[haiku-commits] Re: r43210 - haiku/trunk/src/preferences/keymap

  • From: John Scipione <jscipione@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 17:51:30 -0500

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Siarzhuk Zharski <zharik@xxxxxx> wrote:

> It is nice to see your activity and effort on the Project! But I have to
> drop some bitter criticism on your solutions. Please do not be offended
> reading those words below, OK? ;-)

Here it comes :)

> I tried it and this spoils my evening. Are you kidding us on? :-D

No, I am a spy from Microsoft secretly trying to destroy the project from
within by littering it with confusing dialogs, you caught me :)

This dialog is like an Alien in Haiku. Too many controls and words for such
> elementary task. I found it too "lazy", brute-forced solution. Sorry. I
> suggest you to refactor it again and again until it become as stylish as
> other parts of this system ( in other words - disappears at all).

And here I thought that the dialog was pretty sparse, just 4 drop down
boxes and 3 buttons.

The dialog box is meant to solve 2 issues that the drag and drop interface
does not.

The first issue is that you can't change the left and right modifiers keys
at once, and by changing one and not the other you put the system in a
funky state, most likely unintentionally. This is most appropriately done
in a dialog box IMHO.

The second issue is to disable the Caps Lock key or to replace it with the
control key or another modifier key. That could change in the future
however as an improved version of the drag-and-drop interface may make it

> Frankly speaking I see no reasons to introduce this extra dialog at all
> because drag-n-drop interfaces are usable by year-old babies but dialogs
> are not. ;-)

Well, the drag and drop interface in keymaps, like I said above, is not
usable by me in its current state let alone year-old babies. And yet I have
no intention of abandoning it. In fact I have been discussing how to fix it
properly because the drag-and-drop feature is great and I want it to work
even better!

Please start changing your mind - Haiku programmer is not just technician,
> but Artist that makes Masterpieces! ;-) Good luck!

I am sorry that my work offends you. Let me say that my work on Keymap is
by no means final. I am taking suggestions and continuing to update and
refine it until it becomes a masterpiece as you say.

Whether this dialog box is a useful addition to said masterpiece, or an
errant brush stroke has yet to be determined. Perhaps it will go away,
certainly it will be updated and refined. I debated for a while whether or
not to commit this feature, wondering if it was right, knowing that it was
not a complete solution. I decided that it was good enough and to get
feedback about it which I, for the most part, appreciate.

Yet, in any case, I really don't believe that it is contrary to the vision
of Haiku.

John Scipione

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