[haiku-commits] Re: r33824 - haiku/trunk/src/servers/app

  • From: Colin Günther <coling@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 12:46:25 +0100

Colin Günther schrieb:
As there is only one brief mention of more then one tab indentation in the coding style "you usually indent one extra tab, but that can get more depending on the contents." I'd like to have some insights why there is more than one tab used in the following situations:
axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
+                for (int j = 0; !idExists
+ && j < window->StackedWindowIds()->CountItems(); j++) {
Two tabs when splitting the for abort condition?
     // store id's of snapped windows
     if (!_StoreIntsInSettings("snap left2left",
+            fWindow->Left2LeftSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
Two tabs when splitting a function call inside an if-statement?
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap left2right",
+            fWindow->Left2RightSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap right2right",
+            fWindow->Right2RightSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap right2left",
+            fWindow->Right2LeftSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap top2top",
+            fWindow->Top2TopSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap top2bottom",
+            fWindow->Top2BottomSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap bottom2top",
+            fWindow->Bottom2TopSnappingWindowIds(), settings)
+        || !_StoreIntsInSettings("snap bottom2bottom",
             fWindow->Bottom2BottomSnappingWindowIds(), settings))
         return false;

+ // Stack & Tile specific private methods
+            bool                _StoreIntsInSettings(const char* label,
+ BList* ids, BMessage* settings) const; + void _SnapWindowFromSettings(const char* label, + SnapOrientation thisSnapOrientation, + SnapOrientation otherSnapOrientation,
+                                    const BMessage* settings);
Two tabs when splitting Method declaration within a class declaration? The codingstyle explicitly suggests only one tab in such a case, I'm confused...
Coding Style:
I can iron out this one by myself: It appears to be two tabs only in my mail client. The source itself is using one tab, only. But the other tab questions still remain.


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