[haiku-development] Re: Alpha 3 : better late than never

  • From: Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 16:21:18 +0100

Le 29/05/2011 15:01, Miroslav Stimac a écrit :
Hello Arnold,

I think the same. It is better to wait a bit longer than to release a version 
that has some critical bugs. I remember that there was a very serious 
installation problem in the Alpha 2 release. Therefore may people had to use 
nightly builds. We should avoid such a catastrophy, especially because it may 
harm the reputation of the Haiku.

One other thing:
How about if we release two versions of R1 Alpha 3?
Version 1: Haiku R1 Alpha 3 GCC 2 Hybrid
Version 2: Haiku R1 Alpha 3 GCC 4 Hybrid with a games package

When we look at haikuware.com, games are very popular, for example HOMM 2 is at 
ranking 1 of the TOP downloads list.
We may make Haiku more popular if we have some ready-to-play games in a 
package. It is not necessary to have many games, but a few nice ones and maybe 
a few emulators, too.
Games are a wonderful way to demonstrate the multimedia features of an 
operating system.

What do you think?

* The disk is already more than 700MB, so we can't add anything to the alpha ; * You don't need a GCC4 hybrid to play games if they are built properly. Games that fail to run on a GCC2 hybrid are broken and should be rebuilt properly. * We have enough bugs to fix and enough trouble getting valuable information from the users. Having to handle reports for two different versions of Haiku asks for even more trouble.

If you want to provide an "extra" package with a set of games built and tested on the alpha, please feel free to do so ; we may advertise it on haiku-os.org homepage if we think it's good enough. But please use the default profile. Going gcc4-hybrid doesn't bring you anything at all, it's very unfortunate that some people chose to test their uilds only on the gcc4h version of Haiku and it create a bad impression of the OS (programs just fail to run with mysterious error messages). As Haikuware is not controlled in any way by the Haiku project, we have to live with it. Maybe we should define a QA process for "Haiku Compatible" logo on some software ; now that we have alpha releases, this should be possible.

Also remember that Haiku is an operating system ; it is not a software distribution ; like most GNU/Linux or BSD systems are usually made. We don't want to provide everything ourselves,but instead have a great set of oftware from 3rdparty, that you can chose to install if you need so. This makes the OS itself feels cleaner on first run, and doesn't prevent using it and installing more stuff.

If you want games to be installable easily on Haiku, you could provide bep-files for some of them at haikuports (which is the more "officially supported" software repository). With bepfiles, we can make games available in installoptionalpackages ; and they are also ready for the real package manager which will use the same data.


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