[haiku-development] Re: Alpha 3 : better late than never

  • From: Joseph Groover <looncraz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 02 May 2011 14:17:28 -0500

On 5/2/2011 14:08, Adrien Destugues wrote:
The purpose of this mail is to remember developpers that Alpha 3 should have been released 2 or 3 times since october...
I think it's time to get it done.

As the previous attempt didn't work, I'm going to try another approach here, and use the exiting tools.

Looking at our Trac Roadmap (https://dev.haiku-os.org/roadmap), we have currently 33 tickets open in the Alpha 3 milestone. Going through them, it seems most do not actually deserve to be part of alpha 3 :

#5838 Enabled ACPI , but cant install Battery Bar Replicant in tray. czeidler bug normal Drivers/ACPI R1/Development #5843 ACPI empty battery slots showing up in battery applet. Present battery is also missing. czeidler bug normal Drivers/ACPI R1/Development #5777 Kernel starts paging when writing to slow media axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #7078 Allowing shortcuts without the B_COMMAND_KEY modifier leavengood enhancement normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/alpha2 #4157 File Descriptor Disconnect Handling Broken axeld bug high System/Kernel R1/pre-alpha1 #4974 Tracker cant see all files / folders on NTFS partitions 3dEyes bug normal File Systems/NTFS #1607 00:12.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc 4379 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80) marcusoverhagen bug normal Drivers/Disk R1/pre-alpha1 #6824 ShowImage crashes after browsing thru many photos phoudoin bug blocker Applications/ShowImage R1/Development #5214 [Intel_extreme] Wrong BPP on Intel GMA 950 axeld bug normal Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development #5293 Apperance work not correct darkwyrm bug normal Preferences/Appearance R1/alpha1 #5543 resolutions > 640x480 don't work on Dell Mini 10 w/ GMA500 aka poulsbo gfx axeld bug normal Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development #5737 Installer does not enable virtual memory by default? axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #5786 ReadOnlyBootPrompt is too ugly pulkomandy enhancement normal Applications/ReadOnlyBootPrompt R1/Development #5781 Changing keymap settings seems to work only second time around axeld bug normal - General R1/Development #5849 Tracker freezes if on desktop are a lot of files [+30 and more] axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker #5863 media_addon_server crashes on shutdown axeld bug normal Servers/media_addon_server R1/Development #4315 PS/2 mouse and keyboard won't work on HP530 laptop nobody bug normal Drivers/Keyboard/PS2 #5123 Kernel crash by Power off printer axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #5779 page fault after connecting USB mouse at Live-CD screen axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #5902 Alpha2 Trouble with AMD Sempron PC axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development

This let us only 13 tickets open, that I consider big enough to lock the release further. I selected them as bugs preventing the use of the system at all, for a lot of people. This removes the following :
 * Enhancement requests on software
 * Crashes of software
 * Hardware or driver related problems that don't prevent booting

#5474 [kernel] PANIC: got an in use page 0x8107c040 from the free pages list mmlr bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #5879 Unexpected exception in kernel mode - SpeedStep driver czeidler bug normal Drivers/ACPI R1/Development #4454 System locks up when inserting (or trying to mount?) CD marcusoverhagen bug normal Drivers/Disk R1/pre-alpha1 #5790 panic: out of ports, but sUsedPorts is broken axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development #6723 Certain burned Haiku install CDs have issues with Installer failing on Nightly builds/Live CD nobody bug normal - General R1/alpha2 #7435 Nightly burned CD fails to boot and/or install to a partition axeld bug blocker System/Kernel R1/Development #4050 ATA driver cannot recognize 2nd HDD nobody bug normal Drivers/Disk R1/pre-alpha1 #4408 USB boot not working axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/pre-alpha1 #5539 Can't boot from LiveCD axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/alpha1 #5696 USB key doesn't boot up any more axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/Development #5720 Cant boot instaler! axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/Development #5815 KDL at boot nobody bug normal System R1/Development #5866 "multi_audio audio output" thread hogging cpu usage, keyboard and touchpad don't work axeld bug normal Servers/media_addon_server R1/Development

Out of these, some seems to be more or less duplicates (usb not booting for example). They all revolve around the same thing. I think we should focus on these tickets, have a look on them and decide if they are worth getting fixed for R1a3 or could actually wait another version. The choice should be made on this : * How many users are affected ? I know the corrupted CDs seem to affect a lot of people * Is there a workaround ? Corrupted CDs may be work around by USB booting (and vice versa...)

Once we get all these sorted out (either fixed or moved to beta1), we can move on the testing phase : create an alpha 3 branch, build an ISO image, check if it can be burnt, booted and installed from on various hardware.

The next step is a testing run of a given nightly (the same that would be the base of the branch). We send a link to it on haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and ask people to try it out and see if they can install it. We wait one week for feedback, see if there are any blatant issues (corrupted CD images, installer crashing when selecting some language, or something of that order). If people can get to the desktop after installing, it's ok, we go for the release. It's alpha software, people should expect it to have problems.

This release proposal should reduce the amount of work on the development side to a minimum. I don't think a release coordinator is needed on that side. If someone wants to apply for the role, it's still ok. The main task will be coordinating the creation of the release branch and the "golden master" nightly creation. Then, we have to get the version tag updated in the branch, and rebuild the optional packages to match it.

Timeline :
* Today to 16th of may : review of the bugs listed above, decision about what to do with them * 16 to 22 of may : fixing of the bugs that are not postponed (I expect to see only few of them) * 22th may : creation of alpha branch (unless we do that before and merge the changesets)
 * 1st of June : release!

If you have anything to say, please do so. But don't spend too much time in discussing...

An Alpha 3 would be a good idea, IMHO, it should help attract a bit more attention as well.

I was hoping to get my patch ( Ticket# 7445 ) in before then to make it easier to test new decorators, but I suppose that really isn't important in the grander scheme :-/

--The loon

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