[haiku-development] Experiment: Haiku Experimental Features in a Patch Queue

  • From: Niels Reedijk <niels.reedijk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 19:25:03 +0200

Hi guys,

[CC to the 'haiku' mailing list because it might interest those there
too, please reply on haiku-development]

In reply to the Stack & Tile thread I promised to start an experiment
with sharing experimental features. The target audience are developers
and users that are interested in testing and giving feedback on
patches that are not ready to go into the main trunk, but that are
interesting enough to test anyway. I have chosen to use Mercurial[1]
and more specifically the Mercurial Patch Queue [2] in order to see
whether this process can be automated in a good way.

How does it work? The Haiku sysadmin team has been providing a mirror
of the Haiku sources in Mercurial for a while now [3]. There are
several experimental things going on in branches in our subversion
repository for a while now, such as the Gallium 3d port and Colin's
wifi work. However, SVN branches are not always the right place for
these feature developments to happen: it is tedious to continually
keep a copy of both the trunk and the features on those branches in
sync and available.

The solution I am promoting is putting things like this in a patch
queue. A patch queue is a list of patches that apply on top of the
latest trunk sources. This keeps them up to date. The nature of the
trunk is that things might change that break the experimental
features. The use of Mercurial Patch Queues allows us to easily
maintain and update these patches according to the changes on the

Currently, I have put the stack & tile patch in there, for those
interested in re-using the functionality. You can find the
instructions of getting the current version at:

I am looking for people who want to test building and using the
experimental patches. I am also looking for developers that are
interested in developing and maintaining a patch using this system. If
anyone is working on something and they want to try this, please give
a shout and we can work things out together. I will guide this
experiment for as long as it takes to see whether:
a) it works
b) it is usable and valuable for users and developers
c) there is an interest in this kind of stuff

Please have a look and test. Questions? Bring it on!



[1] http://mercurial.selenic.com/
[2] http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/MqExtension
[3] http://hg.haiku-os.org/

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