[haiku-development] Re: Alpha 3 : better late than never

  • From: François Revol <revol@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 22:27:18 +0200

Le 29 mai 2011 à 14:24, Stephan Aßmus a écrit :

> On 29.05.2011 12:55, Axel Dörfler wrote:
>> Stephan Aßmus<superstippi@xxxxxx>  wrote:
> [...]
>> BTW, could you (not just you, everyone, really), try a bit harder to
>> remove unneeded content from the replies?
> That was me, sorry. When I reply from my phone, it's really awkward to snip 
> stuff from the quote. When the stuff I would rather snip doesn't exceed a few 
> lines, I tend to just hit "Send" instead of fiddling for another five 
> minutes... sorry about that.

Fix your phone or install Haiku on it ? ;-)
Thought only iOS/OSX screwed up mails (while proudly saying "send from my 
iPhone"), seems Android has issues too...


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