[haiku-development] Re: 3dfx Video Driver Question

  • From: Rudolf Cornelissen <rudolf.cornelissen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 12:54:32 +0200


You could have a look at the nVidia driver: TNT1/2 cards cannot scale down
either. The restrictions reflect that, just like on most GF cards you can
scaled down to just 50%, which is also reflected by that hook.



On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 12:06 AM, Gerald Zajac <zajacg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Stephan Assmus wrote:
>> On 2010-06-20 at 22:42:53 [+0200], Gerald Zajac <zajacg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> About a month ago in a thread about the 3dfx video driver, I stated that
>>> I would add overlay support in the driver.  The overlay code is working;
>>>  however, the 3dfx chips do not appear to support scaling < 100%.  If
>>> scaling is enabled and scaling is < 100%, the overlay image is blank.
>>> An alternative is to disable scaling when scaling is < 100%.  In this
>>> case, the image is displayed at 100%, but only part of the image that
>>> will fit in the window is visible.  For example, if scaling is set to
>>> 50% via the Media Player menu, only the upper-left quarter of the image
>>> is visible.
>>> Which is preferred when scaling is set < 100%?  The image go blank, or
>>> only part of the image is displayed.
>> I don't remember if I have such code in the MediaPlayer, but in theory,
>> there is an API for obtaining overlay_restrictions from the app_server which
>> includes minimum and maximum scaling. MediaPlayer could then just have those
>> impossible scaling options disabled, and also lock the window size
>> accordingly. But to answer your question, I'd prefer if the driver falls
>> back to showing only a portion of the video in case an appication ignores
>> the restrictions.
>> Does the app_server get the min/max scaling parameters from the video
> driver via the Get Overlay Constraints (B_GET_OVERLAY_CONSTRAINTS) function?
>  Is there any documentation describing the constraint values, since I do not
> have the foggiest idea whether the min and max scale values that I am
> setting are correct.
> --Gerald

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