[haiku-depot-web] Update; HVIF Rendering for Web Interface

  • From: Andrew Lindesay <apl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-depot-web@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2015 17:11:30 +1200


In this update, icons are rendered from HVIF data into PNG instead of relying on uploaded PNG bitmap variants. This naturally has the advantage that a single icon artwork file can be rendered at any resolution which suits different screens' resolutions and zoom configurations of browsers. It also reduces the workload on administration of the packages because there is no longer any need to upload all the bitmap variants.

This relies on the "hvif2png" tool that I recently added to the main HaikuOS source so this will need to be installed first. TRAC #12255 (RPM packaging for this tool) has not yet been accepted, but I've done a local build of this RPM for now so that a test deployment can proceed anyway. I've tested the RPM installation onto a test OpenSUSE host locally - seems OK. Note that "libpng" might need to be installed prior.

Also, the "edit icon" page has changed now so that you only need to add HVIF icons. There is an option to supply bitmap icons (16,32,64) for software that has no HVIF equivalent.

As part of the deployment, existing packages that have *both* HVIF and bitmap icons will have their bitmap icons deleted as these are no longer required. This is a database migration step.

Oliver; thanks for deploying 1.0.46, can you;

1) Deploy hvif2png from the RPM situated at "/tmp/hvif2png-1.49522-1.x86_64.rpm" on the deployment host. I'm not sure if it will also need "zypper install libpng12-0"? Run "/opt/hvif2png/bin/hvif2png.sh" to check it comes up with 'syntax'.

2) Copy the production database into the test database.

3) Update the test deployment config with these additional keys;


4) Deploy HDS "haikudepotserver-1.0.47" to the test deployment from its RPM.


Andrew Lindesay

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