[haiku-commits] Re: haiku: hrev53362 - src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/graphics/radeon src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/graphics/3dfx src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/graphics/radeon_hd src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/graphics/neomagic headers/private/system

  • From: Axel Dörfler <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:20:38 +0200

Am 10/08/2019 um 21:54 schrieb waddlesplash:

It now lives in OS.h. The idea is that this will now be
   accessible to userland applications, so userland memory
   is protected from access by other processes, just as
   kernel memory is.

What's the point of this? For shared memory you now need this flag, but it doesn't really improve security at all.

What we'd need is to specify who can clone this area -- but doing so would already imply that one wants it cloneable in the first place.


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