[haiku-development] Re: DiskUsage scan abortion

  • From: PHilip RUshik <prushik@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 22:36:18 -0500

On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 10:28 PM, Clemens <clemens.zeidler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> On Thu, 03 Mar 2011 15:56:36 +1300, Philippe Saint-Pierre <
> stpere@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>> I would like to get your opinion on this topic.  I'm currently
>> implementing
>> scan abortion in DiskUsage and I have a dilemma.  Here are my options
>> about
>> what could happen when invoking the abortion :
>> 1.  When you click abort during a scan, the scanned data is discarded and
>> you don't get a pieview. (easiest)
>> 2.  When you click abort during a scan, the already collected data is
>> shown
>> in a pieview.. so you get an incomplete view (2a would be to put some hint
>> to remind the view is incomplete)
>> 3.  Before starting a scan, you copy the old data, scan, if you happen to
>> abort, revert to the old data.
>> Currently, I have version 2 implemented and working.  While 3 seems like
>> more elaborate, it seems quite heavy and expensive to copy the data before
>> starting the scan (which is already slow)
>> Any input? (or other options I didn't consider yet?)
> I'm in favour of 1. because 2. (as you mentioned) shows an incomplete view.
> If you like to make it really neat make it asynchronous and on demand. For
> example, start with the home folder as a inner circle with a "? MiB" label
> and around this circle all direct subfolders also marked with a "?" and
> maybe also with the folder name. Now you start scanning all subfolders in
> home. After scanning the complete home folder update the view and continue
> with the rest of the file system. While scanning all subfolders the user
> should be able to click on a subfolder with a "?" to make it the new middle
> circle and scan this folder first. In this way you can navigate to the
> folder you are interested in and don't have to wait till the complete volume
> is scanned. The implementation could be quite tricky to not lose track about
> scanned and unscanned folder but it should be very nice and faster for the
> user!
> A rescan would trigger a rescan starting with the current selected folder.
> Regards,
>        Clemens
my opinion: 2a sounds awesome. I love incomplete views, I'm not being
sarcastic, its great to know that my software did exactly what I asked it to
do (stop mid-scan) and doesnt hide the results from me. Sometimes I even
wish I could stop file copying mid-copy and end up with partially copied
files, although i realize how horrible that would be if ever implemented.

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