2 or GCC4-hybrid versions, but I did also see
that once configure failed, the instructions refer to a tool called 'kmk'
that seems to be absent and also not available as named in optional

Does anyone maintain these additions for their own personal use, or have
all the Haiku developers changed over to using bare metal now?  Any haiku
vets willing to produce some updated compilation instructions, or at least
to give the build a try and report back?

I would like to have some pointers on how to proceed, if possible.  Thanks!

Kingdon Barrett <kingdon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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