[haiku-commits] Re: haiku: hrev45821 - in src/apps/debugger: controllers user_interface/gui/team_window user_interface

  • From: Ingo Weinhold <ingo_weinhold@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 09:54:46 +0200

On 07/04/2013 04:41 PM, anevilyak@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
hrev45821 adds 1 changeset to branch 'master'
old head: e818b9707ca1fd3c3c019176fae62ef99e46de30
new head: 5b402aa2a39f2c247fec888b41980623d4a0f042
overview: http://cgit.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=5b402aa+%5Ee818b97


5b402aa: Implement #9855.

   The Team menu now has a menu item allowing one to tell the debugger to
   stop whenever a new executable image is loaded by the debugged team.
   This setting is not currently persisted, though that can be changed if

The Team menu isn't quite the optimal place IMO. There are plenty of other situations in which one may want to stop a thread as well (before it creates a new thread, when the new thread is resumed, on fork()/load_image(), on certain signals). I would expect the settings for those more in the vicinity of the breakpoint/exception breakpoint settings.

CU, Ingo

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