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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 15:10:30 +0100 (CET)

Author: humdinger
Date: 2011-03-11 15:10:28 +0100 (Fri, 11 Mar 2011)
New Revision: 40912
Changeset: http://dev.haiku-os.org/changeset/40912

   [... truncated: 108 added files follow ...]
Added/updated Italian and Chinese catkeys from HTA.

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      italian application/x-vnd.Haiku-BFSAddOn        1074880496
+1024 (Mostly small files)      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                1024 
(Sopratutto file piccoli)
+2048 (Recommended)     BFS_Initialize_Parameter                2048 
+8192 (Mostly large files)      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                8192 
(Sopratutto file di grandi dimensioni)
+Blocksize:     BFS_Initialize_Parameter                Dimensione blocco:
+Disabling query support may speed up certain file system operations, but 
should only be used if one is absolutely certain that one will not need 
queries.\nAny volume that is intended for booting Haiku must have query support 
enabled.      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                Disabilitare il supporto 
delle query può rendere più veloci alcune operazioni del file system, ma 
dovrebbe essere utilizzato solo se siete assolutamente certi di non aver 
bisogno delle query.\nOgni volume che è destinato al booting di Haiku deve 
avere il supporto delle query abilitato.
+Enable query support   BFS_Initialize_Parameter                Attiva supporto 
+Name:  BFS_Initialize_Parameter                Nome:

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              application/x-vnd.Haiku-BFSAddOn        0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/it.catkeys             
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/it.catkeys     
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      italian application/x-vnd.Haiku-IntelDiskAddOn  4191422532
+Active partition       BFS_Creation_Parameter          Partizione attiva

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh.catkeys             
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh.catkeys     
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              application/x-vnd.Haiku-IntelDiskAddOn  0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/it.catkeys        
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-ButterflyScreensaver        3604552753
+by Geoffry Song        Screensaver Butterfly           di Geoffry Song

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/zh.catkeys        
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-ButterflyScreensaver        0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/it.catkeys         
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/it.catkeys 
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-DebugNowScreensaver 822203648
+by Ryan Leavengood     Screensaver DebugNow            di Ryan Leavengood

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh.catkeys         
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh.catkeys 
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-DebugNowScreensaver 0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/it.catkeys            
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/it.catkeys    
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-HaikuScreensaver    1031480431
+by Marcus Overhagen    Screensaver Haiku               di Marcus Overhagen

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh.catkeys            
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh.catkeys    
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-HaikuScreensaver    0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/it.catkeys            
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/it.catkeys    
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-IconsScreensaver    3278763328
+by Vincent Duvert      Screensaver Icons               di Vincent Duvert

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh.catkeys            
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh.catkeys    
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-IconsScreensaver    0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/it.catkeys              
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/it.catkeys      
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-IFSScreensaver      1843903800
+Iterated Function System\n\n© 1997 Massimino Pascal\n\nxscreensaver port by 
Stephan Aßmus\n<stippi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    Screensaver IFS         Iterated 
Function System\n\n© 1997 Massimino Pascal\n\nxscreensaver port di Stephan 
+Morphing speed:        Screensaver IFS         Velocità morphing
+Render dots additive   Screensaver IFS         Render dots additive

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh.catkeys              
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh.catkeys      
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-IFSScreensaver      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/it.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/it.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-LeavesScreensaver   3469951032
+Drop rate:     Leaves          Frequenza caduta:
+Leaf size:     Leaves          Grandezza foglia:
+Leaves Leaves          Foglie
+Size variation:        Leaves          Variazione dimensione:
+by Deyan Genovski, Geoffry Song        Leaves          di Deyan Genovski, 
Geoffry Song

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-LeavesScreensaver   0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/it.catkeys          
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/it.catkeys  
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-MessageScreensaver  854294461
+Insert clever anecdote or phrase here! Screensaver Message             
Inserisci un aneddoto o una frase qui!
+by Ryan Leavengood     Screensaver Message             di Ryan Leavengood

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh.catkeys          
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh.catkeys  
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-MessageScreensaver  0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/it.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/it.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-SpiderScreensaver   1499771850
+Blue   Screensaver Spider              Blu
+Color  Screensaver Spider              Colore
+Cyan   Screensaver Spider              Ciano
+Gray   Screensaver Spider              Grigio
+Green  Screensaver Spider              Verde
+Max. points per polygon        Screensaver Spider              Massimo punti 
per poligono
+Max. polygon count     Screensaver Spider              Massimo poligoni
+Purple Screensaver Spider              Porpora
+Red    Screensaver Spider              Rosso
+Spider by stippi       Screensaver Spider              Spider di stippi
+Trail depth    Screensaver Spider              Profondità traccia
+Yellow Screensaver Spider              Giallo
+for  bonefish  Screensaver Spider              per bonefish

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-SpiderScreensaver   0

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/it.catkeys      
2011-03-11 08:50:39 UTC (rev 40911)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/it.catkeys      
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -1,18 +1,18 @@
 1      italian x-vnd.haiku.zip-o-matic 274748138
+%ld files added.       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Aggiunti %ld 
 1 file added.  file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Aggiunto un file.
-Stop   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Interrompi
+Archive        file:ZipperThread.cpp           Archivio
+Archive created OK     file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Archivio creato 
con successo
+Are you sure you want to stop creating this archive?   
file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Sei sicuro di voler interrompere la 
creazione di questo archivio?
+Continue       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Continua
 Creating archive: %s   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Creazione 
archivio: %s
-Continue       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Continua
-Preparing to archive   file:ZipperThread.cpp           Preparazione 
+Do you want to stop them?      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Vuoi 
+Drop files to zip.     file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Trascina i file 
per creare un archivio zip.
+Error creating archive file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Errore nella 
creazione dell'archivio
 Filename: %s   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Nome del file: %s
 Let them continue      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Falli proseguire
-Do you want to stop them?      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Vuoi 
-Are you sure you want to stop creating this archive?   
file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Sei sicuro di voler interrompere la 
creazione di questo archivio?
-%ld files added.       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Aggiunti %ld 
+Preparing to archive   file:ZipperThread.cpp           Preparazione 
+Stop   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Interrompi
+Stop them      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Interrompili
 Stopped        file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Interrotto
-Archive        file:ZipperThread.cpp           Archivio
-Drop files to zip.     file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Trascina i file 
per creare uno zip.
-Error creating archive file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Errore nella 
creazione dell'archivio
 You have %ld Zip-O-Matic running.\n\n  file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Hai %ld 
Zip-O-Matic in esecuzione.\n\n
-Archive created OK     file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                Archivio creato 
con successo
-Stop them      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              Interrompili

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh.catkeys              
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh.catkeys      
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.haiku.zip-o-matic 0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-BMPTranslator       2497639570
+BMP Settings   BMPMain         BMP impostazioni
+BMP image (MS format, %d bits  BMPTranslator   Ignore missing closing round 
bracket    BMP immagine (Formato MS, %bits
+BMP image (OS/2 format, %d bits)       BMPTranslator           BMP 
immagine(Formato OS/2, %d bits)
+BMP image translator   BMPTranslator           BMP immagine translator
+BMP image translator   BMPView         BMP immagine translator
+BMP images     BMPTranslator           BMP Immagini
+BMPTranslator Settings BMPTranslator           BMPTranslator impostazioni
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   BMPView         Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-BMPTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-EXRTranslator       3390292316
+Based on OpenEXR (http://www.openexr.com)      ConfigView              Basato 
su OpenEXR (http://www.openexr.com)
+EXR Images     ConfigView              EXR Immagini
+EXR Images     EXRTranslator           EXR Immagini
+EXR Settings   main            EXR Impostazioni
+EXR image      EXRTranslator           EXR Immagine
+EXR image translator   EXRTranslator           EXR immagine translator
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s
+a division of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd      ConfigView              
una divisione della Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-EXRTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-GIFTranslator       829368084
+Automatic (from alpha channel) GIFView         Automatico (dal canale alfa)
+Be Bitmap Format (GIFTranslator)       GIFTranslator           Be Bitmap 
Formato (GIFTranslator)
+BeOS system    GIFView         Sistema BeOS
+Colors GIFView         Colori
+GIF Settings   GIFTranslator           GIF Impostazioni
+GIF image      GIFTranslator           GIF immagine
+Greyscale      GIFView         Scala di grigio
+Optimal        GIFView         Ottimale
+Palette        GIFView         Palette
+Use RGB color  GIFView         Usa colori RGB
+Use dithering  GIFView         Usa il dithering
+Websafe        GIFView         Websafe
+Write interlaced images        GIFView         Scrivere le immagini 
+Write transparent images       GIFView         Scivere immagini trasparenti

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-GIFTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-HPGSTranslator      3633584048
+Based on HPGS (http://hpgs.berlios.de) ConfigView              Basato su HPGS 
+Error: Cannot imbue plot device to reader: %s\n        HPGSTranslator          
Errore: Non è possibile permeare il dispositivo plot per il lettore: %s\n
+Error: Cannot process plot data %s\n   HPGSTranslator          Errore: Non è 
possibile trattare i dati plot %s\n
+HPGS image     HPGSTranslator          HPGS immagine
+HPGS image translator  HPGSTranslator          Translator immagine HPGS
+HPGS images    ConfigView              HPGS immagini
+HPGS images    HPGSTranslator          HPGS immagini
+HPGSTranslator Settings        ConfigView              HPGSTranslator 
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s
+Write error %s\n       HPGSTranslator          Errore di scrittura %s\n
+no hpgs\n      HPGSTranslator          nessuna hpgs\n

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-HPGSTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-HVIFTranslator      813066125
+HVIF Settings  HVIFMain                HVIF Impostazioni 
+HVIF icons     HVIFTranslator          HVIF icone
+HVIFTranslator Settings        HVIFTranslator          HVIFTranslator 
+Native Haiku icon format translator    HVIFView                Translator 
nativo formato icone Haiku
+Native Haiku vector icon translator    HVIFTranslator          Translator 
nativo icone Haiku
+Render size:   HVIFView                Dimensione rendering:
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   HVIFView                Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-HVIFTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-ICOTranslator       3151213372
+Cursor ICOTranslator           Cursore
+Enforce valid icon sizes       ConfigView              Applica dimensioni 
valide all'icona
+ICO Settings   main            ICO Impostazioni 
+ICOTranslator Settings ConfigView              ICOTranslator Impostazioni 
+Icon   ICOTranslator           Icona
+Valid icon sizes are 16, 32, or 48     ConfigView              Dimensioni 
valide per l'icona sono 16, 32, or 48
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s
+Windows %s %ld bit image       ICOTranslator           Windows %s %ld bit 
+Windows icon images    ConfigView              Windows icon immagini
+Windows icon images    ICOTranslator           Windows icon immagini
+Windows icon translator        ICOTranslator           Windows icon translator
+Write 32 bit images on true color input        ConfigView              
Scrivere immagini a 32 bit images su input true color
+pixels in either direction.    ConfigView              pixel in entrambe le 

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-ICOTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-JPEGTranslator      226512890
+About  JPEGTranslator          Informazioni
+Be Bitmap Format (JPEGTranslator)      JPEGTranslator                  Be 
Bitmap Formato (JPEGTranslator)
+ExposureTime   exit_parser             Tempo di esposizione
+High   JPEGTranslator          Alto
+ISO    exit_parser             ISO
+JPEG Library Error: %s\n       be_jerror                       JPEG libreria 
errore: %s\n
+JPEG Library Warning: %s\n     be_jerror               JPEG Libreria avviso: 
+JPEG images    JPEGTranslator          JPEG immagini
+Low    JPEGTranslator          Basso
+Make file smaller (sligthtly worse quality)    JPEGTranslator          Rendi i 
file più piccoli (qualità leggermente peggiore)
+Maker  exit_parser             Costruttore
+Model  exit_parser             Modello
+None   JPEGTranslator          Nessuno
+Orientation    exit_parser             Orientamento
+Output quality JPEGTranslator          Output di qualità
+Output smoothing strength      JPEGTranslator          Output smoothing 
+Prevent colors 'washing out'   JPEGTranslator          Previeni dilavamento 
+Read   JPEGTranslator          Leggi
+Read greyscale images as RGB32 JPEGTranslator          Leggi immagini in scala 
di grigio RGB32
+Show warning messages  JPEGTranslator          Mostra messaggi di avviso
+Use CMYK code with 0 for 100% ink coverage     JPEGTranslator          Usa 
codice CMYK con 0 per 100% ink coverage 
+Use progressive compression    JPEGTranslator          Usa compressione 
+Write  JPEGTranslator          Scrivi
+Write black-and-white images as RGB24  JPEGTranslator          Scrivi immagini 
bianco e nero come RGB24
+©2002-2003, Marcin Konicki\n©2005-2007, Haiku\n\nBased on IJG library ©  
1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido 
Vollbeding.\n\thttp://www.ijg.org/files/\n\nwith \"lossless\" encoding support 
patch by Ken Murchison\n\thttp://www.oceana.com/ftp/ljpeg/\n\nWith some 
colorspace conversion routines by Magnus 
Hellman\n\thttp://www.bebits.com/app/802\n   JPEGTranslator          
©2002-2003, Marcin Konicki\n©2005-2007, Haiku\n\nBasato su IJG library © 
1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido 
Vollbeding.\n\thttp://www.ijg.org/file/\n\ncon\"lossless\"; encoding support 
patch di Ken Murchison\n\thttp://www.oceana.com/ftp/ljpeg/\n\nCon alcune 
colorspace conversion routines di Magnus 

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-JPEGTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/it.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/it.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-JPEG2000Translator  547915409
+About  JPEG2000Translator              Informazioni
+Be Bitmap Format (JPEG2000Translator)  JPEG2000Translator              Be 
Bitmap Formato (JPEG2000Translator)
+High   JPEG2000Translator              Alto
+JPEG2000 images        JPEG2000Translator              JPEG2000 immagini
+Low    JPEG2000Translator              Basso
+Output only codestream (.jpc)  JPEG2000Translator              Output only 
codestream (.jpc)
+Output quality JPEG2000Translator              Qualità output
+Read   JPEG2000Translator              Leggi
+Read greyscale images as RGB32 JPEG2000Translator              Leggi immagine 
in scala di grigio con RGB32
+Write  JPEG2000Translator              Scrivi
+Write black-and-white images as RGB24  JPEG2000Translator              Scrivi 
immagini bianco e nero con RGB24
+©2002-2003, Shard\n©2005-2006, Haiku\n\nBased on JasPer library:\n© 1999-2000, 
Image Power, Inc. and\nthe University of British Columbia, Canada.\n© 2001-2003 
Michael David 
Adams.\n\thttp://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/\n\nImageMagick's jp2 codec 
was used as \"tutorial\".\n\thttp://www.imagemagick.org/\n   JPEG2000Translator 
             ©2002-2003, Shard\n©2005-2006, Haiku\n\nBasato sulla libreria 
JasPer:\n© 1999-2000, Image Power, Inc. and\nUniversità di British Columbia, 
Canada.\n© 2001-2003 Michael David 
Adams.\n\thttp://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/\n\nImageMagick's jp2 codec 
era usato come \"tutorial\".\n\thttp://www.imagemagick.org/\n

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh.catkeys           
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh.catkeys   
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-JPEG2000Translator  0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-PCXTranslator       1002061545
+PCX %lu bit image      PCXTranslator           PCX %lu bit immagine
+PCX Settings   main            PCX Impostazioni
+PCX images     ConfigView              PCX immagini
+PCX images     PCXTranslator           PCX immagini
+PCX translator PCXTranslator           PCX translator
+PCXTranslator Settings ConfigView                      PCXTranslator 
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-PCXTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-PNGTranslator       2504765797
+Interlace Option       PNGTranslator           Opzioni di interlacciamento
+Interlacing type:      PNGTranslator           Interlacciamento tipo:
+None   PNGTranslator           Nessuno
+PNG Interlace Menu     PNGTranslator           PNG Interlacciamento Menu
+PNG Settings   PNGTranslator           PNG Impostazioni
+PNG image      PNGTranslator           PNG immagine
+PNG image translator   PNGTranslator           PNG immagine translator
+PNG images     PNGTranslator           PNG immagine
+PNGTranslator Settings PNGTranslator           PNGTranslator Impostazioni
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   PNGTranslator           Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-PNGTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-PPMTranslator       2886727868
+Based on PPMTranslator sample code     PPMTranslator           Basato sul 
Sample code PPMTranslator sample code
+Be Bitmap Format (PPMTranslator)       PPMTranslator           Be Bitmap 
Formato (PPMTranslator)
+Bitmap 1 bit   PPMTranslator           Bitmap 1 bit
+CMY 8:8:8 32 bits      PPMTranslator           CMY 8:8:8 32 bits
+CMYA 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           CMYA 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+CMYK 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           CMYK 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+Grayscale 8 bits       PPMTranslator           Scala di grigi 8 bits
+Input Color Space      PPMTranslator           Spazio colore input
+None   PPMTranslator           Nessuno
+OK     PPMMain         OK
+PPM Image Translator   PPMTranslator           PPM Immagine Translator
+PPM Settings   PPMMain         PPM Impostazioni
+PPM image      PPMTranslator           PPM immagine
+PPMTranslator Settings PPMTranslator           PPMTranslator Impostazioni
+RGB 5:5:5 16 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 5:5:5 16 bits
+RGB 5:5:5 16 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 5:5:5 16 bits 
+RGB 5:6:5 16 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 5:6:5 16 bits
+RGB 5:6:5 16 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 5:6:5 16 bits 
+RGB 8:8:8 32 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 8:8:8 32 bits
+RGB 8:8:8 32 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 8:8:8 32 bits 
+RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits   PPMTranslator           RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits
+RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits big-endian        PPMTranslator           RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 
bits big-endian
+RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits big-endian        PPMTranslator           RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 
bits big-endian
+Sample code copyright 1999, Be Incorporated    PPMTranslator           Sample 
code copyright 1999, Be Incorporated
+Something is wrong with the PPMTranslator!     PPMMain         Qualcosa non va 
con il PPMTranslator!
+System palette 8 bits  PPMTranslator           Tavolozza di sistema 8 bits
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    PPMTranslator           Versione %d.%d.%d %s
+Write ASCII    PPMTranslator           Scrittura ASCII
+bits/space     PPMTranslator           bits/spazio

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-PPMTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-RAWTranslator       1938728039
+%s RAW image   RAWTranslator   Parameter (%s) is the name of the manufacturer 
(like 'Canon')   %s RAW immagine
+Based on Dave Coffin's dcraw 8.63      ConfigView              Basato su dcraw 
8.63 di Dave Coffin
+RAW Images     ConfigView              RAW Immagini
+RAW Settings   RAWTranslator main              RAW Impostazioni
+RAW image translator   RAWTranslator           RAW immagine translator
+RAW images     RAWTranslator           RAW immagine
+RAWTranslator Settings ConfigView              RAWTranslator Impostazioni
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-RAWTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-RTFTranslator       526958155
+RTF Settings   main            Impostazioni RTF
+RTF text files RTFTranslator           RTF file di testo
+RTF-Translator Settings        ConfigView              Impostazioni 
+Rich Text Format (RTF) files   ConfigView              Rich Text Format (RTF) 
+Rich Text Format Translator    RTFTranslator           Translator formato Rich 
+Rich Text Format translator v%d.%d.%d %s       RTFTranslator           
Translator formato Rich Text v%d.%d.%d %s
+RichTextFormat file    RTFTranslator           RichTextFormat file
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              Versione %d.%d.%d, %s

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-RTFTranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-SGITranslator       2222378389
+None   SGIView         Nessuno
+RLE    SGIView         RLE
+SGI Settings   SGIMain         Impostazioni SGI
+SGI image      SGITranslator           Immagine SGI
+SGI image translator   SGITranslator           Translator immagine SGI
+SGI image translator   SGIView         Translator immagine SGI
+SGI images     SGITranslator           Immagini SGI
+SGITranslator Settings SGITranslator           Impostazioni SGITranslator
+Use compression:       SGIView         Usa compressione:
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    SGIView         Version %d.%d.%d %s
+\n\nbased on GIMP SGI plugin v1.5:\n   SGIView         \n\nbasato sul plugin 
SGI di GIMP v1.5:\n
+written by:\n  SGIView         scritto da:\n

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-SGITranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/it.catkeys             
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/it.catkeys     
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+1      italian x-pseudo.libtranslatorsutils    1020614280
+Be Bitmap Format       BaseTranslator          Formato bitmap Be
+Error  TranslatorWindow                Errore
+OK     TranslatorWindow                Ok
+Unable to create the view.     TranslatorWindow                Impossibile 
creare la vista.

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/zh.catkeys             
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/zh.catkeys     
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-pseudo.libtranslatorsutils    0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-STXTTranslator      4053395273
+Be styled text file    STXTTranslator          Be styled text file
+Plain text file        STXTTranslator          Plain text file
+STXT Settings  STXTMain                Impostazioni STXT
+STXTTranslator Settings        STXTTranslator          Impostazioni 
+StyledEdit files       STXTTranslator          File di StyledEdit
+StyledEdit files translator    STXTTranslator          Translator dei file di 

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-STXTTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/it.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-TGATranslator       2221210336
+Ignore TGA alpha channel       TGAView         Ignora il canale alfa TGA
+Save with RLE Compression      TGAView         Salva con compressione RLE
+TGA Settings   TGAMain         Impostazioni TGA
+TGA image translator   TGATranslator           Translator immagine TGA
+TGA images     TGATranslator           Immagini TGA
+TGATranslator Settings TGATranslator           Impostazioni TGATranslator
+Targa image (%d bits RLE colormap)     TGATranslator           Targa immagine 
(%d bits RLE colormap)
+Targa image (%d bits RLE gray) TGATranslator           Targa immagine (%d bits 
RLE grigio)
+Targa image (%d bits RLE truecolor)    TGATranslator           Targa immagine 
(%d bits RLE truecolor)
+Targa image (%d bits colormap) TGATranslator           Targa immagine (%d bits 
+Targa image (%d bits gray)     TGATranslator           Targa immagine (%d bits 
+Targa image (%d bits truecolor)        TGATranslator           Targa immagine 
(%d bits truecolor)
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    TGAView         Versione %d.%d.%d %s
+Written by the Haiku Translation Kit Team      TGAView         Scritto dal 
Team Translation di Haiku

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/zh.catkeys                
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-TGATranslator       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-TIFFTranslator      292291870
+LZW    TIFFView                LZW
+None   TIFFView                Nessuno
+RLE (Packbits) TIFFView                RLE (Packbits)
+TIFF Image Translator  TIFFView                Translator immagine TIFF
+TIFF Library:  TIFFView                Libreria TIFF
+TIFF Settings  TIFFMain                Impostazioni TIFF
+TIFF image     TIFFTranslator          Immagine TIFF
+TIFF image translator  TIFFTranslator          Translator immagine TIFF
+TIFF images    TIFFTranslator          Immagini TIFF
+TIFFTranslator Settings        TIFFTranslator          Impostazioni 
+Use Compression:       TIFFView                Usa compressione:
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    TIFFView                Versione %d.%d.%d %s
+ZIP (Deflate)  TIFFView                ZIP (Deflate)
+identify_tiff_header: couldn't set directory\n TIFFTranslator          
identify_tiff_header: impossibile impostare la directory\n
+identify_tiff_header: invalid document index\n TIFFTranslator          
identify_tiff_header: indice documento non valido\n

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-TIFFTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/it.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/it.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-WebPTranslator      3630570850
+Based on libwebp v0.1, ConfigView              Basato su libwebp v0.1,
+Compression method:    ConfigView              Metodo di compressione:
+Default        ConfigView              Predefinito
+Drawing        ConfigView              Disegnare
+Fast   ConfigView              Veloce
+High   ConfigView              Alto
+Icon   ConfigView              Icona
+Low    ConfigView              Basso
+Output preset: ConfigView              Output preset:
+Output quality:        ConfigView              Qualità in output:
+Photo  ConfigView              Foto
+Picture        ConfigView              Immagine
+Preprocessing filter   ConfigView              Filtro pre-elaborazione
+Preset ConfigView              Preset
+Slower but better      ConfigView              Migliore ma lenta
+Text   ConfigView              Testo
+WebP Images    ConfigView              WebP Immagini
+WebP Settings  main            WebP Impostazioni
+WebP image     WebPTranslator          WebP immagine
+WebP image translator  WebPTranslator          WebP immagine translator
+WebP images    WebPTranslator          WebP immagini
+WebPTranslator Settings        ConfigView              WebPTranslator 
+©2010-2011 Google Inc. ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Google Inc.
+©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.  ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/zh.catkeys               
                (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/zh.catkeys       
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-WebPTranslator      0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/it.catkeys        
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/it.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-WonderBrushTranslator       491575314
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    WonderBrushView         Versione %d.%d.%d %s
+WBI Settings   WonderBrushMain         Impostazioni WBI
+WBI Settings   WonderBrushTranslator           Impostazioni WBI
+WonderBrush image      WonderBrushTranslator           Immagini WonderBrush
+WonderBrush image translator   WonderBrushTranslator           Translator 
immagini WonderBrush
+WonderBrush image translator   WonderBrushView         Translator immagini 
+WonderBrush images     WonderBrushTranslator           Immagini WonderBrush
+written by:    WonderBrushView         scritto da:

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/zh.catkeys        
                        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/zh.catkeys        
2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-WonderBrushTranslator       0

Modified: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/de.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/de.catkeys       2011-03-11 
08:50:39 UTC (rev 40911)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/de.catkeys       2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
 The Haiku-Ports team\n AboutView               Das Haiku-Ports-Team\n
 The Haikuware team and their bounty program\n  AboutView               Das 
Haikuware-Team und deren Bounty-Programm\n
 The University of Auckland and Christof Lutteroth\n\n  AboutView               
Die Universität von Auckland und Christof Lutteroth\n\n
-The code that is unique to Haiku, especially the kernel and all code that 
applications may link against, is distributed under the terms of the %MIT 
licence%. Some system libraries contain third party code distributed under the 
LGPL license. You can find the copyrights to third party code below.\n\n    
AboutView               Der von Haiku selbst erstellte Quellcode, besonders der 
Kernel und alle Teile des Codes, gegen den Anwendungen gelinkt werden können, 
steht unter den Bedingungen der %MIT Lizenz%. Einige Systembibliotheken, die 
Code von Dritten enthalten, stehen unter der LGPL Lizenz. Angaben zum Copyright 
von externen Quellen sind unten aufgeführt.\n\n
+The code that is unique to Haiku, especially the kernel and all code that 
applications may link against, is distributed under the terms of the %MIT 
licence%. Some system libraries contain third party code distributed under the 
LGPL license. You can find the copyrights to third party code below.\n\n    
AboutView               Der von Haiku selbst erstellte Quellcode, besonders der 
Kernel und alle Teile des Codes, gegen den Anwendungen gelinkt werden können, 
steht unter den Bedingungen der %MIT license%. Einige Systembibliotheken, die 
Code von Dritten enthalten, stehen unter der LGPL Lizenz. Angaben zum Copyright 
von externen Quellen sind unten aufgeführt.\n\n
 The copyright to the Haiku code is property of Haiku, Inc. or of the 
respective authors where expressly noted in the source. Haiku and the Haiku 
logo are trademarks of Haiku, Inc.\n\n        AboutView               Haiku 
Inc. besitzt das Copyright für den Haiku-Quellcode, mit Ausnahme der Teile, die 
ausdrücklich im Quellcode das Urheberrecht der jeweiligen Autoren tragen. Der 
Name Haiku und das Haiku-Logo sind Warenzeichen von Haiku Inc.\n\n
 Time running:  AboutView               Laufzeit:
 Translations:\n        AboutView               Übersetzungen:\n

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/it.catkeys                       
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/it.catkeys       2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-About       883416885
+%.2f GHz       AboutView               %.2f GHz
+%d MiB total   AboutView               %d MiB totali    
+%d MiB used (%d%%)     AboutView               %d MiB utilizzati (%d%%)        
+%ld MHz        AboutView               %ld MHz
+%ld Processors:        AboutView               %ld Processori:
+%total MiB total, %inaccessible MiB inaccessible       AboutView               
%total MiB totali, %inaccessible MiB inaccessibili      
+... and the many people making donations!\n\n  AboutView               ... e 
molte persone con le loro donazioni!\n\n
+About this system      AboutWindow             Informazioni su questo sistema
+Contributors:\n        AboutView               Contributori:\n
+Current maintainers:\n AboutView               Sviluppatori attuali:\n
+GCC %d Hybrid  AboutView               GCC %d Ibrido
+Google & their Google Summer of Code program\n AboutView               Google 
e il suo programma Google Summer of Code\n
+Kernel:        AboutView               Kernel:
+License:       AboutView               Licenza: 
+Licenses:      AboutView               Licenze: 
+Memory:        AboutView               Memoria:
+Michael Phipps (project founder)\n\n   AboutView               Michael Phipps 
(fondatore del progetto)\n\n
+Past maintainers:\n    AboutView               Precedenti sviluppatori:\n
+Processor:     AboutView               Processore:
+Revision       AboutView               Revisione
+Source Code:   AboutView               Codice sorgente: 
+The BeGeistert team\n  AboutView               Il team del BeGeistert\n
+The Haiku-Ports team\n AboutView               Il team di Haiku-Ports\n
+The Haikuware team and their bounty program\n  AboutView               Il team 
di Haikuware e il loro programma di bounty\n
+The University of Auckland and Christof Lutteroth\n\n  AboutView               
L'Università di Auckland e Christof Lutteroth\n\n
+The code that is unique to Haiku, especially the kernel and all code that 
applications may link against, is distributed under the terms of the %MIT 
licence%. Some system libraries contain third party code distributed under the 
LGPL license. You can find the copyrights to third party code below.\n\n    
AboutView               Il codice che è unico di Haiku, in particolare il 
kernel e tutto il codice che le applicazioni possono linkare, è distribuito 
secondo i termini della %licenza MIT%. Alcune librerie di sistema contengono 
codice di terze parti distribuito sotto licenza LGPL. È possibile trovare il 
copyright del codice di terze parti qui sotto.\n\n
+The copyright to the Haiku code is property of Haiku, Inc. or of the 
respective authors where expressly noted in the source. Haiku and the Haiku 
logo are trademarks of Haiku, Inc.\n\n        AboutView               Il 
copyright sul codice di Haiku appartiene ad Haiku, Inc. o ai rispettivi autori 
ove espressamente indicato nel codice sorgente. Haiku e il logo di Haiku sono 
marchi registrati di Haiku, Inc.\n\n 
+Time running:  AboutView               Tempo dall'avvio:
+Translations:\n        AboutView               Traduzioni:\n
+Travis Geiselbrecht (and his NewOS kernel)\n   AboutView               Travis 
Geiselbrecht (e il suo kernel NewOS)\n
+Unknown        AboutView               Sconosciuto
+Version:       AboutView               Versione:
+Website, marketing & documentation:\n  AboutView               Sito internet, 
marketing e documentazione:\n
+[Click a license name to read the respective license.]\n\n     AboutView       
        [Clicca sul nome di una licenza per leggerla.]\n\n
+\nCopyrights\n\n       AboutView               \nCopyright\n\n
+\n\nSpecial thanks to:\n       AboutView               \n\nUn ringraziamento 
speciale a:\n
+\n… and probably some more we forgot to mention (sorry!)\n\n   AboutView       
        \n… e probabilmente qualcun altro che abbiamo dimenticato di citare 

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh.catkeys                       
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh.catkeys       2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-About       0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/it.catkeys                   
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/it.catkeys   2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-ActivityMonitor     1946610782
+%.1f KB/s      DataSource                      %.1f KB/s
+%.1f MB        DataSource                      %.1f MB
+%.1f faults/s  DataSource              %.1f faults/s
+%lld ms        SettingsWindow                  %lld ms
+%lld sec.      SettingsWindow          %lld sec.
+About ActivityMonitor… ActivityWindow          Informazioni su 
+ActivityMonitor        ActivityWindow          Monitor delle Attività
+Add graph      ActivityWindow          Aggiungi grafico
+Additional items       ActivityView            Elementi aggiuntivi
+Apps   DataSource              Applicazioni
+Block cache    DataSource              Blocca cache
+Block cache memory     DataSource              Blocca memoria cache
+CPU    DataSource              CPU
+CPU usage      DataSource              Uso della CPU
+CPU usage (combined)   DataSource              Uso CPU (combinato)
+Cache  DataSource              Cache
+Cached memory  DataSource              Memoria cache
+File   ActivityWindow          File
+Hide legend    ActivityView            Nascondi legenda
+MB     DataSource              MB
+Media nodes    DataSource              Nodi multimediali
+Memory DataSource              Memoria
+Network receive        DataSource              Ricezione (Rete)
+Network send   DataSource              Invio (rete)
+P-faults       DataSource              P-fault
+Page faults    DataSource              Page fault
+Ports  DataSource              Porte
+Quit   ActivityWindow          Esci
+RX     DataSource      Shorter version for Receiving.  RX
+Raw clipboard size     DataSource              Dimensione degli appunti
+Receiving      DataSource              Ricezione
+Remove graph   ActivityView            Rimuovi grafico
+Running applications   DataSource              Applicazioni in esecuzione
+Semaphores     DataSource              Semafori
+Sems   DataSource              Sems
+Sending        DataSource              Invio
+Settings       ActivityWindow          Impostazioni
+Settings…      ActivityWindow          Impostazioni...
+Show legend    ActivityView            Mostra legenda
+Swap   DataSource              Swap
+Swap space     DataSource              Spazio swap
+TX     DataSource      Shorter version for Sending     TX
+Teams  DataSource              Team
+Text clipboard size    DataSource              Dimensione appunti testuali
+Threads        DataSource              Thread
+Update time interval:  SettingsWindow          Intervallo di aggiornamento:
+Used memory    DataSource              Memoria utilizzata
+usage  DataSource              utilizzato

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh.catkeys                   
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh.catkeys   2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-ActivityMonitor     0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/it.catkeys                       
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/it.catkeys       2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,78 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-BootManager 59946986
+About to restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) of %disk from %file. Do you wish 
to continue?    BootManagerController   Don't translate the place holders: 
%disk and %file      Il programma sta per ripristinare il MBR (Master Boot 
Record) del %disk da %file. Volete continuare?
+About to write the boot menu to disk. Are you sure you want to continue?       
BootManagerController           Impossibile installare il menu di avvio. Siete 
sicuri di voler continuare?
+About to write the following boot menu to the boot disk (%s). Please verify 
the information below before continuing.   BootManagerController           Il 
programma è in procinto di scrivere il seguente menu di avvio sul disco (%s). 
Si prega di controllare le informazioni qui di seguito prima di continuare.
+After five seconds     DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo cinque secondi
+After four seconds     DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo quattro secondi
+After one minute       DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo un minuto
+After one second       DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo un secondo
+After three seconds    DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo tre secondi
+After two seconds      DefaultPartitionPage            Dopo due secondi
+An error occurred writing the boot menu. The Master Boot Record might be 
destroyed, you should restore the MBR now!    BootManagerController           
Si è verificato un errore durante la scrittura del boot manager. Il MBR (Master 
Boot Record) è probabilmente danneggiato, è necessario ripristinarlo 
+At least one partition must be selected!       BootManagerController           
Almeno una partizione deve essere selezionata!
+Back   BootManagerController   Button  Indietro
+Backup Master Boot Record      BootManagerController   Title   Backup del 
Master Boot Record
+Boot Manager is unable to read the partition table!    BootManagerController   
        Il boot manager non è in grado di leggere la tabella delle partizioni!
+BootManager    BootManager     Application name        BootManager
+BootManager    BootManagerWindow       Window Title    BootManager
+Cannot access! DrivesPage      Cannot install  Impossibile accedere.
+Copyright %year, Haiku Inc.\n  BootManager     Leave %year untranslated        
Copyright %year, Haiku Inc.\n
+Default Partition      DefaultPartitionPage    Title   Partizione di default
+Default Partition:     DefaultPartitionPage    Menu field label        
Partizione di default
+Done   BootManagerController   Button  Fatto
+Drives DrivesPage      Title   Unità
+Error reading partition table  BootManagerController   Title   Errore di 
lettura della tabella delle partizioni
+File:  FileSelectionPage       Text control label      File
+Hard Drive     DrivesPage      Default disk name       Disco Fisso
+Immediately    DefaultPartitionPage            Immediatamente
+Install        DrivesPage      Button  Installa
+Installation of boot menu completed    BootManagerController   Title   
Installazione del menu di avvio completata
+Installation of boot menu failed       BootManagerController   Title   
Installazione del menu di avvio fallita
+Never  DefaultPartitionPage            Mai
+Next   WizardView      Button  Seguente
+No space available!    DrivesPage      Cannot install  Spazio insufficiente.
+OK     BootManager             OK
+OK     BootManagerController   Button  OK
+Old Master Boot Record Saved failure   BootManagerController   Title   
Salvataggio del vecchio MBR non riuscito
+Old Master Boot Record saved   BootManagerController   Title   Il vecchio 
Master Boot Record (MBR) è stato salvato
+Partition table not compatible BootManagerController   Title   Tabella delle 
partizioni non compatibile
+Partitions     DefaultPartitionPage    Pop up menu title       Partizioni
+Partitions     PartitionsPage  Title   Partizioni
+Please locate the Master Boot Record (MBR) save file to restore from. This is 
the file that was created when the boot manager was first installed.     
BootManagerController           Si prega di indicare il file da cui 
ripristinare il 'Master Boot Record' (MBR). Questo è il file che è stato creato 
la prima volta che avete installato il boot manager.
+Please locate the Master Boot Record (MBR) save file to restore from. This is 
the file that was created when the boot manager was first installed.     
UninstallPage           Si prega di indicare il file da cui ripristinare il 
'Master Boot Record' (MBR). Questo è il file che è stato creato la prima volta 
che avete installato il boot manager.
+Please select the drive you want the boot manager to be installed to or 
uninstalled from.      DrivesPage              Si prega di indicare il disco 
dove volete installare o disinstallare il boot manager.
+Please specify a default partition and a timeout.\nThe boot menu will load the 
default partition after the timeout unless you select another partition. You 
can also have the boot menu wait indefinitely for you to select a 
partition.\nKeep the 'ALT' key pressed to disable the timeout at boot time.     
 DefaultPartitionPage            Si prega di specificare una partizione di 
default e un tempo di attesa.\nIl boot manager caricherà  la partizione dopo 
questo periodo, a meno che non si seleziona un'altra partizione. È inoltre 
possibile ottenere che il menu di avvio attenda all'infinito che selezionate 
una partizione. \nTenete premuto il tasto 'Alt' per disattivare il tempo di 
attesa in fase di boot.
+Previous       WizardView      Button  Precedente
+Quit   DrivesPage      Button  Esci
+Restore MBR    BootManagerController   Button  Ripristina MBR
+Select FileSelectionPage       Button  Seleziona
+Summary        BootManagerController   Title   Sommario
+The Master Boot Record (MBR) of the boot device:\n\t%s\nwill now be saved to 
disk. Please select a file to save the MBR into.\n\nIf something goes wrong 
with the installation or if you later wish to remove the boot menu, simply run 
the bootman program and choose the 'Uninstall' option. BootManagerController    
       Il MBR (Master Boot Record : informazioni per il boot) del 
dispositivo:\n\t%s\nora verrà  salvato sul disco. Si prega di selezionare un 
file per salvare il MBR.\n\nSe qualcosa va storto durante l'installazione o se 
in seguito volete rimuovere il menu di avvio, basta eseguire il programma 
bootman e selezionare l'opzione 'Disinstalla'.
+The Master Boot Record could not be restored!  BootManagerController           
Il Master Boot Record (MBR) potrebbe non essere ripristinato!
+The Master Boot Record of the boot device (%DISK) has been successfully 
restored from %FILE.   BootManagerController           Il Master Boot Record 
(MBR) del disco di avvio (%DISK) è stato ripristinato con successo da %FILE.
+The boot manager has been successfully installed on your system.       
BootManagerController           Il boot manager è stato installato 
correttamente sul vostro sistema.
+The following partitions were detected. Please check the box next to the 
partitions to be included in the boot menu. You can also set the names of the 
partitions as you would like them to appear in the boot menu.   PartitionsPage  
        Sono state rilevate le seguenti partizioni. Si prega di selezionare le 
caselle accanto alle partizioni da inserire nel menu di avvio. È inoltre 
possibile impostare a piacere i nomi delle partizioni che appaiono nel menu di 
+The old Master Boot Record could not be saved to %s    BootManagerController   
        Il vecchio MBR (Master Boot Record : informazioni per il boot) non 
poteva essere salvato in %s
+The old Master Boot Record was successfully saved to %s.       
BootManagerController           Il vecchio Master Boot Record è stato salvato 
con successo in %s.
+The partition table of the first hard disk is not compatible with Boot 
Manager.\nBoot Manager needs 2 KB available space before the first partition.   
BootManagerController           La tabella  delle partizioni del primo disco 
rigido non è compatibile con il boot manager.\nIl boot manager ha bisogno di 2 
KB di spazio su disco prima della prima partizione.
+Timeout: %s    DefaultPartitionPage            Tempo di attesa
+USB Drive      DrivesPage      Default disk name       Drive USB
+Uninstall      DrivesPage      Button  Disinstalla
+Uninstall Boot Manager UninstallPage   Title   Disinstalla il boot manager
+Uninstall boot manager BootManagerController   Title   Disinstallare il boot 
+Uninstallation of boot menu completed  BootManagerController   Title   
Disinstallazione del boot manager completata
+Uninstallation of boot menu failed     BootManagerController   Title   
Disinstallazione del boot manager non riuscita
+Unknown        LegacyBootMenu  Text is shown for an unknown partition type     
+Unnamed %d     LegacyBootMenu  Default name of a partition whose name could 
not be read from disk; characters in codepage 437 are allowed only Senza nome %d
+Update DrivesPage      Button  Aggiorna
+Write boot menu        BootManagerController   Button  Scrivere il menu di 
+written by     BootManager             scritto da

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh.catkeys                       
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh.catkeys       2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-BootManager 0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/it.catkeys                          
(rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/it.catkeys  2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC 
(rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-CDPlayer    744500153
+Audio CD       CDPlayer                CD audio
+CD     CDPlayer                CD
+CD drive is empty      CDPlayer                Il lettore CD è vuoto
+CDPlayer       CDPlayer                CDPlayer
+Disc: %ld:%.2ld / %ld:%.2ld    CDPlayer                Disco: %ld:%.2ld / 
+Disc: --:-- / --:--    CDPlayer                Disco: --:-- / --:--
+Disc: 88:88 / 88:88    CDPlayer                Disco: 88:88 / 88:88
+It appears that there are no CD drives on your computer or there is no system 
software to support one. Sorry.  CDPlayer                Spiacenti, sembra che 
non ci siano lettori CD sul computer in uso o che non ci sia un software che lo 
+OK     CDPlayer                OK
+Track %whichTrack%: %trackAt%  CDPlayer                Traccia %whichTrack%: 
+Track: %ld:%.2ld / %ld:%.2ld   CDPlayer                Traccia: %ld:%.2ld / 
+Track: --:-- / --:--   CDPlayer                Traccia: --:-- / --:--
+Track: 88:88 / 88:88   CDPlayer                Traccia: 88:88 / 88:88

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh.catkeys                          
(rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh.catkeys  2011-03-11 14:10:28 UTC 
(rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+1              x-vnd.Haiku-CDPlayer    0

Added: haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/it.catkeys
--- haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/it.catkeys                      
        (rev 0)
+++ haiku/trunk/data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/it.catkeys      2011-03-11 
14:10:28 UTC (rev 40912)
@@ -0,0 +1,182 @@
+1      italian x-vnd.Haiku-CharacterMap        1305599334
+About CharacterMap…    CharacterWindow         Informazioni su CharacterMap...
+Aegean numbers UnicodeBlocks           Numeri Egei
+Alphabetic presentation forms  UnicodeBlocks           Forme di presentazione 
+Ancient Greek musical notation UnicodeBlocks           Notazione musicale 
Greco Antico
+Ancient Greek numbers  UnicodeBlocks           Numeri del Greco Antico
+Ancient smbols UnicodeBlocks           Simboli antichi
+Arabic UnicodeBlocks           Arabo

[... truncated: 4916 lines follow ...]

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