[haiku-development] Re: GLTeapot, world space rotation

  • From: Alexandre Deckner <alex@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:36:57 +0100

Zenja Solaja wrote :
I've tried Bullet and ODE for my cross platform rendering engine (http://www.users.on.net/zenja), and I'm not at all happy about it's design. Ignoring the fact that 3 of the tutorials break (under Windows & MacOSX)
Hi! I'm very happy with it. It does it's job nicelly. Never had any problem. I tried everything since a few years, and i find it's design, the most cleaner and modular of all opensource (even closed) physics engines. And the performance is good too. Erwin Coumans is truly a nice and professional guy, and the discussions forum there discuss openly with every physics engine devs. There's people like you that reimplement their thing, and also proffesional physics dev. Very friendly and instructive place.
, the fact that Bullet also wants to be a SceneManager has really put me off using it.
Hmm, i don't understand what you mean? It has to store where its objets are, and separate it from the graphics engine is really an advantage. Especially if you run it on a server. You just take what you need anyway.
It also isn't as multithreaded as I would like, since the SceneManager and physics engine are sequential. I have ended up designing my own primitive physics engine for my own projects. I also believe that other developers will chose to do their own thing.

I started this way 4 years ago, and i went to the other conclusion. I prefer a full featured, maintained, active, trusted, project :-) And concentrate on coding the game. Having several AAA titles using it on pc and console, and Blender also helped in my decision :-)

I don't see Bullet or ODE being that common for most users. I'd prefer to leave Bullet out of the core Haiku distro. If people want it, they can get it from the official repository. Application developers will ship with it if necessary. If so, it belongs to home/config/lib, not in /beos/system/lib.

The question was not having Bullet in the repo, but more of a suggestion if we ever want to enhance the (R2) BeAPI with some vector math classes (think BQuaternion, BMatrix3x3, BAxisAlignedBoundingBox etc...) . I then extended the idea to the future (R2) GameKit, that could provide basic (if not advanced) 3d collision and physics (BRigidBody, BCollisionShape etc...) and thought about Bullet in the same way we used AGG for our raster rendering implementation. It can sound scary, i know, but isn't really a big library.
Anyway, i don't know if this is the good mailing list to discuss that.

Well, i know the offtopicness is my fault ;-), but what about the orignial subject of my post? Did anyone try the world space teapot? Should i commit that? Would you prefer a "from scratch" quaternion code? As it's common literrature and i just need two methods for glteapot? Or would you prefer a full featured class that one could reuse in the future?

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