[haiku-development] Re: Coverity wiki page

  • From: Urias McCullough <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 13:10:27 -0800

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Philippe Saint-Pierre
<stpere@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> How often should we bother to scan the code moving forward?
> In my very humble opinion, it should be done once every 2 months or every
> 2500 commits, whichever happens first.  Of course, if we make a very
> significant refactor or a big import, we might want to do it sooner.

Sounds reasonable to me.

For some further perspective: I recently helped the Wine project work
with Coverity to get their scans back online. Until the upgrade to the
new software, Coverity had setup an automated process to scan their
code *daily*. They had some 1200 runs in the database I think
(although, each run would probably yield zero, or few new issues).

They have decided that weekly runs are sufficient now - and may even
change that to something less frequent.

I would suggest that nothing less than 1 month makes sense, unless as
you say,  we do a major refactor, and wish to see the results sooner.

- Urias

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