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  • From: humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 08:12:48 +0200 (CEST)

Author: humdinger
Date: 2011-03-27 08:12:47 +0200 (Sun, 27 Mar 2011)
New Revision: 41123
Changeset: https://dev.haiku-os.org/changeset/41123

Updated Swedish catkeys.

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/sv.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/sv.catkeys   
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Flurry      3686556109
+Flurry System name             Flurry

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/simpleclock/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/simpleclock/sv.catkeys      
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/simpleclock/sv.catkeys      
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-SimpleClock 3791523607
+SimpleClock    System name             EnkelKlocka

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/slideshowsaver/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/slideshowsaver/sv.catkeys   
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/slideshowsaver/sv.catkeys   
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-SlideShowSaver      240581336
+SlideShowSaver System name             BildSpel

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-About       3842515376
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-About       3019397582
 %.2f GHz       AboutView               %.2f GHz
 %d MiB total   AboutView               %d MiB totalt
 %d MiB used (%d%%)     AboutView               %d MiB använt (%d%%)
@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@
 %total MiB total, %inaccessible MiB inaccessible       AboutView               
%total MiB totalt, %inaccessible MiB otillgängligt
 ... and the many people making donations!\n\n  AboutView               ...och 
alla de som har skänkt pengar!\n\n
 About this system      AboutWindow             Om det här systemet
-AboutSystem    System name             OmSystemet
+AboutSystem    System name             OmHaiku
+Be Inc. and its developer team, for having created BeOS!\n\n   AboutView       
        Be Inc. och deras utvecklarteam, för att ha skapat BeOS!\n\n
 Contributors:\n        AboutView               Medarbetare:\n
 Current maintainers:\n AboutView               Nuvarande projektledare:\n
 GCC %d Hybrid  AboutView               GCC %d-hybrid

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
 Back   BootManagerController   Button  Tillbaka
 Backup Master Boot Record      BootManagerController   Title   
Säkerhetskopiera huvudstartsektorn
 Boot Manager is unable to read the partition table!    BootManagerController   
        Starthanteraren kan inte läsa partitionstabellen!
-BootManager    System name             StartHanteraren
+BootManager    System name             StartHanterare
 Cannot access! DrivesPage      Cannot install  Kan inte få åtkomst!
 Default Partition      DefaultPartitionPage    Title   Standardpartition
 Default Partition:     DefaultPartitionPage    Menu field label        Förvald 

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/codycam/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/codycam/sv.catkeys   2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/codycam/sv.catkeys   2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.CodyCam     2416864674
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.CodyCam     441085909
 Can't find an available connection to the video window CodyCam         Kan 
inte hitta en tillgänglig anslutning till videofönstret
 Cannot connect the video source to the video window    CodyCam         Kan 
inte ansluta videkällan till videofönstret
 Cannot create a video window   CodyCam         Kan inte skapa ett videofönster
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 Capture controls       CodyCam         Inhämtningsinställningar
 Capturing Image…       VideoConsumer.cpp               Fångar bild…
 Closing the window\n   VideoConsumer.cpp               Stänger fönstret\n
-CodyCam        System name             CodyKamera
+CodyCam        Application name                CodyKamera
 Connected…     VideoConsumer.cpp               Ansluen...
 Couldn't find requested directory on server    VideoConsumer.cpp               
Kunde inte hitta den begärda katalogen på servern
 Directory:     CodyCam         Katalog:

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/devices/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/devices/sv.catkeys   2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/devices/sv.catkeys   2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
 Device name:   Device          Enhetsnamn:
 Device paths   Device          Enhetssökväg
 Device paths   DevicePCI               Enhetssökväg
+Devices        DevicesView             Enheter
 Devices        System name             Enheter
-Devices        DevicesView             Enheter
 Display controller     Device          Skärmkontroller
 Docking station        Device          Dockningsstation
 Driver used    Device          Drivrutin använd

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/sv.catkeys 2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/sv.catkeys 2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-DiskProbe   1844123050
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-DiskProbe   3441574721
 %ld (native)   ProbeView               %ld (native)
 (native)       ProbeView               (native)
 15 bit TypeEditors             15 bitar
@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@
 8 bit palette  TypeEditors             8 bitars palett
 8 bit signed value:    TypeEditors             8 bitars signed-värde:
 8 bit unsigned value:  TypeEditors             8 bitars unsigned-värde:
-About DiskProbe…       FileWindow              Om DiskInspekteraren...
 Add    ProbeView               Lägg till
 Attribute      AttributeWindow         Attribut
 Attribute      ProbeView               Attribut
@@ -53,10 +52,10 @@
 Device ProbeView               Enhet
 Device offset:         ProbeView               Enhetsoffset:
 Device:        ProbeView               Enhet:
-DiskProbe      System name             DiskInspekteraren
+DiskProbe      System name             DiskInspekterare
 DiskProbe request      AttributeWindow         DiskInspekteraren
 DiskProbe request      DiskProbe               DiskInspekteraren
-DiskProbe request      ProbeView               DiskInspekteraren-begäran
+DiskProbe request      ProbeView               DiskInspekterar begäran
 Do you really want to remove the attribute \"%s\" from the file \"%s\"?\n\nYou 
cannot undo this action.        AttributeWindow         Vill du verkligen ta 
bort attributet \"%s\" från filen \"%s\"?\n\nDu kan inte ångra denna aktion.
 Don't save     ProbeView               Spara inte
 Double precision floating-point value: TypeEditors             
Dubbelprecisions flyttals-värde:

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/expander/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/expander/sv.catkeys  2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/expander/sv.catkeys  2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Expander    3061976445
-About Expander…        ExpanderMenu            Om Expanderare…
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Expander    187676748
 Are you sure you want to stop expanding this\narchive? The expanded items may 
not be complete. ExpanderWindow          Är du säker på att du vill sluta 
expandera det här\narkivet? De expanderade objekten kan vara inkompletta.
 Automatically expand files     ExpanderPreferences             Expandera filer 
 Automatically show contents listing    ExpanderPreferences             Visa 
innehållslista direkt

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/sv.catkeys  2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/sv.catkeys  2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
 1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-GLTeapot    1638063513
-GLTeapot       System name             Tekanna
+GLTeapot       System name             GLTekopp

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/sv.catkeys      2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/sv.catkeys      2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 HVIF Source Code       Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          HVIF-källkod
 Height Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              Höjd
 Icon-O-Matic   System name             IkonRedigerare
-Icon-O-Matic might not have interpreted all data from the SVG when it was 
loaded. By overwriting the original file, this information would now be lost.   
     Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          Icon-O-Matic har kanske inte tolkat all 
data från SVGn när den laddades. Genom att skriva över originalfilen förloras 
denna information.
+Icon-O-Matic might not have interpreted all data from the SVG when it was 
loaded. By overwriting the original file, this information would now be lost.   
     Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          IkonRedigeraren har kanske inte tolkat all 
data från SVGn när den laddades. Genom att skriva över originalfilen förloras 
denna information.
 Insert Control Point   Icon-O-Matic-InsertPointCmd             Infoga 
 Invert selection       Icon-O-Matic-Properties         Invertera markering
 Joins  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              Sammanfogningar

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installedpackages/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installedpackages/sv.catkeys 2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installedpackages/sv.catkeys 2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,8 +1,5 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-InstalledPackages   1851953013
-BeOS legacy .pkg package removing application for Haiku.\n\nCopyright 
2007,\nŁukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak\n\nCopyright (c) 2007 Haiku, Inc.\n      
UninstallApplication            BeOS ärvt .pkg paket borttagningsapplikation 
för Haiku.\n\nCopyright 2007,\nŁukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak\n\nCopyright (c) 2007 
Haiku, Inc.\n
-Close  UninstallApplication            Stäng
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-InstalledPackages   4131220089
 InstalledPackages      System name             InstalleradePaket
-InstalledPackages      UninstallApplication            InstalleradePaket
 No package selected.   UninstallView           Inget paket markerat.
 OK     UninstallView           OK
 Package description    UninstallView           Paketbeskrivning

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys 2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys 2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
 Installation completed. Boot sector has been written to '%s'. Press Quit to 
leave the Installer or choose a new target volume to perform another 
installation. InstallerWindow         Installationen är klar. Startsektorn har 
skrivits till '%s'. Klicka på Avsluta för att lämna installationsprogrammet 
eller välj en ny volym att installera på.
 Installation completed. Boot sector has been written to '%s'. Press Quit to 
restart the computer or choose a new target volume to perform another 
installation.        InstallerWindow         Installationen är klar. 
Startsektorn har skrivits till '%s'. Klicka på Avsluta för att starta om datorn 
eller välj en ny volym att installera på.
 Installer      System name             Installerare
-Installer\n\twritten by Jérôme Duval and Stephan Aßmus\n\tCopyright 2005-2010, 
Haiku.\n\n      InstallerApp            Installeraren\n\tskriven av Jérôme 
Duval och Stephan Aßmus\n\tCopyright 2005-2010, Haiku.\n\n
+Installer\n\twritten by Jérôme Duval and Stephan Aßmus\n\tCopyright 2005-2010, 
Haiku.\n\n      InstallerApp            Installerare\n\tskriven av Jérôme Duval 
och Stephan Aßmus\n\tCopyright 2005-2010, Haiku.\n\n
 Launch the DriveSetup utility to partition\navailable hard drives and other 
media.\nPartitions can be initialized with the\nBe File System needed for a 
Haiku boot\npartition. InstallerWindow         Starta DiskHanteringsverktyget 
för att partitionera\ntillgängliga hårddiskar och annan media.\nPartitioner can 
formateras med Be-filsystemet\n som krävs för en Haiku boot-partition.
 NOTE: While the naming strategy for hard disks is still as described under 
2.1) the naming scheme for partitions has changed.\n\n      InstallerApp        
    NOTERA: Fastän namnstandarden för hårddiskar fortfarande är som beskrivet 
under 2.1) så har namnstandarden för partitoner ändrats.\n\n
 Newer versions of GRUB use an extra configuration file to add custom entries 
to the boot menu. To add them to the top, you have to create/edit a file by 
launching your favorite editor from a Terminal like this:\n\n InstallerApp      
      Nyare versioner av GRUB använder en extra konfigurationsfil för att lägga 
till egna poster i startmenyn. För att lägga till dem överst så måste du 
skapa/redigera en fil genom att starta din favorit editor från en Terminal så 

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/sv.catkeys 2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/sv.catkeys 2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-LaunchBox   1244694305
-About  LaunchBox               Om
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-LaunchBox   2343538722
 Add button here        LaunchBox               Lägg till knapp
 Auto-raise     LaunchBox               Upphöj automatiskt
 Bummer LaunchBox               Hoppsan
@@ -15,7 +14,7 @@
 Horizontal layout      LaunchBox               Horisontal utformning
 Icon size      LaunchBox               Ikonstorlek
 Ignore double-click    LaunchBox               Ignorera dubbelklick
-LaunchBox      System name             StartBlocket
+LaunchBox      System name             StartBlock
 Name Panel     LaunchBox               Namnge Block
 New    LaunchBox               Ny
 OK     LaunchBox               OK
@@ -29,7 +28,6 @@
 Settings       LaunchBox               Inställningar
 Show on all workspaces LaunchBox               Visa på alla arbetsytor
 Show window border     LaunchBox               Visa fönsterkant
-Stephan Aßmus (aka stippi)     LaunchBox               Stephan Aßmus (också 
känd som stippi)
 Vertical layout        LaunchBox               Vertikal utformning
 You can drag an icon here.     LaunchBox               Du kan dra en ikon hit.
 last chance    LaunchBox               sista chansen

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/magnify/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/magnify/sv.catkeys   2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/magnify/sv.catkeys   2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Magnify     2706372327
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Magnify     3748875992
 %width x %height  @ %pixelSize pixels/pixel    Magnify-Main            %width 
x %height @ %pixelSize pixlar/pixel
 Add a crosshair        Magnify-Main            Lägg till ett korshår
 Copy image     Magnify-Main            Kopiera bild
@@ -16,10 +16,8 @@
 Info:\n  hide/show info - hides/shows all these new features\n    note: when 
showing, a red square will appear which signifies\n      which pixel's rgb 
values will be displayed\n  add/remove crosshairs - 2 crosshairs can be added 
(or removed)\n    to aid in the alignment and placement of objects.\n    The 
crosshairs are represented by blue squares and blue lines.\n  hide/show grid - 
hides/shows the grid that separates each pixel\n     Magnify-Help            
Info:\n göm/visa info - gömmer/visar de här funktionerna\n Notera att den röda 
punkten anger vilken pixel's rgb-värde som visas.\n lägg visa/göm korshår - 2 
korshår can be läggas till (och tas bort)\n för att hjälpa till med uppradning 
och placering av objekt.\n Korshåren representeras av blå fyrkanter blå 
linjer.\n visa/göm rutnät - visar/gömmer nätet som skiljer pixlarna åt.\n
 Magnify        System name             FörstoringsGlas
 Magnify help   Magnify-Help            Förstoraren hjälp
-Magnify!\n\n©2002-2006 Haiku\n(C)1999 Be Inc.\n\nNow with even more features 
and recompiled for Haiku. Magnify-Main            
FörstoringsGlas!\n\n©2002-2006 Haiku\n(C)1999 Be Inc.\n\nNu med fler funktioner 
omkompilerat för Haiku.
 Make square    Magnify-Main            Skapa rektangel
 Navigation:\n  arrow keys - move the current selection (rgb indicator or 
crosshair)\n    around 1 pixel at a time\n  option-arrow key - moves the mouse 
location 1 pixel at a time\n  x marks the selection - the current selection has 
an 'x' in it\n Magnify-Help            Navigering:\npiltangenter - flytta 
markeringen (RGB indikatorn eller korshåret)\n en pixel åt 
gången\nalt+piltangent - flyttar muspekaren 1 pixel åt gången\nx markering - 
markeren har ett x\n
-OK     Magnify-Main            OK
 Remove a crosshair     Magnify-Main            Ta bort korshår
 Save image     Magnify-Main            Spara bild
 Sizing/Resizing:\n  make square - sets the width and the height to the 
larger\n    of the two making a square image\n  increase/decrease window size - 
grows or shrinks the window\n    size by 4 pixels.\n    note: this window can 
also be resized to any size via the\n      resizing region of the window\n  
increase/decrease pixel size - increases or decreases the number\n    of pixels 
used to magnify a 'real' pixel. Range is 1 to 16.\n   Magnify-Help            
Storlek/Storleksändring:\n gör liksidig - sätter bredden och höjden till den 
större\n av de två, så att det blir en fyrkant\n öka/minska fönsterstorlek - 
ökar eller minskar fönstrets storlek\n med 4 pixlar.\n notera: fönstrets 
storlek kan också ändras till valfri storlek via dragfunktionen nere i 
hörnet.\n öka/minska pixelstorlek - ökar och minskar antalet\n pixlar som 
används för att visa en 'riktig' pixel. Från 1 till 16.\n

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mail/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mail/sv.catkeys      2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mail/sv.catkeys      2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Be-MAIL   3225774574
+1      swedish x-vnd.Be-MAIL   1567591965
 %d - Date      Mail            %d - Datum
 %e - E-mail address    Mail            %e - mejladress
 %n - Full name Mail            %n - Fullständigt namn
-About Mail…    Mail            Om E-post...
 Account from mail      Mail            Konto från brev
 Account:       Mail            Konto:
 Accounts…      Mail            Konton...
@@ -63,7 +62,6 @@
 Mail   System name             E-post
 Mail couldn't find its dictionary.     Mail            Programmet kunde inte 
hitta sin ordlista.
 Mail preferences       Mail            E-post : Inställningar
-Mail\n\n       Mail            E-post\n\n
 Mailing        Mail            Mejlning
 Message        Mail            Meddelande
 Move to trash  Mail            Flytta till papperskorgen
@@ -145,7 +143,6 @@
 User interface Mail            Användargränssnitt
 View   Mail            Visa
 Warn unencodable:      Mail            Varna för ogiltiga tecken:
-Written by Robert Polic.\nEnhanced by the Dr. Zoidberg crew.\n\nCopyright 
1991-2001, Be Incorporated.\nCopyright 2005-2010 Haiku, Inc.\n       Mail       
     Skrivet av Robert Polic.\nFörbättrat av Dr. Zoidberg teamet.\n\nCopyright 
1991-2001, Be Incorporated.\nCopyright 2005-2010 Haiku, Inc.\n
 Your main text contains %ld unencodable characters. Perhaps a different 
character set would work better? Hit Send to send it anyway (a substitute 
character will be used in place of the unencodable ones), or choose Cancel to 
go back and try fixing it up.  Mail            Brevets huvudtext innehåller %Id 
oläsbara tecken. Det är möjligt att en annan teckenuppsättning skulle vara mer 
lämplig. Tryck på Skicka för att sända brevet som det är - oläsbara tecken 
kommer ersättas - eller välj Avbryt för att gå tillbaka och korrigera problemet.
 \\n - Newline  Mail            \\n - Ny rad
 helpful message        Mail            hjälpsamt meddelande

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/sv.catkeys    2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/sv.catkeys    2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaConverter      3607188411
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaConverter      424866547
 %.1f kHz %ld channel / %lld frames     MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz %ld 
kanal / %lld rutor
 %.1f kHz mono / %lld frames    MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz mono / %lld 
 %.1f kHz stereo / %lld frames  MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz stereo / %lld 
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
 %d bit         MediaFileInfo           %d bitar
 %d byte        MediaFileInfo           %d bytes
 %u x %u, %.2ffps / %Ld frames  MediaFileInfo   Width x Height, fps / frames    
%u x %u, %.2ffps / %Ld rutor
-About… MediaConverter          Om...
 An error has occurred reading the file info.\n\nError :        
MediaConverter-FileInfo         Ett fel uppstod vid inläsning av 
 Audio encoding:        MediaConverter          Ljudkodning:
 Audio quality not supported    MediaConverter          Ljudkvalité stöds ej
@@ -41,7 +40,6 @@
 Low    MediaConverter          Låg
 MediaConverter System name             MediaKonverterare
 MediaConverter+:SaveDirectory  MediaConverter          
-MediaConverter\n1.3.0\n© 1999, Be Incorporated.\n© 2000-2004 Jun Suzuki\n© 
2007 Stephan Aßmus\n© 2010 Haiku, Inc.      MediaConverter          
MediaKonverterare\n1.3.0\n© 1999, Be Incorporated.\n© 2000-2004 Jun Suzuki\n© 
2007 Stephan Aßmus\n© 2010 Haiku, Inc
 No audio       Audio codecs list               Inget ljud
 No file selected       MediaConverter-FileInfo         Ingen fil vald
 No video       Video codecs list               Inga filmer

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaPlayer 1172481650
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaPlayer 103420521
 %app% encountered an internal error. The file could not be opened.     
MediaPlayer-Main                Ett internt fel inträffade i %app%. Filen kunde 
inte öppnas.
-%app%\n\nWritten by Marcus Overhagen, Stephan Aßmus and Frederik Modéen        
MediaPlayer-Main                %app%\n\nSkrivet av Marcus Overhagen, Stephan 
Aßmus och Fredrik Modéen
 1.85 : 1 (American)    MediaPlayer-Main                1.85 : 1 (Amerikanskt 
 100% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                Skala till 100%
 2.35 : 1 (Cinemascope) MediaPlayer-Main                2.35 : 1 (Cinemascope)
@@ -88,13 +87,10 @@
 Randomize Entries      MediaPlayer-RandomizePLItemsCmd         Slumpa poster
 Rating MediaPlayer-Main                Betyg
 Redo   MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Gör om
-Remove (Del)   MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Ta bort (Del)
 Remove Entries MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            Ta bort poster
 Remove Entries into Trash      MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            Flytta 
poster till Papperskorgen
 Remove Entry   MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            Ta bort post
 Remove Entry into Trash        MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            Flytta 
post till Papperskorgen
-Remove all     MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Ta bort allt
-Remove and put into Trash      MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Ta bort 
och flytta till Papperskorgen
 Revert MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Återställ
 Save   MediaPlayer-Main                Spara
 Save   MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Spara
@@ -118,7 +114,6 @@
 Subtitle placement:    MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              
 Subtitle size: MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Undertextsstorlek:
 Subtitles      MediaPlayer-Main                Bildtext
-Thanks MediaPlayer-Main                Tack
 The file'%filename' could not be opened.\n\n   MediaPlayer-Main                
Filen '%filename' kunde inte öppnas.\n\n
 There is no decoder installed to handle the file format, or the decoder has 
trouble with the specific version of the format.   MediaPlayer-Main             
   Det finns ingen avkodare installerad som kan hantera filformatet, eller så 
har avkodaren problem med filformatsversionen.
 Toggle mute.   MediaPlayer-Main                Aktivera tyst läge.

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/packageinstaller/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/packageinstaller/sv.catkeys  2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/packageinstaller/sv.catkeys  2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-PackageInstaller    3608009980
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-PackageInstaller    2979335347
 %.1f GiB       PackageView             %.1f GiB
 %.1f KiB       PackageView             %.1f KiB
 %.1f MiB       PackageView             %.1f MiB
@@ -33,11 +33,9 @@
 No package available.  PackageInfo             Inga paket tillgängliga.
 No package selected.   PackageInfo             Inga paket valda.
 OK     PackageView             OK
-OK     Packageinstaller main           OK
 Other… PackageView             Annan...
 Package installer      PackageView             Paket intallerare
 PackageInstaller       System name             PaketInstallerare
-PackageInstaller\nBeOS legacy .pkg file installer for Haiku.\n\nCopyright 
2007,\nŁukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak\n\nCopyright (c) 2007 Haiku, Inc. \n 
Packageinstaller main           PaketInstallerare\nBeOS paket installerare för 
Haiku.\n\nUpphovsrätt 2007,\nŁukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak\n\nUpphovsrätt (c) 2007 
Haiku, Inc. \n
 Preparing package      PackageInstall          Förbereder paket
 Replace        PackageView             Ersätt
 Running post-installation scripts      PackageInstall          Kör 

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/people/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/people/sv.catkeys    2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/people/sv.catkeys    2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Be-PEPL   3077845462
+1      swedish x-vnd.Be-PEPL   382829331
 %name% picture People          %name% bild
-About  People          Om
 Address        People          Adress
 Cancel People          Avbryt
 City   People          Stad

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/poorman/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/poorman/sv.catkeys   2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/poorman/sv.catkeys   2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.PoorMan     3143901754
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.PoorMan     412131821
 A default web folder has been created at \"/boot/home/public_html.\"\nMake 
sure there is a HTML file named \"index.html\" in that folder.      PoorMan     
    En förinställd hemsidemapp har skapats som \"/boot/home/public_html.\"\nSe 
till att det finns en HTML fil döpt \"index.html\" i mappen.
 About PoorMan… PoorMan         Om FattigMan...
 Advanced       PoorMan         Avancerat
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 Max. simultaneous connections: PoorMan         Maximalt antal samtidiga 
 OK     PoorMan         OK
 Please choose the folder to publish on the web.\n\nYou can have PoorMan create 
a default \"public_html\" in your home folder.\nOr you select one of your own 
folders instead.  PoorMan         Vänligen välj en mapp för 
hemsidepublicering.\n\nDu kan låta Fattigman skapa en förinställd 
\"public_html\" i din hemmapp eller välja en egen map.
-PoorMan        System name             FattigMan
+PoorMan        Application name                FattigMan
 PoorMan settings       PoorMan         Fattigmans inställningar
 Quit   PoorMan         Avsluta
 Run server     PoorMan         Kör server

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/powerstatus/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/powerstatus/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/powerstatus/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
 OEM info:      PowerStatus             OEM information:
 OK     PowerStatus             OK
 Power status box       PowerStatus             Batteristatus
+PowerStatus    PowerStatus             BatteriStatus
 PowerStatus    System name             BatteriStatus
-PowerStatus    PowerStatus             BatteriStatus
 PowerStatus\nwritten by Axel Dörfler, Clemens Zeidler\nCopyright 2006, Haiku, 
Inc.\n   PowerStatus             BatteriStatus\nskrivet av Axel Dörfler, 
Clemens Zeidler\nCopyright 2006, Haiku, Inc.\n
 Quit   PowerStatus             Avsluta
 Run in window  PowerStatus             Kör i fönster

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys     2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys     2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@
 OK     PrefsWindow             OK
 OK     PulseApp                OK
 OK     PulseView               OK
-Pulse  System name             Puls
 Pulse  NormalPulseView         Puls
 Pulse  PulseApp                Puls
+Pulse  System name             Puls
 Pulse settings PulseWindow             Pulsinställningar
 Quit   DeskbarPulseView                Avsluta
 Quit   MiniPulseView           Avsluta

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/readonlybootprompt/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/readonlybootprompt/sv.catkeys        
2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/readonlybootprompt/sv.catkeys        
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ReadOnlyBootPrompt  3629104933
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ReadOnlyBootPrompt  2165068388
 Desktop (Live-CD)      BootPromptWindow                Skrivbord (Live-CD)
 Do you wish to run the Installer or continue booting to the Desktop? You can 
also select your preferred language and keyboard layout from the list 
below.\n\nNote: Localization of Haiku applications and other components is an 
on-going effort. You will frequently encounter untranslated strings, but if you 
like, you can join in the work at <www.haiku-os.org>. BootPromptWindow          
      Vill du köra Installationsprogrammet eller fortsätta till Skrivbordet? Du 
kan också välja ditt språk och tangentbordslayout från listan 
nedanför.\n\nObservera: Anpassning av Haikus applikationer och andra 
komponenter är på gång. Du kommer ofta hitta icke översatta ord, men om du vill 
kan du hjälpa till på <www.haiku-os.org>
 Keymap BootPromptWindow                Tangentbordslayout
 Language       BootPromptWindow                Språk
-ReadOnlyBootPrompt     System name             InstallationsSpråkMeny
 Run Installer  BootPromptWindow                Kör Installeraren
 Welcome to Haiku!      BootPromptWindow                Välkommen till Haiku!

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/showimage/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/showimage/sv.catkeys 2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/showimage/sv.catkeys 2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ShowImage   500169354
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ShowImage   1687870740
 %SECONDS seconds       Menus   Don't translate %SECONDS        %SECONDS 
-About ShowImage…       Menus           Om Bildvisning…
 Browse Menus           Bläddra
 Cancel ClosePrompt             Avbryt
 Clear selection        Menus           Rensa markering

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys    2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys    2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,7 +1,5 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Sudoku      3821952338
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Sudoku      2463385585
 Abort  ProgressWindow          Avbryt
-About  Sudoku          Om
-About Sudoku…  SudokuWindow            Om Sudoku...
 Advanced       SudokuWindow            Avancerat
 Blank  SudokuWindow            Tom
 Copy   SudokuWindow            Kopiera
@@ -17,23 +15,20 @@
 Mark invalid values    SudokuWindow            Markera felaktiga värden
 Mark valid hints       SudokuWindow            Markera korrekta 
 New    SudokuWindow            Ny
-OK     Sudoku          OK
 OK     SudokuWindow            OK
 Open file…     SudokuWindow            Öppna fil...
 Progress monitor       ProgressWindow          Förloppsindikator
 Quit   SudokuWindow            Avsluta
 Redo   SudokuWindow            Gör om
-Restore snapshot       SudokuWindow            Hämta sparad sudoku
+Restore snapshot       SudokuWindow            Hämta ögonblicksbild
 Searching for removable values SudokuGenerator         Letar efter värden som 
kan tas bort
-Snapshot current       SudokuWindow            Spara till senare
+Snapshot current       SudokuWindow            Ta ögonblicksbild
 Solve  SudokuWindow            Lös
 Solve single field     SudokuWindow            Lös ett fält
 Start again    SudokuWindow            Starta igen
 Sudoku System name             Sudoku
-Sudoku Sudoku          Sudoku
 Sudoku request SudokuWindow            Sudoku undrar
 Sudoku solved - congratulations!\n     SudokuWindow            Sudoku löst - 
-Sudoku\n\twritten by Axel Dörfler\n\tCopyright 2007, Haiku Inc.\n      Sudoku  
        Sudoku\n\tskrivet av Axel Dörfler\n\tUpphovsrätt 2007, Haiku Inc.\n
 Text   SudokuWindow            Text
 Undo   SudokuWindow            Ångra
 View   SudokuWindow            Visa

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/text_search/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/text_search/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/text_search/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,14 +1,12 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.TextSearch  3449010850
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.TextSearch  1180598828
 %APP_NAME couldn't open one or more folders.   GrepWindow              
%APP_NAME kunde inte öppna en eller flera kataloger.
 %s: Not enough room to escape the filename.    Grepper         Saknar utrymme 
för att koda om filnamnet
 %s: There was a problem running grep.  Grepper         %s: Det uppstod ett 
problem när grep kördes.
-About TextSearch…      GrepWindow              Om Textsök...
 Actions        GrepWindow              Kommandon
 Cancel GrepWindow              Avbryt
 Case-sensitive GrepWindow              Skilj på små/stora bokstäver
 Close  GrepWindow              Stäng
 Copy text to clipboard GrepWindow              Kopiera text till urklipp
-Created by Matthijs Hollemans.\n\nContributed to by Peter Hinely, Serge 
Fantino, Hideki Naito, Oscar Lesta, Oliver Tappe, Jonas Sundström, Luc 
Schrijvers and momoziro.\n      GrepWindow              Skapad av Matthijs 
Hollemans.\n\nUtvecklad av Peter Hinely, Serge Fantino, Hideki Naito, Oscar 
Lesta, Oliver Tappe, Jonas Sundström, Luc Schrijvers and momoziro.\n
 Encoding       GrepWindow              Teckenuppsättning
 Escape search text     GrepWindow              Skydda söksträngen med 
 File   GrepWindow              Arkiv

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/tv/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/tv/sv.catkeys        2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC 
(rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/tv/sv.catkeys        2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC 
(rev 41123)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.TV  2815571176
-About %1…      MainWin Parameter %1 is the name of the application.    Om %1...
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku.TV  1995288111
 Always on top  MainWin         Alltid överst
 Channel        MainWin         Kanal
 DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting TV    MainWin         DVB - Digital Video 
Broadcasting TV
@@ -19,11 +18,8 @@
 Scale to native size   MainWin         Skala till ursprungsstorlek
 Settings       MainWin         Inställningar
 Settings…      MainWin         Inställningar...
-TV     System name             TV
 TV     MainWin         TV
-\nBuild        MainWin         \nBuild
-\nRevision     MainWin         \nVersion
-\nVersion      MainWin         \nVersion
+TV     System name             TV
 force 544 x 576, display aspect 4:3    MainWin         tvinga 544 x 573, 
bildförhållande 4:3
 force 704 x 576, display aspect 4:3    MainWin         påtvinga 704 x 576, 
bildförhållande 4:3
 force 720 x 576, display aspect 4:3    MainWin         tvinga 720 x 576, 
bildförhållande 4:3

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/filetypes/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/filetypes/sv.catkeys  2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/filetypes/sv.catkeys  2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,11 +1,10 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-FileTypes   1055306485
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-FileTypes   473999706
 %1 application type    Application Type Window         %1 programtyp
 %ld Application type%s could be removed.       Application Types Window        
        %ld Programtypen %s kan inte tas bort.
 %s file type   FileType Window         %s filtyp
 (from application)     FileTypes Window                (från program)
 (from super type)      FileTypes Window                (från huvudtyp)
 Abort  Application Types Window                Avbryt
-About FileTypes…       FileTypes Window                Om FilTyper...
 Add    Attribute Window                Lägg till
 Add    Extension Window                Lägg till
 Add group      New File Type Window            Lägg till grupp
@@ -70,8 +69,8 @@
 File could not be opened       Preferred App Menu              Filen kunde 
inte öppnas
 File recognition       FileTypes Window                Filigenkänning
 File type      FileType Window         Filtyp
-FileTypes      System name             FilTyper
 FileTypes      FileTypes               FilTyper
+FileTypes      System name             FilTyper
 FileTypes request      FileTypes               FilTyper - fråga
 FileTypes request      FileTypes Window                FilTyper - begäran
 FileTypes request      Preferred App Menu              Filtypsbegäran
@@ -155,5 +154,4 @@
 Visible        Attribute Window                Synlig
 Width: Attribute Window        Default column width in Tracker for this 
attribute.     Bredd:
 [Multiple files] file types    FileType Window         [Flera filer] filtyper
-\twritten by Axel Dörfler\n\tCopyright 2006-2007, Haiku.\n     FileTypes       
        \tskrivet avy Axel Dörfler\n\tCopyright 2006-2007, Haiku.\n
 no icon        FileTypes Window                ingen ikon

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/fonts/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/fonts/sv.catkeys      2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/fonts/sv.catkeys      2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
 1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Fonts       4164233892
 Bold font:     Font view               Fet stil:
 Defaults       Main window             Förval
-Fixed font:    Font view               Fast teckensnitt:
-Fonts  System name             Teckensnitt
-Fonts\n\tCopyright 2004-2005, Haiku.\n\n       main            
Teckensnitt\n\tCopyright 2004-2005, Haiku.\n\n
-Menu font:     Font view               Menyteckensnitt:
+Fixed font:    Font view               Fast bredd typsnitt:
+Fonts  System name             Typsnitt
+Fonts\n\tCopyright 2004-2005, Haiku.\n\n       main            
Typsnitt\n\tCopyright 2004-2005, Haiku.\n\n
+Menu font:     Font view               Menytypsnitt:
 OK     main            OK
-Plain font:    Font view               Normalt teckensnitt:
+Plain font:    Font view               Enkelt typsnitt:
 Revert Main window             Återgå
 Size:  Font Selection view             Storlek:
 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.   Font Selection view     Don't 
translate this literally ! Use a phrase showing all chars from A to Z.    
Flygande bäckasiner söka hwila på mjuka tuvor.

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/keymap/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/keymap/sv.catkeys     2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/keymap/sv.catkeys     2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 File   Keymap window           Arkiv
 Font   Keymap window           Typsnitt
 Grave trigger  Keymap window           Grave trigger
-Keymap System name             TeckenUppsättning
+Keymap System name             TangentUppsättning
 Layout Keymap window           Utseende
 Open…  Keymap window           Öppna…
 Quit   Keymap window           Avsluta

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys     2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys     2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@
 Formatting     Locale Preflet Window           Formatering
 Full format:   TimeFormatSettings              Fullt format:
 Language       Locale Preflet Window           Språk
-Locale System name             Språk & Format
 Locale Locale Preflet          Språk
 Locale Locale Preflet Window           Språk
+Locale System name             Språk & Format
 Long format:   TimeFormatSettings              Långt format:
 Medium format: TimeFormatSettings              Mediumformat:
 Negative:      TimeFormatSettings              Negativt:

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/mail/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/mail/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/mail/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 Gamma  Config Window           Gamma
 Golden master  Config Window           Produktionsversion
 Mail Daemon Replacement\n\nby Haiku, Inc. All rights reserved.\n\nVersion 
%ld.%ld.%ld %s\n\nSee LICENSE file included in the installation package for 
more information.\n\n\n\nYou can contact us at:\n%s\n\nPlease submit bug 
reports using the %s\n\nProject homepage at:\n%s        Config Window           
E-postdemonsersättning\n\nav Haiku, Inc. All rights reserved.\n\nVersion 
%ld.%ld.%ld %s\n\nSe LICENSE-filen för mer information.\n\n\n\nDu kan kontakta 
oss på:\n%s\n\nEventuella buggar kan rapporteras genom %s\n\nProjekthemsida: 
-Mail checking  Config Window           Kontrollerar e-post
+Mail checking  Config Window           Kontrollera e-post
 Miscellaneous  Config Window           Diverse
 OK     Config Window           OK
 Only when dial-up is connected Config Window           Endast när uppringd 
förbindelse är uppkopplad

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/notifications/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/notifications/sv.catkeys      
2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/notifications/sv.catkeys      
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 Allowed        NotificationView                Tillåten
 An error occurred saving the preferences.\nIt's possible you are running out 
of disk space.    GeneralView             Ett fel uppstod när inställningarna 
skulle sparas.\nDet är möjligt att hårddiskutrymmet håller på att ta slut.
 Application    NotificationView                Applikation
-Applications   NotificationView                Applikationer
+Applications   NotificationView                Program
 Can't enable notifications at startup time, you probably don't have write 
permission to the boot settings directory.   GeneralView             Kan inte 
aktivera aviseringar vid start. Du saknar förmodligen behörighet att skriva 
till startinställningsmappen.
 Can't save preferences, you probably don't have write access to the boot 
settings directory.   GeneralView             Kan inte spara inställningarna. 
Du saknar förmodligen behörighet att skriva till startinställningsmappen.
 Can't save preferenes, you probably don't have write access to the settings 
directory or the disk is full.     DisplayView             Kan inte spara 
inställningarna. Du saknar förmodligen behörighet att skriva till 
inställningsmappen eller så är disken full.
@@ -26,9 +26,9 @@
 Last Received  NotificationView                Sista mottagna 
 Mini icon      DisplayView             Miniikon
 No     NotificationView                Nej
-Notifications  System name             Aviseringar
 Notifications  GeneralView             Aviseringar
 Notifications  NotificationView                Aviseringar
+Notifications  System name             Aviseringar
 Notifications cannot be stopped, because the server can't be reached.  
GeneralView             Aviseringarna kunde inte stoppas eftersom servern inte 
kunde nås.
 OK     DisplayView             OK
 OK     GeneralView             OK

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/printers/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/printers/sv.catkeys   2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/printers/sv.catkeys   2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@
 Printer name:  AddPrinterDialog                Skrivarnamn:
 Printer type:  AddPrinterDialog                Skrivartyp:
 Printer: %printer_name%\nDriver:  %driver%\n   TestPageView            
Skrivare: %printer_name%\nDrivrutin: %driver%\n
+Printers       PrintersWindow          Skrivare
 Printers       System name             Skrivare
-Printers       PrintersWindow          Skrivare
 Processing     JobListView             Bearbetar
 Red    TestPageView            Röd
 Remove PrintersWindow          Ta bort

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screen/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screen/sv.catkeys     2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screen/sv.catkeys     2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
 Resolution:    Screen          Upplösning:
 Revert Screen          Återställ
 Rows:  Screen          Rader:
+Screen Screen          Skärm
 Screen System name             Skärm
-Screen Screen          Skärm
 Screen preferences by the Haiku team   Screen          Skärm, skrivet av 
 Set background…        Screen          Bakgrundsinställningar...
 Settings will revert in %seconds seconds.      Screen          Inställningarna 
kommer att återställas inom %seconds sekunder.

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screensaver/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screensaver/sv.catkeys        
2011-03-26 23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/screensaver/sv.catkeys        
2011-03-27 06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
 Passwords don't match. Please try again.       ScreenSaver             
Lösenorden stämmer inte överens. Vänligen försök igen.
 Password…      ScreenSaver             Lösenord...
 Run module     ScreenSaver             Starta efter
-ScreenSaver    System name             Skärmsläckare
+ScreenSaver    System name             SkärmSläckare
 Test   ScreenSaver             Testa
 Turn off screen        ScreenSaver             Stäng av skärmen
 Use custom password    ScreenSaver             Använd anpassat lösenord

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/shortcuts/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/shortcuts/sv.catkeys  2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/shortcuts/sv.catkeys  2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Shortcuts   4103143985
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Shortcuts   621368175
 (Choose application with file requester)       ShortcutsWindow         (Välj 
applikation i filväljarfönstret)
 *Beep  ShortcutsWindow         *Pip
 *InsertString \"Your Text Here\"       ShortcutsWindow         *InfogaSträng 
\"Din text\"
@@ -10,8 +10,6 @@
 *MoveMouseTo 50% 50%   ShortcutsWindow         *FlyttaMuspekareTill 50% 50%
 *Multi \"*MoveMouseTo 100% 0\" \"*MouseButton 1\"      ShortcutsWindow         
*Flera \"*FlyttaMusTill 100% 0\" \"*Musknapp 1\"
 *SendMessage application/x-vnd.Be-TRAK 'Tfnd'  ShortcutsWindow         
*SkickaMeddelande application/x-vnd.Be-TRAK 'Tfnd'
-About Shortcuts        ShortcutsApp            Om Genvägar
-About Shortcuts        ShortcutsWindow         Om Genvägar
 Add new shortcut       ShortcutsWindow         Lägg till
 Alt    ShortcutsSpec   Name for modifier on keyboard   Alt
 Append ShortcutsWindow         Lägg till
@@ -32,7 +30,6 @@
 MoveMouse      ShortcutsSpec           FlyttaMus
 MoveMouseTo    ShortcutsSpec           FlyttaMusenTill
 Multi  ShortcutsSpec           Multi
-OK     ShortcutsApp            OK
 OK     ShortcutsWindow         OK
 Oh no  ShortcutsWindow         Åh nej!
 Open   ShortcutsWindow         Öppna
@@ -52,5 +49,4 @@
 Shortcuts was unable to parse your KeySet file!        ShortcutsWindow         
Genvägar kunde inte läsa dina inställningar!
 Shortcuts was unable to save your KeySet file! ShortcutsWindow         
Genvägar kunde inte spara dina inställningar!
 Shortcuts wasn't able to save your keyset.     ShortcutsWindow         
Genvägar kunde inte spara din genvägsuppsättning.
-Shortcuts\n\nBased on SpicyKeys for BeOS made by Jeremy Friesner.      
ShortcutsApp            Genvägar\n\nBaserat på SpicyKeys för BeOS, skrivet av 
Jeremy Friesner.
 Window ShortcutsSpec   Name for modifier on keyboard   Start

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/time/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/time/sv.catkeys       2011-03-26 
23:21:13 UTC (rev 41122)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/time/sv.catkeys       2011-03-27 
06:12:47 UTC (rev 41123)
@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
 Preview time:  Time            Förhandsvisa tid:
 Revert Time            Återställ
 Set time zone  Time            Ange tidzon
-Time   System name             Datum & Tid
-Time & Date, writen by:\n\n\tAndrew Edward McCall\n\tMike 
Berg\n\tJulun\n\tPhilippe Saint-Pierre\n\nCopyright 2004-2008, Haiku.        
Time            Tid och Datum, skrivet av:\n\n\tAndrew Edward McCall\n\tMike 
Berg\n\tJulun\n\tPhilippe Saint-Pierre\n\nCopyright 2004-2008, Haiku.
+Time   System name             Tid
+Time & Date, writen by:\n\n\tAndrew Edward McCall\n\tMike 
Berg\n\tJulun\n\tPhilippe Saint-Pierre\n\nCopyright 2004-2008, Haiku.        
Time            Datum & Tid, skrivet av:\n\n\tAndrew Edward McCall\n\tMike 
Berg\n\tJulun\n\tPhilippe Saint-Pierre\n\nCopyright 2004-2008, Haiku.
 Time zone      Time            Tidzon
 \nNow:         Time            \nNu:
 about  Time            om

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