[haiku-development] Re: Enforcing gcc2h

  • From: Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 19:54:37 +0100

This is just wrongly packaged libs.

True for gcc2 Haiku but not for gcc4 Haiku.  Since porting person compiled 
libraries on gcc4 Haiku they expect the end user to install to gcc4 system.  
Either way this will cause an issue for gcc2 or gcc4 Haiku depending how the 
libs are packaged.  I now see your point.  Libraries should always be packaged 
for official gcc2 Haiku no matter if compiled on gcc4 Haiku.  Many people think 
that if you use gcc4 programs that you are better off with gcc4 Haiku to have 
less issues.

A Haiku compatible logo is great idea to ensure gcc4 libraries/programs are 
packaged for and working on official gcc2 Haiku.

There isn't such a thing as "gcc4 haiku", actually. If you look closely tothe available downloads, you will notice that the gcc4 builds dn't have the haiku logo on te boot screen nor on the desktop. As this apparently isn't enough and people are still confused, we are going to rename these files so they don't have "haiku" in the name (maybe "walter" or something else). They will also be moved out on a different page at haiku-files. If the packages are built properly for a gcc2h, then there are very few compatibility problems (there are some, but they'll hopefully get fixed this summer with the SDL1.3 GSoC project). Wrongly packaged software make people think that using gcc4 apps on a gcc2 hybrid works bad, actually; it doesn't if you take some care in packaging. So, let's fix the problem at the source and avoid these bad packages in some way.


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