[haiku-commits] Re: r36015 - haiku/trunk/src/apps/aboutsystem

  • From: Jorma Karvonen <karvonen.jorma@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 21:46:55 +0300

2010/3/31 PulkoMandy <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Le Wed, 31 Mar 2010 20:38:06 +0200, Jorma Karvonen
> <karvonen.jorma@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit:
>> I hope that I do not need to build haiku and I doubt that I can do it
>> in a limited nightly-build environment under VMware. I'm just now
>> interested in to work with the translations, not making system builds.
> Ok, then you can put the catkeys file alongside with the .catalogs in your
> nightly image, that should work for testing.
> Also, you may have a look at hta : http://hta.haikuzone.net . It's not only
> a tool to help translation, but also features screenshots of the
> applications to help you see where the strings are located.
> --
> Adrien Destugues / PulkoMandy
> http://pulkomandy.ath.cx

but I got the following error message when pressing "Show SVN values":

[function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request
failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in
on line 472


Jorma K.

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