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  • From: jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 13:40:43 +0100 (CET)

Author: kirilla
Date: 2011-03-14 13:40:43 +0100 (Mon, 14 Mar 2011)
New Revision: 40946
Changeset: http://dev.haiku-os.org/changeset/40946

Swedish translation update. Removal of networktime.

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/sv.catkeys       
2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/sv.catkeys       
2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,7 +1,25 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-WebPTranslator      1423533669
-WebP Images    ConfigView              WebP-bilder
-WebP Settings  main            WebP-inställningar
-WebP image     WebPTranslator          WebP-bild
-WebP image translator  WebPTranslator          WebP-bildöversättare
-WebP images    WebPTranslator          WebP-bilder
-WebPTranslator Settings        ConfigView              
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-WebPTranslator      3630570850
+Based on libwebp v0.1, ConfigView              Baserat på libwebp v0.1,
+Compression method:    ConfigView              Komprimeringsmetod
+Default        ConfigView              Förval
+Drawing        ConfigView              Teckning
+Fast   ConfigView              Snabb
+High   ConfigView              Hög
+Icon   ConfigView              Ikon
+Low    ConfigView              Låg
+Output preset: ConfigView              Utdata:
+Output quality:        ConfigView              Utdatakvalité
+Photo  ConfigView              Foto
+Picture        ConfigView              Bild
+Preprocessing filter   ConfigView              Förbehandlingsfilter
+Preset ConfigView              Förval
+Slower but better      ConfigView              Långsammare men bättre
+Text   ConfigView              Text
+WebP Images    ConfigView              WebP bilder
+WebP Settings  main            WebP inställningar
+WebP image     WebPTranslator          WebP bild
+WebP image translator  WebPTranslator          WebP bildöversättare 
+WebP images    WebPTranslator          WebP bilder
+WebPTranslator Settings        ConfigView              WebP 
+©2010-2011 Google Inc. ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Google Inc.
+©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.  ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/sv.catkeys                             
(rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/sv.catkeys     2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-3DMov       3728146201
+3DMov  Application name                3DMov

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-About       2350236915
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-About       3334685619
 %.2f GHz       AboutView               %.2f GHz
 %d MiB total   AboutView               %d MiB totalt
 %d MiB used (%d%%)     AboutView               %d MiB använt (%d%%)
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
 %total MiB total, %inaccessible MiB inaccessible       AboutView               
%total MiB totalt, %inaccessible MiB otillgängligt
 ... and the many people making donations!\n\n  AboutView               ...och 
alla de som har skänkt pengar!\n\n
 About this system      AboutWindow             Om det här systemet
+AboutSystem    Application name                OmSystemet
 Contributors:\n        AboutView               Medarbetare:\n
 Current maintainers:\n AboutView               Nuvarande projektledare:\n
 GCC %d Hybrid  AboutView               GCC %d-hybrid

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/sv.catkeys   2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/sv.catkeys   2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ActivityMonitor     1946610782
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ActivityMonitor     2757340678
 %.1f KB/s      DataSource              %.1f KB/s
 %.1f MB        DataSource              %.1f MB
 %.1f faults/s  DataSource              %.1f fel/s
 %lld ms        SettingsWindow          %lld ms
 %lld sec.      SettingsWindow          %lld sek.
 About ActivityMonitor… ActivityWindow          Om AktivitetsÖvervakaren...
-ActivityMonitor        ActivityWindow          Aktivitetsövervakaren
+ActivityMonitor        Application name                AktivitetsÖvervakaren
 Add graph      ActivityWindow          Lägg till graf
 Additional items       ActivityView            Ytterligare mätvärden
-Apps   DataSource              Applikationer
+Apps   DataSource              Program
 Block cache    DataSource              Block cache
-Block cache memory     DataSource              Blockcacheminne
+Block cache memory     DataSource              Block cacheminne
 CPU    DataSource              CPU
 CPU usage      DataSource              CPU användning
 CPU usage (combined)   DataSource              CPU användning (kombinerad)
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 Raw clipboard size     DataSource              Obearbetad urklippstorlek
 Receiving      DataSource              Tar emot
 Remove graph   ActivityView            Ta bort graf
-Running applications   DataSource              Aktiva applikationer
+Running applications   DataSource              Aktiva program
 Semaphores     DataSource              Semaforer
 Sems   DataSource              Semaforer
 Sending        DataSource              Skickar
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
 Swap space     DataSource              Växlingsutrymme
 TX     DataSource      Shorter version for Sending     TX
 Teams  DataSource              Processer
-Text clipboard size    DataSource              Text urklipps storlek
+Text clipboard size    DataSource              Text urklippsstorlek
 Threads        DataSource              Trådar
 Update time interval:  SettingsWindow          Uppdateringsintervall:
 Used memory    DataSource              Använt minne

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-BootManager 2058739736
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-BootManager 488724516
 About to restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) of %disk from %file. Do you wish 
to continue?    BootManagerController   Don't translate the place holders: 
%disk and %file      Kommer nu att återställa huvudstartsektorn (MBR) på %disk 
från %file. Vill du fortsätta?
 About to write the boot menu to disk. Are you sure you want to continue?       
BootManagerController           Kommer att skriva bootmenyn till hårddisken. Är 
du säker på att du vill fortsätta?
 About to write the following boot menu to the boot disk (%s). Please verify 
the information below before continuing.   BootManagerController           
Följande startmeny kommer att skrivas till startdisken (%s). Vänligen 
kontrollera informationen nedan innan du fortsätter.
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
 Back   BootManagerController   Button  Tillbaka
 Backup Master Boot Record      BootManagerController   Title   
Säkerhetskopiera huvudstartsektorn
 Boot Manager is unable to read the partition table!    BootManagerController   
        Starthanteraren kan inte läsa partitionstabellen!
+BootManager    Application name                StartHanteraren
 BootManager    BootManager     Application name        Starthanteraren
-BootManager    BootManagerWindow       Window Title    Starthanteraren
 Cannot access! DrivesPage      Cannot install  Kan inte få åtkomst!
 Copyright %year, Haiku Inc.\n  BootManager     Leave %year untranslated        
Copyright %year, Haiku Inc.\n
 Default Partition      DefaultPartitionPage    Title   Standardpartition

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/sv.catkeys  2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC 
(rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/sv.catkeys  2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-DeskCalc    168574347
-About DeskCalc…        CalcView                Om Kalkylatorn...
+About DeskCalc…        CalcView                Om Kalkylator...
 Audio Feedback CalcView                Knappljud
-DeskCalc       Application name                Kalkylatorn
-DeskCalc v2.1.0\n\nwritten by Timothy Wayper,\nStephan Aßmus and Ingo 
Weinhold\n\n©1997, 1998 R3 Software Ltd.\n©2006-2009 Haiku, Inc.\n\nAll Rights 
Reserved. CalcView                Kalkylatorn v2.1.0\n\nskrivet av Timothy 
Wayper,\nStephan Aßmus och Ingo Weinhold\n\n©1997, 1998 R3 Software 
Ltd.\n©2006-2009 Haiku, Inc.\n\nAll Rights Reserved.
+DeskCalc       Application name                Kalkylator
+DeskCalc v2.1.0\n\nwritten by Timothy Wayper,\nStephan Aßmus and Ingo 
Weinhold\n\n©1997, 1998 R3 Software Ltd.\n©2006-2009 Haiku, Inc.\n\nAll Rights 
Reserved. CalcView                Kalkylator v2.1.0\n\nskrivet av Timothy 
Wayper,\nStephan Aßmus och Ingo Weinhold\n\n©1997, 1998 R3 Software 
Ltd.\n©2006-2009 Haiku, Inc.\n\nAll Rights Reserved.
 Enable Num Lock on startup     CalcView                Aktivera Num Lock vid 
 Show keypad    CalcView                Visa tangenter
 about  CalcView                om

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys 2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC 
(rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/installer/sv.catkeys 2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 Set up partitions…     InstallerWindow         Ställ in partitioner...
 Show optional packages InstallerWindow         Visa valfria paket
 So behind the other menu entries towards the bottom of the file, add something 
similar to these lines:\n\n     InstallerApp            Efter de andra 
menyposterna mot slutet av filen, lägg till något som liknar dessa rader:\n\n
-So below the heading that must not be edited, add something similar to these 
lines:\n\n        InstallerApp            So below the heading that must not be 
edited, add something similar to these lines:\n\n
+So below the heading that must not be edited, add something similar to these 
lines:\n\n        InstallerApp            Under huvudet, som inte ändras, kan 
du lägga till några rader liknande de här:\n\n
 Starting Installation. InstallProgress         Startar installationen.
 Stop   InstallerWindow         Stopp
 Stop   InstallerWindow In alert after pressing Stop    Stopp

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/sv.catkeys       2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaPlayer 2929328887
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-MediaPlayer 2559622077
 1.85 : 1 (American)    MediaPlayer-Main                1.85 : 1 (Amerikanskt 
 100% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                Skala till 100%
 2.35 : 1 (Cinemascope) MediaPlayer-Main                2.35 : 1 (Cinemascope)
@@ -80,7 +80,6 @@
 Pause  MediaPlayer-Main                Pausa
 Pause playback.        MediaPlayer-Main                Pausa uppspelning.
 Play   MediaPlayer-Main                Spela
-Play background clips at       MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Spela 
bakgrundsklipp vid
 Play mode      MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Uppspelningsläge
 Playlist       MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              Spellista
 Playlist…      MediaPlayer-Main                Spellista...
@@ -117,8 +116,8 @@
 Stop   MediaPlayer-Main                Stopp
 Stop playing.  MediaPlayer-Main                Stoppa uppspelning.
 Stream settings        MediaPlayer-Main                Ströminställningar
-Subtitle placement     MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              
-Subtitle size  MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Bildtextsstorlek
+Subtitle placement:    MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              
+Subtitle size: MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Undertextsstorlek:
 Subtitles      MediaPlayer-Main                Bildtext
 Thanks MediaPlayer-Main                Tack
 The file'%filename' could not be opened.\n\n   MediaPlayer-Main                
Filen '%filename' kunde inte öppnas.\n\n
@@ -136,6 +135,7 @@
 Video track    MediaPlayer-Main                Videospår
 View options   MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Visningsalternativ
 Volume MediaPlayer-Main                Volym
+Volume of background clips     MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              Volym 
för bakgrundsklipp
 error  MediaPlayer-Main                fel
 none   Audio track menu                ingen
 none   Subtitles menu          ingen

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/processcontroller/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/processcontroller/sv.catkeys 2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/processcontroller/sv.catkeys 2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ProcessController   35871000
-%s [%d]        ProcessController               %s [%d]
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-ProcessController   769318393
 (c) 1996-2001 Georges-Edouard Berenger, berenger@xxxxxxxxxxxx\n        
ProcessController               (c) 1996-2001 Georges-Edouard Berenger, 
 About  ProcessController               Om
 About ProcessController…       ProcessController               Om 
@@ -13,6 +12,7 @@
 Error saving file      ProcessController               Fel vid sparning av fil
 Gone teams…    ProcessController               Avslutade processer...
 Idle priority  ProcessController               Overksam prioritet
+Info   ProcessController               Information
 Install in Deskbar     ProcessController               Installera i Deskbar
 Kill this thread!      ProcessController               Avsluta tråden!
 Live in the Deskbar    ProcessController               Lev i Deskbar
@@ -23,12 +23,13 @@
 Normal priority        ProcessController               Normal prioritet
 OK     ProcessController               OK
 Ok!    ProcessController               OK!
+Please confirm ProcessController               Vänligen bekräfta
 ProcessController      ProcessController               ProcessKontroll
 ProcessController is already installed in Deskbar.     ProcessController       
        ProcessKontroll är redan installerad i Deskbar.
 ProcessController\n\nCopyright 1997-2001,\nGeorges-Edouard 
Berenger.\n\nCopyright © 2007 Haiku, Inc.\n ProcessController               
ProcessKontroll\n\nCopyright 1997-2001,\nGeorges-Edouard Berenger.\n\nCopyright 
© 2007 Haiku, Inc.\n
 Processor %d   ProcessController               Processor %d
 Quit an application    ProcessController               Avsluta ett program
-Quit application       ProcessController               Avsluta applikation
+Quit application       ProcessController               Avsluta program
 Real-time display priority     ProcessController               
 Real-time priority     ProcessController               Realtidsprioritet
 Restart Deskbar        ProcessController               Starta om Deskbar

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys     2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC 
(rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/pulse/sv.catkeys     2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -1,21 +1,27 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Pulse       2756001860
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Pulse       1325849358
+%.2f GHz       NormalPulseView         %.2f GHz
+%ld MHz        NormalPulseView         %ld MHz
+%s\n\nBy David Ramsey and Arve Hjønnevåg\nRevised by Daniel Switkin\n  
PulseApp                %s\n\nAv David Ramsey och Arve Hjønnevåg\nReviderad av 
Daniel Switkin\n
 About Pulse…   CPUButton               Om Puls...
 About Pulse…   PulseView               Om Puls...
 Active color   ConfigView              Aktiv färg
 Bar colors     ConfigView              Bandfärg
 CPU progress bar       NormalPulseView         CPU progressband
-Defaults       PrefsWindow             Förinställningar
+Defaults       PrefsWindow             Förval
 Deskbar        CPUButton               Deskbar
 Deskbar menu   CPUButton               Deskbar meny
 Deskbar mode   MiniPulseView           Deskbar-läge
 Deskbar mode   NormalPulseView         Deskbar-läge
 Deskbar mode   PrefsWindow             Deskbar-läge
+Error  PulseApp                Fel
 Fade colors    ConfigView              Tona färger
 Frame color    ConfigView              Ramfärg
 Idle color     ConfigView              Overksam färg
 Info   CPUButton               Information
 Info   DeskbarPulseView                Information
-Info   PulseWindow             Information
+Info   PulseApp                Information
+Info   PulseView               Information
+Installing in Deskbar failed\n%s       PulseApp                Misslyckades 
att installera i Deskbar\n%s
 Mini mode      DeskbarPulseView                Komprimerat läge
 Mini mode      NormalPulseView         Komprimerat läge
 Mini mode      PrefsWindow             Komprimerat läge
@@ -27,17 +33,14 @@
 OK     PrefsWindow             OK
 OK     PulseApp                OK
 OK     PulseView               OK
-OK     PulseWindow             OK
 Pulse  NormalPulseView         Puls
+Pulse  PulseApp                Puls
 Pulse  PulseWindow             Puls
 Pulse settings PulseWindow             Pulsinställningar
-Pulse\n\nBy David Ramsey and Arve Hjønnevåg\nRevised by Daniel Switkin 
CPUButton               Puls\n\nAv David Ramsey och Arve Hjønnevåg\nReviderad 
av Daniel Switkin
-Pulse\n\nBy David Ramsey and Arve Hjønnevåg\nRevised by Daniel Switkin 
DeskbarPulseView                Puls\n\nAv David Ramsey och Arve 
Hjønnevåg\nReviderad av Daniel Switkin
-Pulse\n\nBy David Ramsey and Arve Hjønnevåg\nRevised by Daniel Switkin 
PulseWindow             Puls\n\nAv David Ramsey och Arve Hjønnevåg\nReviderad 
av Daniel Switkin
 Quit   DeskbarPulseView                Avsluta
 Quit   MiniPulseView           Avsluta
 Remove replicant       CPUButton               Ta bort replikant
-Remove(): %s   DeskbarPulseView                Remove(): %s
+Removing from Deskbar failed.\n%s      DeskbarPulseView                
Misslyckades att ta bort från Deskbar.\n%s
 Settings…      PulseView               Inställningar...
 Usage: Pulse [--mini] [-w width] [--width=width]\n\t[--deskbar] [--normal] 
[--framecolor 0xrrggbb]\n\t[--activecolor 0xrrggbb] [--idlecolor 0xrrggbb]\n    
    PulseApp                Hantering: Pulse [--mini] [-w bredd] 
[--width=bredd]\n\t[--deskbar] [--normal] [--framecolor 
0xrrggbb]\n\t[--activecolor 0xrrggbb] [--idlecolor 0xrrggbb]\n
 Width of icon: ConfigView              Ikonbredd:

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys    2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC 
(rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/sv.catkeys    2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -1 +1,39 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Sudoku      0
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Sudoku      2100942083
+Abort  ProgressWindow          Avbryt
+About  Sudoku          Om
+About Sudoku…  SudokuWindow            Om Sudoku...
+Advanced       SudokuWindow            Avancerat
+Blank  SudokuWindow            Tom
+Copy   SudokuWindow            Kopiera
+Could not open \"%s\":\n%s\n   SudokuWindow            Kunde inte öppna 
+Could not set Sudoku:\n%s\n    SudokuWindow            Kunde inte ställa in 
+Creating solvable field        SudokuGenerator         Skapar lösbart fält
+Easy   SudokuWindow            Lätt
+Export as…     SudokuWindow            Exportera som...
+File   SudokuWindow            Arkiv
+HTML   SudokuWindow            HTML
+Hard   SudokuWindow            Svår
+Help   SudokuWindow            Hjälp
+Mark invalid values    SudokuWindow            Markera felaktiga värden
+Mark valid hints       SudokuWindow            Markera korrekta 
+New    SudokuWindow            Ny
+OK     Sudoku          OK
+OK     SudokuWindow            OK
+Open file…     SudokuWindow            Öppna fil...
+Progress monitor       ProgressWindow          Förloppsindikator
+Quit   SudokuWindow            Avsluta
+Redo   SudokuWindow            Gör om
+Restore snapshot       SudokuWindow            Hämta sparad sudoku
+Searching for removable values SudokuGenerator         Letar efter värden som 
kan tas bort
+Snapshot current       SudokuWindow            Spara till senare
+Solve  SudokuWindow            Lös
+Solve single field     SudokuWindow            Lös ett fält
+Start again    SudokuWindow            Starta igen
+Sudoku Sudoku          Sudoku
+Sudoku SudokuWindow            Sudoku
+Sudoku request SudokuWindow            Sudoku undrar
+Sudoku solved - congratulations!\n     SudokuWindow            Sudoku löst - 
+Sudoku\n\twritten by Axel Dörfler\n\tCopyright 2007, Haiku Inc.\n      Sudoku  
        Sudoku\n\tskrivet av Axel Dörfler\n\tUpphovsrätt 2007, Haiku Inc.\n
+Text   SudokuWindow            Text
+Undo   SudokuWindow            Ångra
+View   SudokuWindow            Visa

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/bin/dstcheck/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/bin/dstcheck/sv.catkeys   2011-03-14 02:16:35 UTC 
(rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/bin/dstcheck/sv.catkeys   2011-03-14 12:40:43 UTC 
(rev 40946)
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-cmd-dstconfig       2552303152
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-cmd-dstconfig       2337923203
 .\n\nIs this the correct time? dstcheck                .\n\nÄr tiden korrekt?
 Ask me later   dstcheck                Fråga mig senare
 Attention!\n\nBecause of the switch from daylight saving time, your computer's 
clock may be an hour off.\nYour computer thinks it is   dstcheck                
Viktigt!\n\nI och med bytet från sommartid så kan klockan på din dator gå en 
timme fel.\n
-No     dstcheck                Nej
-Would you like to set the clock?       dstcheck                Vill du ställa 
in klockan?
-Yes    dstcheck                Ja
+Manually adjust time…  dstcheck                Ställ in tiden manuellt...
+Use this time  dstcheck                Använd denna tid

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys     2011-03-14 
02:16:35 UTC (rev 40945)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/preferences/locale/sv.catkeys     2011-03-14 
12:40:43 UTC (rev 40946)
@@ -1,25 +1,30 @@
-1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Locale      2295953467
+1      swedish x-vnd.Haiku-Locale      250177593
 12 hour        TimeFormatSettings              12 timmar
 24 hour        TimeFormatSettings              24 timmar
 Available languages    Locale Preflet Window           Tillgängliga språk
+Cancel Locale Preflet Window           Avbryt
 Currency       TimeFormatSettings              Valuta
 Date   TimeFormatSettings              Datum
 Defaults       Locale Preflet Window           Förval
+Deskbar and Tracker need to be restarted for this change to take effect. Would 
you like to restart them now?   Locale Preflet Window           Deskbar och 
Tracker måste startas om för att ändringarna skall gälla. Vill du starta om dom 
 Formatting     Locale Preflet Window           Formatering
 Full format:   TimeFormatSettings              Fullt format:
 Language       Locale Preflet Window           Språk
-Locale Locale Preflet          Lokalitet
-Locale Locale Preflet Window           Lokalitet
+Locale Locale Preflet          Språk
+Locale Locale Preflet Window           Språk
 Long format:   TimeFormatSettings              Långt format:
 Medium format: TimeFormatSettings              Mediumformat:
 Negative:      TimeFormatSettings              Negativt:
 Numbers        TimeFormatSettings              Nummer
 OK     Locale Preflet Window           OK
+Options        Locale Preflet Window           Alternativ
 Positive:      TimeFormatSettings              Positivt:
 Preferred languages    Locale Preflet Window           Föredragna språk
+Restart        Locale Preflet Window           Starta om
 Revert Locale Preflet Window           Återgå
 Short format:  TimeFormatSettings              Kort format:
 Time   TimeFormatSettings              Tid
+Translate application and folder names in Deskbar and Tracker. Locale Preflet 
Window           Översätt program och mappar i Deskbar och Tracker.
 Unable to find the available languages! You can't use this preflet!    Locale 
Preflet Window           Kan inte hitta listan över tillgängliga språk! 
Prefleten kan inte användas!
 Use month/day-names from preferred language    TimeFormatSettings              
Använd det förvalda språkets format för månad/dag
 already chosen LanguageListView                redan valt

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