[haiku-development] Re: Enforcing gcc2h

  • From: Sean Collins <smc.collins@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 17:13:04 +0000

Adrien Destugues wrote:
I started the wiki page mentionned above for listing the requirements : http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/Haiku%20Compatible%20Logo I don't remember everything, but as an Haiku user, you should know what gets annoying as well as me :)

Sorry, I looked at the logo page and it just totally went by like it wasn't even there. Must have had logo eyes or something. LOL.

If you have anything to add to that page, feel free to do so (tell me by mail if you don't have wiki permissions on trac).

I do not. But I can mail you directly which is easier for me anyways.

The testing process would be something like :
 * Install the software on a freshly installed Alpha3
 * Check it does run
 * Check it doesn't break anything else
* Check that it didn't mess up with the system, that is, the app itself should be in /boot/common/apps, the libs in boot/system/lib ot boot/system/lib/gcc4 if they are gcc4 libs, anf the settings in home/config/settings. Nothing else should be changed * Additionnal checks may inclide compliance to Haiku Interface Guidelines ; maybe some other stuff.
gotcha and I though that was the design intent. actually most of the apps can have the default setting modified and then be repackaged easily enough. I think I have a full understanding now of how you want the libs installed as well. I am pulling packages from haikuware all daya today, build a clean install and I will start going over all of this in detail. I think Most of the problems can be resolved with simply repackaging and settings adjustments.

It's great to see you helping with it, anyway.

I will do what I can. I wish I wasn't so busy with work, I would like to have time to learn more about c/c++ but I do read the commits, the source etc. Its becoming less like Chinese to me all the time.

Not sure about that, I fear the compliance to HIG maybe harder for these. The fact that they need Qt also means they won't work on a fresh Alpha 3. So, it depends on what we call 'haiku compatible'. Is having to install a lib along with the app a problem ? we need the advice from other members of the project here :)

So let me ask this, is the current QT convention of having a QT sub folder preferred ? or would it be better to just have the QT apps go into boot/apps vrs boot/apps/Qt/hierarchy as it is currently??. To me " as a end user" it makes no difference. also on the QT stuff, while it can be properly packed, theres a few bugs.

a few programs that use the desk bar replicants cause crashes in deskbar, QT browser, Aurora tend to cause crash in the tiff translator lib. so there some problems there. However they do add functionality and I guess it is worth discussion. It would be possible to easily split the "haiku stuff" from the " Qt haiku" stuff easily enough.

I would really think its a good idea to start broadcasting that QT environment, could attract some developers and users, both of which could help. But on the flip side not using the native API is also just as awful. Maybe its time to consider bringing the QT framework port into the haiku source tree on some level, webkit uses a good chunk already for webpositive correct ?

anyways this is getting way off topic, I will respond from here with you directly by mail.

As to enforcing gcc2h as a policy. I think its a fantastic idea and if this is to be the foresable future for haiku into r1 then its best to can the nightly gcc4 and gcc4h nightlys. Maybe kill the pure gcc2 builds to. Just have gcc2h and be done with it. Theres alot of tickets in trac and many of them could be caused by liberal library package installs.

Make alot less work for you guys, the core dev team and certainly cut the distractions. would allow you to immediately toss all the gcc4 and gcc4h tickets and stay focused.

 Is there a official release build so I can start testing ?

 I wish there was more of you ladies/genetlemen

 anyways Adrien I will be in touch directly via email

Congrats on the new release !


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