[haiku-development] Re: Beta1 release roadmap (again)

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 09:28:47 -0500

On 2017-09-23 02:53, Adrien Destugues wrote:

Packages and R1 branch

The current plan for beta1 is that it is the branching point for the R1
branch. This means, once beta1 is out, there will be two live branches
in the Haiku repo. The R1 branch with the goal of fixing bugs in beta1
(no new features), and the master branch where works towards R2 could

Doing things this way means the master branch will start to break binary
compatibility at some point. This means we need a different set of
packages and packages builders for it.

Our options are:

- Set up haikuports & buildmaster to handle this and publish two
  separate repos. We may need to extend haikuporter to be able to tag
  recipes as "R1 only" or "R2 only", I guess. It should be possible to
  use the haiku version for that (haiku >= R1~beta1 or haiku >= R2 or
- Give up on creating the R1 branch now and delay that to beta2. This
  allows us to get the beta1 release sooner and work on these
  infrastructure things a little later.

I think having the R1 branch to "roll" all the betas towards R1 final is
pretty much a requirement.

  * It gives us tons of time to stabilize more.
  * We have a complex ecosystem, lots of time to "finish things up"
  * If beta1 and beyond will "turn-into" R1 via updates, then people
    are more likely to use the release. (and in-turn, test it more)
  * We have to be diligent. This would mean master and R1 would diverge
    and have to be groomed in the long-term. If we delay R1 releases for
    4 more years... that's 4 years of grooming someone has to do.

Gerrit would help with an R1 branch.

As for resources, the Inc. has decided to upgrade Baron to a *much* beefier
a piece of hardware (for almost the same cost once Baron is decommed).

I've been configuring the server and we plan on hosting a few Haiku builder
VM's there for us as well as "large external projects that request them for
continued Haiku support"

On using Gerrit

After years of requesting it, the sysadming team finally found time and
hardware resources to set up a Gerrit instance. It is up at

Please keep in mind review.haiku-os.org is still being setup and configured.
When we make the move to Gerrit, Gerrit will *completely* host our git repos.

It isn't ready yet, and needs a lot of love before it will be. (however, feel
free to create accounts there now).

I've made the server depend on Github oauth for user access to help our GitHub

Don't push commits there yet. It isn't live yet. The repositories at
review.haiku-os.org are static test repos *not* in-sync with git.haiku-os.org

 -- Alex

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