[haiku-development] 3rd party applications localization support in post-hrev44041 times.

  • From: Siarzhuk Zharski <zharik@xxxxxx>
  • To: <haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 13:01:01 +0200

Hi All,

I'm trying to fix localization support in makefile and Jamfile engines to let them work in actual Haiku revisions. The problem is that the way of strings collecting was changed in hrev44041. Currently it is required to include special version of Catalog.h during collecting phase. This special Catalog.h lives in private headers area and is not available for 3rd party applications. Read below my message from the [haiku-commits] for more details.

Are there any ideas to solve the problem? Thanks.

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Дата: 05.05.2012 12:19
От: Siarzhuk Zharski <zharik@xxxxxx>
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zooey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx писал 16.04.2012 21:32:


546208a: More catalog-related cleanup.

  * adjust all uses of both macros in Haiku's source tree
  * use correct header guard for collecting/Catalog.h

  The renamed macros require adjustments to all external applications
  using catalogs.

[ Oliver Tappe <zooey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ]


Revision:    hrev44041
Commit:      546208a53940a26c6379c48a7854ade1a8250fc5
URL:         http://cgit.haiku-os.org/haiku/commit/?id=546208a
Author:      Oliver Tappe <zooey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        Mon Apr 16 19:31:22 2012 UTC

headers/private/locale/collecting/Catalog.h | 30 ++++++------

ATM I'm trying to restore functionality of our makefile/Jamfile-engines. As I have understand the idea: I must include this "collecting" version of Catalog.h instead of defining B_COLLECTING_CATKEYS macro during preprocessing the source. But this is a bit difficult, because it is in private headers and is not available for typical user of makefile engine.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Kind Regards,

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