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  • From: niels.reedijk@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 22:48:25 +0100 (CET)

hrev43554 adds 1 changeset to branch 'master'
old head: 781fd13550641d94097d981d93c0b2800f550032
new head: 8e751ae34155eecb4aa2524eed07b473a9ad7571


8e751ae: Rename zh_hans to zh-Hans.
  We keep the underscore to help with fallback languages. So in that respect 
  falls back to pt in case of untranslated strings. zh-Hans is a way of writing
  Chinese, as is zh-Hant. Neither of them can or should fall back on a
  (non-existent) zh language code. They can be combined to form zh-Hans_CN and
  zh-Hans_TW if there are ever translators that want to further refine that

                          [ Niels Sascha Reedijk <niels.reedijk@xxxxxxxxx> ]


Revision:    hrev43554
Commit:      8e751ae34155eecb4aa2524eed07b473a9ad7571
URL:         http://cgit.haiku-os.org/haiku/commit/?id=8e751ae
Author:      Niels Sascha Reedijk <niels.reedijk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:        Fri Dec 23 21:39:56 2011 UTC


135 files changed, 4618 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
.../add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh-Hans.catkeys       |    8 +
.../add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh-Hans.catkeys     |    2 +
.../input_server/devices/keyboard/zh-Hans.catkeys  |   10 +
.../inbound_filters/match_header/zh-Hans.catkeys   |   14 +
.../inbound_filters/notifier/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   16 +
.../inbound_filters/spam_filter/zh-Hans.catkeys    |    9 +
.../inbound_protocols/imap/zh-Hans.catkeys         |    9 +
.../inbound_protocols/pop3/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   18 +
.../outbound_filters/fortune/zh-Hans.catkeys       |    4 +
.../outbound_protocols/smtp/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   16 +
.../screen_savers/butterfly/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh-Hans.catkeys |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/zh-Hans.catkeys   |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh-Hans.catkeys    |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh-Hans.catkeys    |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh-Hans.catkeys      |    3 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh-Hans.catkeys   |    6 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh-Hans.catkeys  |    3 +
.../screen_savers/simpleclock/zh-Hans.catkeys      |    2 +
.../screen_savers/slideshowsaver/zh-Hans.catkeys   |    2 +
.../add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh-Hans.catkeys   |   14 +
.../add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   18 +
.../add-ons/translators/bmp/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    9 +
.../add-ons/translators/exr/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    9 +
.../add-ons/translators/gif/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   15 +
.../add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   12 +
.../add-ons/translators/hvif/zh-Hans.catkeys       |    8 +
.../add-ons/translators/ico/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   14 +
.../add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   21 +
.../add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh-Hans.catkeys   |   13 +
.../add-ons/translators/pcx/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    8 +
.../add-ons/translators/png/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   11 +
.../add-ons/translators/ppm/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   31 ++
.../add-ons/translators/raw/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    9 +
.../add-ons/translators/rtf/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    9 +
.../add-ons/translators/sgi/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   13 +
.../add-ons/translators/shared/zh-Hans.catkeys     |    5 +
.../add-ons/translators/stxt/zh-Hans.catkeys       |    8 +
.../add-ons/translators/tga/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   16 +
.../add-ons/translators/tiff/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   16 +
.../add-ons/translators/webp/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   25 +
.../translators/wonderbrush/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    9 +
data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/zh-Hans.catkeys           |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh-Hans.catkeys     |   81 +++
data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh-Hans.catkeys |   48 ++
data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh-Hans.catkeys     |   65 +++
data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   14 +
data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/zh-Hans.catkeys    |  180 +++++++
data/catalogs/apps/clock/zh-Hans.catkeys           |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/codycam/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   93 ++++
data/catalogs/apps/deskbar/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   32 ++
data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    7 +
data/catalogs/apps/devices/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   95 ++++
data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/zh-Hans.catkeys       |  133 +++++
data/catalogs/apps/diskusage/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   24 +
data/catalogs/apps/drivesetup/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   77 +++
data/catalogs/apps/expander/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   49 ++
data/catalogs/apps/fontdemo/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   22 +
data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   24 +
data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/zh-Hans.catkeys    |  200 +++++++
.../apps/installedpackages/zh-Hans.catkeys         |    8 +
data/catalogs/apps/installer/zh-Hans.catkeys       |  120 +++++
data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   33 ++
data/catalogs/apps/login/zh-Hans.catkeys           |   21 +
data/catalogs/apps/magnify/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   29 +
data/catalogs/apps/mail/zh-Hans.catkeys            |  160 ++++++
data/catalogs/apps/mandelbrot/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   10 +
data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/zh-Hans.catkeys  |   68 +++
data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys     |  137 +++++
data/catalogs/apps/midiplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   19 +
data/catalogs/apps/musiccollection/zh-Hans.catkeys |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/networkstatus/zh-Hans.catkeys   |   22 +
data/catalogs/apps/overlayimage/zh-Hans.catkeys    |    3 +
.../catalogs/apps/packageinstaller/zh-Hans.catkeys |   57 ++
data/catalogs/apps/packagemanager/zh-Hans.catkeys  |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/pairs/zh-Hans.catkeys           |   14 +
data/catalogs/apps/people/zh-Hans.catkeys          |   49 ++
data/catalogs/apps/poorman/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   61 +++
data/catalogs/apps/powerstatus/zh-Hans.catkeys     |   48 ++
.../apps/processcontroller/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   48 ++
data/catalogs/apps/pulse/zh-Hans.catkeys           |   48 ++
.../apps/readonlybootprompt/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    8 +
.../apps/screenshot/Screenshot/zh-Hans.catkeys     |   26 +
.../apps/screenshot/screenshot/zh-Hans.catkeys     |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/showimage/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   62 +++
data/catalogs/apps/soundrecorder/zh-Hans.catkeys   |   38 ++
data/catalogs/apps/stylededit/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   80 +++
data/catalogs/apps/sudoku/zh-Hans.catkeys          |   34 ++
data/catalogs/apps/terminal/zh-Hans.catkeys        |  102 ++++
data/catalogs/apps/text_search/zh-Hans.catkeys     |   33 ++
data/catalogs/apps/tracker/zh-Hans.catkeys         |    2 +
data/catalogs/apps/tv/zh-Hans.catkeys              |   27 +
data/catalogs/apps/webwatch/zh-Hans.catkeys        |    6 +
data/catalogs/apps/workspaces/zh-Hans.catkeys      |   12 +
data/catalogs/bin/desklink/zh-Hans.catkeys         |   14 +
data/catalogs/bin/dstcheck/zh-Hans.catkeys         |    6 +
data/catalogs/bin/filepanel/zh-Hans.catkeys        |   20 +
data/catalogs/bin/screen_blanker/zh-Hans.catkeys   |    4 +
data/catalogs/kits/bluetooth/zh-Hans.catkeys       |   88 ++++
[ *** stats truncated: 36 lines dropped *** ]


diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a0a1830
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/bfs/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      application/x-vnd.Haiku-BFSAddOn        
+1024 (Mostly small files)      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                
+2048 (Recommended)     BFS_Initialize_Parameter                2048(推荐使用)
+8192 (Mostly large files)      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                
+Blocksize:     BFS_Initialize_Parameter                块大小:
+Disabling query support may speed up certain file system operations, but 
should only be used if one is absolutely certain that one will not need 
queries.\nAny volume that is intended for booting Haiku must have query support 
enabled.      BFS_Initialize_Parameter                
禁用查询支持可能会加速某些文件系统操作,但是除非确定不再使用查询,否则应该启用。\n任何用于引导 Haiku 的卷必须启用查询支持。
+Enable query support   BFS_Initialize_Parameter                启用查询支持
+Name:  BFS_Initialize_Parameter                名称:
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5a3ed44
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/disk_systems/intel/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      application/x-vnd.Haiku-IntelDiskAddOn  
+Active partition       BFS_Creation_Parameter          激活分区
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dc2b614
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/input_server/devices/keyboard/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-KeyboardInputServerDevice   
+(This team is a system component)      Team monitor            (该组属于系统组件)
+Cancel Team monitor            取消
+Force reboot   Team monitor            强制重启
+If the application will not quit you may have to kill it.      Team monitor    
+Kill application       Team monitor            杀死应用
+Quit application       Team monitor            退出程序
+Restart the desktop    Team monitor            重启桌面
+Select an application from the list above and click one of the buttons 'Kill 
application' and 'Quit application' in order to close it.\n\nHold 
CONTROL+ALT+DELETE for %ld seconds to reboot.   Team monitor            
从上面的列表中选择程序,然后点击 "杀死应用"或者"退出程序" 将其关闭。\n\n按下 Ctrl + Alt + Del 持续 %ld 秒以重启系统。
+Team monitor   Team monitor            组管理器
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..615747d
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-MatchHeader 2292311232
+<Choose account>       ConfigView              <选择账户>
+<Choose action>        ConfigView              <选择动作>
+Delete message ConfigView              删除消息
+If     ConfigView              如果
+Move to        ConfigView              移动到
+Rule filter    RuleFilter              过滤规则
+Set as read    ConfigView              设为读取
+Set flags to   ConfigView              设置标志为
+Then   ConfigView              然后
+has    ConfigView              具有
+header (e.g. Subject)  ConfigView              邮件头(如 主题)
+this field is based on the action      ConfigView              该域基于动作
+value (use REGEX: in from of regular expressions like *spam*)  ConfigView      
        值(使用 REGEX:利用正则表达式,如 *spam*)
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..56fc264
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/mail_daemon/inbound_filters/notifier/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-NewMailNotification 3624191291
+%num new message       filter          %num 新消息
+%num new messages      filter          %num 新消息
+Alert  ConfigView              警告
+Beep   ConfigView              蜂鸣
+Central alert  ConfigView              中部警告
+Central beep   ConfigView              中部蜂鸣
+Keyboard LEDs  ConfigView              键盘LED
+Log window     ConfigView              日志窗口
+Method:        ConfigView              方法:
+New mails notification ConfigView              新邮件通知
+New messages   filter          新消息
+OK     filter          确定
+You have %num new message for %name.   filter          %name 有 %num 个新邮件。
+You have %num new messages for %name.  filter          %name 有 %num 个新邮件。
+none   ConfigView              无
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..3ec417e
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SpamFilter  1975155212
+Add spam rating to start of subject    SpamFilterConfig                
+Close  SpamFilterConfig                关闭
+Genuine below and uncertain above:     SpamFilterConfig                根据确定性排序:
+Learn from all incoming e-mail SpamFilterConfig                从所有收件箱中学习
+Sorry, unable to launch the spamdbm program to let you edit the server 
settings.       SpamFilterConfig                对不起,无法启动垃圾过滤程序以编辑服务器设置。
+Spam Filter (AGMS Bayesian)    SpamFilter              垃圾邮件过滤器(AGMS 贝叶斯法)
+Spam above:    SpamFilterConfig                垃圾邮件:
+or empty e-mail        SpamFilterConfig                或者清空邮箱
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f69f2a9
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/mail_daemon/inbound_protocols/imap/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-IMAP        3892875357
+Apply  IMAPFolderConfig                应用
+Destination:   imap_config             目标位置:
+Failed to fetch available storage.     IMAPFolderConfig                获取可用存储失败
+Fetching IMAP folders, have patience...        IMAPFolderConfig                
获取 IMAP 目录,请耐心等待...
+IMAP Folders   IMAPFolderConfig                IMAP 目录
+IMAP Folders   imap_config             IMAP 目录
+Subcribe / Unsuscribe IMAP folders, have patience...   IMAPFolderConfig        
        注册/注销 IMAP 目录,请耐心等待...
+status IMAPFolderConfig                状态
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5d7f6f8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/mail_daemon/inbound_protocols/pop3/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-POP3        1324485597
+. The server said:\n   pop3            。服务器回复:\n
+: Connection refused or host not found pop3            :连接被拒绝,或未发现主机
+: Could not allocate socket.   pop3            :无法分配端口。
+: No reply.\n  pop3            :无回复。\n
+: The server does not support APOP.    pop3            :服务器不支持 APOP。
+APOP   ConfigView              APOP
+Connect to server…     pop3            连接到服务器...
+Connecting to POP3 server…     pop3            连接到 POP3 服务器...
+Destination:   ConfigView              目标:
+Error while authenticating user %user  pop3            认证用户 %user 失败
+Error while connecting to server %serv pop3            连接到服务器 %serv 失败
+Getting UniqueIDs…     pop3            获取特别ID...
+Getting mailbox size…  pop3            获取邮箱大小...
+Plain text     ConfigView              纯文本
+Sending APOP authentication…   pop3            发送 APOP 认证...
+Sending password…      pop3            发送密码...
+Sending username…      pop3            发送用户名...
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7912f2c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/mail_daemon/outbound_filters/fortune/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Fortune     1292458430
+Fortune cookie says:\n\n       ConfigView              Fortune cookie 如是说:\n\n
+Fortune file:  ConfigView              Fortune 文件:
+Tag line:      ConfigView              标记行:
diff --git 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..2f3d477
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/mail_daemon/outbound_protocols/smtp/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SMTP        2740407895
+. The server said:\n   smtp            。服务器回复:\n
+. The server says:\n   smtp            。服务器回复:\n
+: Connection refused or host not found.        smtp            :连接被拒绝,或者未发现主机。
+Connecting to server…  smtp            连接到服务器...
+Destination:   ConfigView              目标:
+ESMTP  ConfigView              ESMTP
+Error while logging in to %serv        smtp            登陆服务器 %serv 失败
+Error while opening connection to %serv        smtp            连接服务器 %serv 失败
+None   ConfigView              无
+POP3 authentication failed. The server said:\n smtp            POP3 
+POP3 before SMTP       ConfigView              POP3 位于 SMTP 之前
+SMTP server:   ConfigView              SMTP 服务器:
+SSL    ConfigView              SSL
+STARTTLS       ConfigView              STARTTLS
+Unencrypted    ConfigView              未加密
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d428b68
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/butterfly/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-ButterflyScreensaver        
+by Geoffry Song        Screensaver Butterfly           由 Geoffry Song 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..9b32599
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/debugnow/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-DebugNowScreensaver 822203648
+by Ryan Leavengood     Screensaver DebugNow            由 Ryan Leavengood 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..0f10ce4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/flurry/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Flurry      3686556109
+Flurry System name             飘雪
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..3a921ec
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/haiku/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-HaikuScreensaver    1031480431
+by Marcus Overhagen    Screensaver Haiku               由 Marcus Overhagen 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d750d0d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/icons/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-IconsScreensaver    3278763328
+by Vincent Duvert      Screensaver Icons               由 Vincent Duvert 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e1c01c3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/ifs/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-IFSScreensaver      2945300243
+Morphing speed:        Screensaver IFS         变换频率:
+Render dots additive   Screensaver IFS         附加渲染点
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7acc5a3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/leaves/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-LeavesScreensaver   3469951032
+Drop rate:     Leaves          掉落速度:
+Leaf size:     Leaves          树叶尺寸:
+Leaves Leaves          树叶
+Size variation:        Leaves          尺寸变化:
+by Deyan Genovski, Geoffry Song        Leaves          编写者 Deyan 
Genovski,Geoffry Song。
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f509d1b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/message/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-MessageScreensaver  854294461
+Insert clever anecdote or phrase here! Screensaver Message             
+by Ryan Leavengood     Screensaver Message             由 Ryan Leavengood 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/simpleclock/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e9cb5f4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/simpleclock/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SimpleClock 3791523607
+SimpleClock    System name             简易时钟
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/slideshowsaver/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7c04b53
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/slideshowsaver/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SlideShowSaver      240581336
+SlideShowSaver System name             幻灯片
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..48491e8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/screen_savers/spider/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SpiderScreensaver   1499771850
+Blue   Screensaver Spider              蓝
+Color  Screensaver Spider              颜色
+Cyan   Screensaver Spider              青
+Gray   Screensaver Spider              灰
+Green  Screensaver Spider              绿
+Max. points per polygon        Screensaver Spider              多边形平均最多交点
+Max. polygon count     Screensaver Spider              多边形最多计数
+Purple Screensaver Spider              紫
+Red    Screensaver Spider              红
+Spider by stippi       Screensaver Spider              Spider 由 stippi 编写
+Trail depth    Screensaver Spider              印记深度
+Yellow Screensaver Spider              黄
+for  bonefish  Screensaver Spider              以纪念北梭鱼
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d86d2ca
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/tracker/zipomatic/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.haiku.zip-o-matic 2207848100
+%ld files added.       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                完成添加%ld个文件。
+1 file added.  file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                完成添加1个文件。
+Archive        file:ZipperThread.cpp           档案
+Archive created OK     file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                档案创建成功
+Are you sure you want to stop creating this archive?   
file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                你确定停止创建档案吗?
+Continue       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                继续
+Creating archive: %s   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                创建档案:%s
+Do you want to stop them?      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              您想停止运行它们吗?
+Drop files here.       file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                拖拽文件到此。
+Error creating archive file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                创建档案出错
+Filename: %s   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                文件名:%s
+Let them continue      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              让它们继续
+Preparing to archive   file:ZipperThread.cpp           准备归档
+Stop   file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                停止
+Stop them      file:ZipOMatic.cpp              停止它们
+Stopped        file:ZipOMaticWindow.cpp                已停止。
+You have %ld Zip-O-Matic running.\n\n  file:ZipOMatic.cpp              
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e369d30
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/bmp/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-BMPTranslator       2497639570
+BMP Settings   BMPMain         BMP 设置
+BMP image (MS format, %d bits  BMPTranslator   Ignore missing closing round 
bracket    BMP 图像 (MS 格式,%d bits)
+BMP image (OS/2 format, %d bits)       BMPTranslator           BMP 图像 (OS/2 
格式,%d bits)
+BMP image translator   BMPTranslator           BMP 图像转换器
+BMP image translator   BMPView         BMP 图像转换器
+BMP images     BMPTranslator           BMP 图像
+BMPTranslator Settings BMPTranslator           BMPTranslator 设置
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   BMPView         版本 %d.%d.%d, %s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..90dbf9b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/exr/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-EXRTranslator       3390292316
+Based on OpenEXR (http://www.openexr.com)      ConfigView              基于 
OpenEXR (http://www.openexr.com)
+EXR Images     ConfigView              EXR 图像
+EXR Images     EXRTranslator           EXR 图像
+EXR Settings   main            EXR 设置
+EXR image      EXRTranslator           EXR 图像
+EXR image translator   EXRTranslator           EXR image translator
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
+a division of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd      ConfigView              
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a357697
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/gif/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-GIFTranslator       829368084
+Automatic (from alpha channel) GIFView         自动(从测试频道)
+Be Bitmap Format (GIFTranslator)       GIFTranslator           Be 位图格式(GIF转换器)
+BeOS system    GIFView         BeOS 系统
+Colors GIFView         颜色
+GIF Settings   GIFTranslator           GIF 设置
+GIF image      GIFTranslator           GIF 图像
+Greyscale      GIFView         灰度
+Optimal        GIFView         最佳效果
+Palette        GIFView         调色板
+Use RGB color  GIFView         启用 RGB 颜色
+Use dithering  GIFView         启用抖动
+Websafe        GIFView         网络安全色
+Write interlaced images        GIFView         写入隔行图像
+Write transparent images       GIFView         写入透明图像
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dc957dc
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hpgs/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-HPGSTranslator      3633584048
+Based on HPGS (http://hpgs.berlios.de) ConfigView              基于 HPGS 
+Error: Cannot imbue plot device to reader: %s\n        HPGSTranslator          
+Error: Cannot process plot data %s\n   HPGSTranslator          错误:无法处理绘图数据 %s\n
+HPGS image     HPGSTranslator          HPGS 图像
+HPGS image translator  HPGSTranslator          HPGS 图像转换器
+HPGS images    ConfigView              HPGS 图像
+HPGS images    HPGSTranslator          HPGS 图像
+HPGSTranslator Settings        ConfigView              HPGS 转换器设置
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
+Write error %s\n       HPGSTranslator          写入出错 %s\n
+no hpgs\n      HPGSTranslator          无 HPGS\n
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..2e24f2b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/hvif/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-HVIFTranslator      813066125
+HVIF Settings  HVIFMain                HVIF 设置
+HVIF icons     HVIFTranslator          HVIF 图标
+HVIFTranslator Settings        HVIFTranslator          HVIF 转换器设置
+Native Haiku icon format translator    HVIFView                原生 Haiku 图标格式转换器
+Native Haiku vector icon translator    HVIFTranslator          原生 Haiku 矢量图标转换器
+Render size:   HVIFView                渲染尺寸:
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   HVIFView                版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..b3fb24e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ico/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-ICOTranslator       3151213372
+Cursor ICOTranslator           游标
+Enforce valid icon sizes       ConfigView              强制有效图标尺寸
+ICO Settings   main            ICO 设置
+ICOTranslator Settings ConfigView              ICO 转换器设置
+Icon   ICOTranslator           图标
+Valid icon sizes are 16, 32, or 48     ConfigView              有效图标尺寸为 16,32,48
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d, %s
+Windows %s %ld bit image       ICOTranslator           窗口 %s %ld 位图图像
+Windows icon images    ConfigView              窗口图标图像
+Windows icon images    ICOTranslator           窗口图标图像
+Windows icon translator        ICOTranslator           窗口图标转换器
+Write 32 bit images on true color input        ConfigView              写入 32 
+pixels in either direction.    ConfigView              各向像素
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..0e1db8f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-JPEGTranslator      965709535
+About  JPEGTranslator          关于
+Be Bitmap Format (JPEGTranslator)      JPEGTranslator          Be 位图格式(JPEG转换器
+High   JPEGTranslator          高
+JPEG Library Error: %s\n       be_jerror               JPEG 二进制错误:%s\n
+JPEG Library Warning: %s\n     be_jerror               JPEG 二进制警告:%s\n
+JPEG images    JPEGTranslator          JPEG 图像
+Low    JPEGTranslator          低
+Make file smaller (sligthtly worse quality)    JPEGTranslator          
+None   JPEGTranslator          无
+Output quality JPEGTranslator          输出质量
+Output smoothing strength      JPEGTranslator          输出平滑力量
+Prevent colors 'washing out'   JPEGTranslator          阻止颜色 'washing out'
+Read   JPEGTranslator          读取
+Read greyscale images as RGB32 JPEGTranslator          以 RGB32 读取灰度图像
+Show warning messages  JPEGTranslator          显示警告信息
+Use CMYK code with 0 for 100% ink coverage     JPEGTranslator          启用 0 
CMYK编码用于 100% 墨水覆盖
+Use progressive compression    JPEGTranslator          启用连续压缩
+Write  JPEGTranslator          写入
+Write black-and-white images as RGB24  JPEGTranslator          以 RGB24 写入黑白图像
+©2002-2003, Marcin Konicki\n©2005-2007, Haiku\n\nBased on IJG library ©  
1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido 
Vollbeding.\n\thttp://www.ijg.org/files/\n\nwith \"lossless\" encoding support 
patch by Ken Murchison\n\thttp://www.oceana.com/ftp/ljpeg/\n\nWith some 
colorspace conversion routines by Magnus 
Hellman\n\thttp://www.bebits.com/app/802\n   JPEGTranslator          
©2002-2003, Marcin Konicki\n©2005-2007, Haiku\n\nBased on IJG library © 
1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido 
Vollbeding.\n\thttp://www.ijg.org/files/\n\nwith \"lossless\" encoding support 
patch by Ken Murchison\n\thttp://www.oceana.com/ftp/ljpeg/\n\nWith some 
colorspace conversion routines by Magnus 
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4b212ff
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/jpeg2000/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-JPEG2000Translator  547915409
+About  JPEG2000Translator              关于
+Be Bitmap Format (JPEG2000Translator)  JPEG2000Translator              Be 
位图格式(JPEG2000 转换器)
+High   JPEG2000Translator              高
+JPEG2000 images        JPEG2000Translator              JPEG2000 图像
+Low    JPEG2000Translator              低
+Output only codestream (.jpc)  JPEG2000Translator              输出仅 (.jpc)
+Output quality JPEG2000Translator              输出质量
+Read   JPEG2000Translator              读取
+Read greyscale images as RGB32 JPEG2000Translator              以 RGB32 格式读取灰度图像
+Write  JPEG2000Translator              写入
+Write black-and-white images as RGB24  JPEG2000Translator              以 RGB24 
+©2002-2003, Shard\n©2005-2006, Haiku\n\nBased on JasPer library:\n© 1999-2000, 
Image Power, Inc. and\nthe University of British Columbia, Canada.\n© 2001-2003 
Michael David 
Adams.\n\thttp://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/\n\nImageMagick's jp2 codec 
was used as \"tutorial\".\n\thttp://www.imagemagick.org/\n   JPEG2000Translator 
             ©2002-2003, Shard\n©2005-2006, Haiku\n\n基于 JasPer library:\n© 
1999-2000, Image Power, Inc. 与\nthe University of British Columbia, Canada.\n© 
2001-2003 Michael David 
Adams.\n\thttp://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/\n\nImageMagick 的 jp2 解码器作为 
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5fbcf63
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/pcx/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-PCXTranslator       1002061545
+PCX %lu bit image      PCXTranslator           PCX %lu 位图图像
+PCX Settings   main            PCX 设置
+PCX images     ConfigView              PCX 图像
+PCX images     PCXTranslator           PCX 图像
+PCX translator PCXTranslator           PCX 转换器
+PCXTranslator Settings ConfigView              PCX 转换器设置
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..be26967
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/png/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-PNGTranslator       2504765797
+Interlace Option       PNGTranslator           交错选项
+Interlacing type:      PNGTranslator           交错类型:
+None   PNGTranslator           无
+PNG Interlace Menu     PNGTranslator           PNG 交错菜单
+PNG Settings   PNGTranslator           PNG 设置
+PNG image      PNGTranslator           PNG 图像
+PNG image translator   PNGTranslator           NG 图像转换器
+PNG images     PNGTranslator           PNG 图像
+PNGTranslator Settings PNGTranslator           PNG 转换器设置
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   PNGTranslator           版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..880a494
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/ppm/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-PPMTranslator       2886727868
+Based on PPMTranslator sample code     PPMTranslator           基于 PPM转换器 示例代码
+Be Bitmap Format (PPMTranslator)       PPMTranslator           Be 位图格式(PPM 转换器)
+Bitmap 1 bit   PPMTranslator           位图 1 bit
+CMY 8:8:8 32 bits      PPMTranslator           CMY 8:8:8 32 bits
+CMYA 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           CMYA 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+CMYK 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           CMYK 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+Grayscale 8 bits       PPMTranslator           灰度 8 bits
+Input Color Space      PPMTranslator           输入颜色空间
+None   PPMTranslator           无
+OK     PPMMain         确定
+PPM Image Translator   PPMTranslator           PPM 图像转换器
+PPM Settings   PPMMain         PPM 设置
+PPM image      PPMTranslator           PPM 图像
+PPMTranslator Settings PPMTranslator           PPM转换器设置
+RGB 5:5:5 16 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 5:5:5 16 bits
+RGB 5:5:5 16 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 5:5:5 16 bits 大端格式
+RGB 5:6:5 16 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 5:6:5 16 bits
+RGB 5:6:5 16 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 5:6:5 16 bits 大端格式
+RGB 8:8:8 32 bits      PPMTranslator           RGB 8:8:8 32 bits
+RGB 8:8:8 32 bits big-endian   PPMTranslator           RGB 8:8:8 32 bits 大端格式
+RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits   PPMTranslator           RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits
+RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 bits big-endian        PPMTranslator           RGBA 5:5:5:1 16 
bits 大端格式
+RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits   PPMTranslator           RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits
+RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 bits big-endian        PPMTranslator           RGBA 8:8:8:8 32 
bits 大端格式
+Sample code copyright 1999, Be Incorporated    PPMTranslator           示例代码 
版权所有 1999, Be Inc
+Something is wrong with the PPMTranslator!     PPMMain         PPM转换器出现错误
+System palette 8 bits  PPMTranslator           系统调色板 8 bits
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    PPMTranslator           版本 %d.%d.%d %s
+Write ASCII    PPMTranslator           写入 ASCII
+bits/space     PPMTranslator           bits/space
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e0e6d2c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/raw/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-RAWTranslator       1938728039
+%s RAW image   RAWTranslator   Parameter (%s) is the name of the manufacturer 
(like 'Canon')   %s RAW 图像
+Based on Dave Coffin's dcraw 8.63      ConfigView              基于 Dave Coffin 
的 dcraw 8.63
+RAW Images     ConfigView              RAW 图像
+RAW Settings   RAWTranslator main              RAW 设置
+RAW image translator   RAWTranslator           RAW 图像转换器
+RAW images     RAWTranslator           RAW 图像
+RAWTranslator Settings ConfigView              RAW 转换器设置
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d, %s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..215e302
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/rtf/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-RTFTranslator       526958155
+RTF Settings   main            RTF 设置
+RTF text files RTFTranslator           RTF 文本文件
+RTF-Translator Settings        ConfigView              RTF转换器设置
+Rich Text Format (RTF) files   ConfigView              富文本格式(RTF)文件
+Rich Text Format Translator    RTFTranslator           富文本格式转换器
+Rich Text Format translator v%d.%d.%d %s       RTFTranslator           
富文本格式转换器 v%d.%d.%d %s
+RichTextFormat file    RTFTranslator           富文本文件
+Version %d.%d.%d, %s   ConfigView              版本 %d.%d.%d, %s
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..1d420c3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/sgi/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-SGITranslator       2222378389
+None   SGIView         无
+RLE    SGIView         RLE
+SGI Settings   SGIMain         SGI 设置
+SGI image      SGITranslator           SGI 图像
+SGI image translator   SGITranslator           SGI 图像转换器
+SGI image translator   SGIView         SGI 图像转换器
+SGI images     SGITranslator           SGI 图像
+SGITranslator Settings SGITranslator           SGI转换器设置
+Use compression:       SGIView         使用压缩:
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    SGIView         版本 %d.%d.%d %s
+\n\nbased on GIMP SGI plugin v1.5:\n   SGIView         \n\n基于 GIMP SGI 插件 
+written by:\n  SGIView         编写者:\n
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..48ceecd
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/shared/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-pseudo.libtranslatorsutils    1020614280
+Be Bitmap Format       BaseTranslator          Be 位图格式
+Error  TranslatorWindow                错误
+OK     TranslatorWindow                确定
+Unable to create the view.     TranslatorWindow                无法创建视图
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e8f12b3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/stxt/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-STXTTranslator      4075159346
+Be styled text file    STXTTranslator          Be 格式文本文件
+Plain text file        STXTTranslator          纯文本文件
+STXT Settings  STXTMain                STXT 设置
+STXTTranslator Settings        STXTTranslator          STXT 转换器设置
+StyledEdit files       STXTTranslator          StyledEdit 文件
+StyledEdit files translator    STXTTranslator          StyledEdit 文件转换器
+StyledEdit files translator    STXTView                StyledEdit 文件转换器
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..3d354aa
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tga/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-TGATranslator       4159874267
+Ignore TGA alpha channel       TGAView         忽略 TGA 测试频道
+Save with RLE Compression      TGAView         以 RLE 压缩保存
+TGA Image Translator   TGAView         TGA 图像转换器
+TGA Settings   TGAMain         TGA 设置
+TGA image translator   TGATranslator           TGA 图像转换器
+TGA images     TGATranslator           TGA 图像
+TGATranslator Settings TGATranslator           TGA转换器设置
+Targa image (%d bits RLE colormap)     TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 为 
RLE 色图)
+Targa image (%d bits RLE gray) TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 位 RLE 灰度)
+Targa image (%d bits RLE truecolor)    TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 位 
RLE 真彩)
+Targa image (%d bits colormap) TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 位色图)
+Targa image (%d bits gray)     TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 位灰度)
+Targa image (%d bits truecolor)        TGATranslator           Targa 图像(%d 位真彩)
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    TGAView         版本 %d.%d.%d %s
+Written by the Haiku Translation Kit Team      TGAView         由 Haiku 
Translation Kit Team 编写
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..0db50fa
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/tiff/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-TIFFTranslator      292291870
+LZW    TIFFView                LZW
+None   TIFFView                无
+RLE (Packbits) TIFFView                RLE (Packbits)
+TIFF Image Translator  TIFFView                TIFF 图像转换器
+TIFF Library:  TIFFView                TIFF 库:
+TIFF Settings  TIFFMain                TIFF 设置
+TIFF image     TIFFTranslator          TIFF 图像
+TIFF image translator  TIFFTranslator          TIFF 图像转换器
+TIFF images    TIFFTranslator          TIFF 图像
+TIFFTranslator Settings        TIFFTranslator          TIFF 转换器设置
+Use Compression:       TIFFView                使用压缩:
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    TIFFView                版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
+ZIP (Deflate)  TIFFView                ZIP (Deflate)
+identify_tiff_header: couldn't set directory\n TIFFTranslator          
+identify_tiff_header: invalid document index\n TIFFTranslator          
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dd6f371
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/webp/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-WebPTranslator      3630570850
+Based on libwebp v0.1, ConfigView              基于 libwebp v0.1,
+Compression method:    ConfigView              压缩方法:
+Default        ConfigView              默认
+Drawing        ConfigView              绘图
+Fast   ConfigView              快速
+High   ConfigView              高
+Icon   ConfigView              图标
+Low    ConfigView              低
+Output preset: ConfigView              输出预设:
+Output quality:        ConfigView              输出质量:
+Photo  ConfigView              照片
+Picture        ConfigView              图片
+Preprocessing filter   ConfigView              预处理过滤
+Preset ConfigView              预设
+Slower but better      ConfigView              慢但质量好
+Text   ConfigView              文本
+WebP Images    ConfigView              WebP 图像
+WebP Settings  main            WebP 设置
+WebP image     WebPTranslator          WebP 图像
+WebP image translator  WebPTranslator          WebP 图像转换器
+WebP images    WebPTranslator          WebP 图像
+WebPTranslator Settings        ConfigView              WebP 转换器设置
+©2010-2011 Google Inc. ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Google Inc.
+©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.  ConfigView              ©2010-2011 Haiku Inc.
diff --git a/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..8a8ced4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/add-ons/translators/wonderbrush/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-WonderBrushTranslator       
+Version %d.%d.%d %s    WonderBrushView         版本 %d.%d.%d,%s
+WBI Settings   WonderBrushMain         WBI 设置
+WBI Settings   WonderBrushTranslator           WBI 设置
+WonderBrush image      WonderBrushTranslator           WonderBrush 图像
+WonderBrush image translator   WonderBrushTranslator           WonderBrush 
+WonderBrush image translator   WonderBrushView         WonderBrush 图像转换器
+WonderBrush images     WonderBrushTranslator           WonderBrush 图像
+written by:    WonderBrushView         编写者:
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4a81b70
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/3dmov/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-3DMov       40426706
+3DMov  System name             3DMov
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4cc3d45
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/aboutsystem/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,81 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-About       867678185
+%.2f GHz       AboutView               %.2f GHz
+%d MiB total   AboutView               总计%d MiB
+%d MiB used (%d%%)     AboutView               已用 %d MiB (%d%%)
+%ld MHz        AboutView               %ld MHz
+%ld Processors:        AboutView               %ld 处理器:
+%total MiB total, %inaccessible MiB inaccessible       AboutView               
总计 %total MiB, 禁用 %inaccessible MiB。 
+... and the many people making donations!\n\n  AboutView               ... 
+About this system      AboutWindow             关于系统
+AboutSystem    System name             关于系统
+BSD (2-clause) AboutView               BSD(2-条款)
+BSD (3-clause) AboutView               BSD(3-条款)
+BSD (4-clause) AboutView               BSD(4-条款)
+Be Inc. and its developer team, for having created BeOS!\n\n   AboutView       
        Be Inc. 及其开发团队,孕育了 BeOS!\n\n
+Contains software developed by the NetBSD Foundation, Inc. and its 
contributors:\nftp, tput\nCopyright © 1996-2008 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc. All 
rights reserved.    AboutView               包含由 NetBSD Foundation, Inc 
及其贡献者所开发的软件:\nftp,tput\n版权 © 1996-2008 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc。版权所有。
+Contains software from the FreeBSD Project, released under the BSD 
license:\ncal, ftpd, ping, telnet, telnetd, traceroute\nCopyright © 1994-2008 
The FreeBSD Project. All rights reserved.     AboutView               包含来自 
FreeBSD Project 的软件,这些软件在 BSD 
协议下发布:\ncal,ftpd,ping,telnet,telnetd,traceroute\n版权 © 1994-2008 The FreeBSD 
+Contains software from the GNU Project, released under the GPL and LGPL 
licenses:\nGNU C Library, GNU coretools, diffutils, findutils, sharutils, gawk, 
bison, m4, make, gdb, wget, ncurses, termcap, Bourne Again Shell.\nCopyright © 
The Free Software Foundation.   AboutView               包含来自 GNU 项目的软件,它们在 GPL 
和 LGPL 协议下发布:\n GNU C 库,GNU 
 Again Shell。\n版权 © The Free Software Foundation。
+Contributors:\n        AboutView               贡献者:\n
+Copyright © 1987-1988 Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, 
Massachusetts.\nAll rights reserved.     AboutView               版权 © 1987-1988 
Digital Equipment Corporation,Maynard, Massachusetts。\n版权所有。
+Copyright © 1990-2002 Info-ZIP. All rights reserved.   AboutView               
版权 © 1990-2002 Info-ZIP。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1990-2003 Wada Laboratory, the University of Tokyo.        
AboutView               版权 © 1990-2003 Wada Laboratory,the University of Tokyo。
+Copyright © 1994-1997 Mark Kilgard. All rights reserved.       AboutView       
        版权 © 1994-1997 Mark Kilgard。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1994-2008 Xiph.Org. All rights reserved.   AboutView               
版权 © 1994-2008 Xiph.Org。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding. This software is 
based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.     AboutView          
     版权 © 1994-2009, Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding。本软件基于 Independent JPEG 
Group 的部分工作。
+Copyright © 1995, 1998-2001 Jef Poskanzer. All rights reserved.        
AboutView               版权 © 1995, 1998-2001 Jef Poskanzer。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1995-2001 Lars Düning. All rights reserved.        AboutView       
        版权 © 1995-2001 Lars Düning。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1995-2004 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler. AboutView               
版权 © 1995-2004 Jean-loup Gailly 与 Mark Adler。
+Copyright © 1996-1997 Jeff Prosise. All rights reserved.       AboutView       
        版权 © 1996-1997 Jeff Prosise。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1996-2005 Julian R Seward. All rights reserved.    AboutView       
        版权 © 1996-2005 Julian R Seward。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1997-2006 PDFlib GmbH and Thomas Merz. All rights 
reserved.\nPDFlib and PDFlib logo are registered trademarks of PDFlib GmbH.     
 AboutView               版权 © 1997-2006 PDFlib GmbH 与 Thomas Merz。版权所有。 
\nPDFlib 和 PDFlib logo 是 PDFlib GmbH 的注册商标。
+Copyright © 1998-2000 Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd and Clark Cooper.   
AboutView               版权 © 1998-2000 Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd 与 
Clark Cooper。
+Copyright © 1998-2003 Daniel Veillard. All rights reserved.    AboutView       
        版权 © 1998-2003 Daniel Veillard。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1999-2000 Y.Takagi. All rights reserved.   AboutView               
版权 © 1999-2000 Y.Takagi。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1999-2006 Brian Paul. Mesa3D Project. All rights reserved. 
AboutView               版权 © 1999-2006 Brian Paul. Mesa3D Project。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1999-2007 Michael C. Ring. All rights reserved.    AboutView       
        版权 © 1999-2007 Michael C. Ring。版权所有。
+Copyright © 1999-2010 by the authors of Gutenprint. All rights reserved.       
AboutView               版权 © 1999-2010 Gutenprint 的所有编写者。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2000 Jean-Pierre ervbefeL and Remi Lefebvre.       AboutView       
        版权 © 2000 Jean-Pierre ervbefeL 与 Remi Lefebvre。
+Copyright © 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al.  AboutView               版权 © 
2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al。
+Copyright © 2001-2002 Thomas Broyer, Charlie Bozeman and Daniel Veillard. All 
rights reserved. AboutView               版权 © 2001-2002 Thomas Broyer,Charlie 
Bozeman 与 Daniel Veillard。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2001-2003 Expat maintainers.       AboutView               版权 © 
2001-2003 Expat 所有者。
+Copyright © 2002-2003 Steve Lhomme. All rights reserved.       AboutView       
        版权 © 2002-2003 Steve Lhomme。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2002-2004 Vivek Mohan. All rights reserved.        AboutView       
        版权© 2002-2004 Vivek Mohan。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2002-2005 Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucas Digital 
Ltd. LLC.  AboutView               版权 © 2002-2005 Industrial Light & Magic,a 
division of Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC。
+Copyright © 2002-2006 Maxim Shemanarev (McSeem).       AboutView               
版权 © 2002-2006 Maxim Shemanarev(McSeem)。
+Copyright © 2002-2008 Alexander L. Roshal. All rights reserved.        
AboutView               版权 © 2002-2008 Alexander L. Roshal。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2003 Peter Hanappe and others.     AboutView               版权 © 
2003 Peter Hanappe 及其他人员。
+Copyright © 2003-2006 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.  AboutView       
        版权 © 2003-2006 Intel Corporation。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2004-2005 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.  AboutView       
        版权 © 2004-2005 Intel Corporation。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2006-2007 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.  AboutView       
        版权 © 2006-2007 Intel Corporation。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2007 Ralink Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.   
AboutView               版权 © 2007 Ralink Technology Corporation。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2007-2009 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. All rights reserved. 
AboutView               版权 © 2007-2009 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc。版权所有。
+Copyright © 2010-2011 Google Inc. All rights reserved. AboutView               
版权 © 2010-2011 Google Inc。版权所有。
+Current maintainers:\n AboutView               维护人员:\n
+GCC %d Hybrid  AboutView               GCC %d Hybird
+Google & their Google Summer of Code program\n AboutView               
+Kernel:        AboutView               内核:
+License:       AboutView               协议: 
+Licenses:      AboutView               协议:
+MIT (no promotion)     AboutView               MIT(无附加条款)
+Memory:        AboutView               内存状态:
+Michael Phipps (project founder)\n\n   AboutView               Michael Phipps 
+Past maintainers:\n    AboutView               先前维护人员:\n
+Processor:     AboutView               处理器:
+Revision       AboutView               发行版本
+Source Code:   AboutView               源码: 
+The BeGeistert team\n  AboutView               BeGeistert 小组 \n
+The Haiku-Ports team\n AboutView                Haiku-Ports 小组\n
+The Haikuware team and their bounty program\n  AboutView                
Haikuware 小组及其维护程序\n
+The University of Auckland and Christof Lutteroth\n\n  AboutView               
奥克兰大学与 Christof Lutteroth\n\n
+The code that is unique to Haiku, especially the kernel and all code that 
applications may link against, is distributed under the terms of the <MIT 
license>. Some system libraries contain third party code distributed under the 
<LGPL license>. You can find the copyrights to third party code below.\n\n  
AboutView       <MIT license> and <LGPL license> aren't variables and can be 
translated. However, please, don't remove < and > as they're needed as 
placeholders for proper hypertext functionality.    Haiku 
特别相关的代码,尤其是内核及与之紧密关联的所有应用程序的代码,它们都在 <MIT 协议> 条款下发布。一些包含第三方代码的系统库则在 <LGPL 协议> 
+The copyright to the Haiku code is property of Haiku, Inc. or of the 
respective authors where expressly noted in the source. Haiku® and the HAIKU 
logo® are registered trademarks of Haiku, Inc.\n\n   AboutView               
Haiku 代码的版权是 Haiku, Inc. ,或代码中注明的原作者的财产。Haiku® 和 Haiku logo® 是Haiku, 
+Time running:  AboutView               运行时间:
+Translations:\n        AboutView               翻译:\n
+Travis Geiselbrecht (and his NewOS kernel)\n   AboutView               Travis 
Geiselbrecht (和他的 NewOS 内核)\n
+Unknown        AboutView               未知
+Version:       AboutView               版本:
+Website, marketing & documentation:\n  AboutView               
+[Click a license name to read the respective license.]\n\n     AboutView       
+\nCopyrights\n\n       AboutView               \n版权\n\n
+\n\nSpecial thanks to:\n       AboutView               \n\n特别感谢:\n
+\n… and probably some more we forgot to mention (sorry!)\n\n   AboutView       
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a21e803
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/activitymonitor/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-ActivityMonitor     3704566709
+%.1f KB/s      DataSource              %.1f KB/s
+%.1f MB        DataSource              %.1f MB
+%.1f faults/s  DataSource              %.1f faults/s
+%lld ms        SettingsWindow          %lld ms
+%lld sec.      SettingsWindow          %lld sec.
+ActivityMonitor        System name             系统监视器
+Add graph      ActivityWindow          添加图示
+Additional items       ActivityView            附加项
+Apps   DataSource              应用程序
+Block cache    DataSource              高速缓存
+Block cache memory     DataSource              高速缓存
+CPU    DataSource              CPU
+CPU usage      DataSource              CPU使用率
+CPU usage (combined)   DataSource              CPU 使用率(总和)
+Cache  DataSource              高速缓存
+Cached memory  DataSource              缓存内存
+File   ActivityWindow          文件
+Hide legend    ActivityView            隐藏说明
+MB     DataSource              MB
+Media nodes    DataSource              媒介节点
+Memory DataSource              内存
+Network receive        DataSource              网络接收
+Network send   DataSource              网络发送
+P-faults       DataSource              页面错误
+Page faults    DataSource              页面错误
+Ports  DataSource              端口
+Quit   ActivityWindow          退出
+RX     DataSource      Shorter version for Receiving.  RX
+Raw clipboard  DataSource              原始剪贴板
+Receiving      DataSource              接收
+Remove graph   ActivityView            删除图示
+Running applications   DataSource              运行程序
+Semaphores     DataSource              信号量
+Sems   DataSource              Sems
+Sending        DataSource              发送
+Settings       ActivityWindow          设置
+Settings…      ActivityWindow          设置...
+Show legend    ActivityView            显示说明
+Swap   DataSource              Swap
+Swap space     DataSource              交换空间
+TX     DataSource      Shorter version for Sending     TX
+Teams  DataSource              团队
+Text clipboard DataSource              文本剪贴板
+Threads        DataSource              线程
+Update time interval:  SettingsWindow          更新频率:
+Used memory    DataSource              已用内存
+usage  DataSource              使用情况
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..aa4a689
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/bootmanager/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-BootManager 3014946856
+About to restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) of %disk from %file. Do you wish 
to continue?    BootManagerController   Don't translate the place holders: 
%disk and %file      将要从 %file 恢复 %disk 的主引导记录(MBR)。是否继续?
+About to write the boot menu to disk. Are you sure you want to continue?       
BootManagerController           将要写入引导菜单到磁盘。是否继续?
+About to write the following boot menu to the boot disk (%s). Please verify 
the information below before continuing.   BootManagerController           
+After five seconds     DefaultPartitionPage            五秒钟以后
+After four seconds     DefaultPartitionPage            四秒钟以后
+After one minute       DefaultPartitionPage            一分钟以后
+After one second       DefaultPartitionPage            一秒钟以后
+After three seconds    DefaultPartitionPage            三秒钟以后
+After two seconds      DefaultPartitionPage            两秒钟以后
+An error occurred writing the boot menu. The Master Boot Record might be 
destroyed, you should restore the MBR now!    BootManagerController           
写入引导菜单出错。主引导记录将被破坏,现在您应该保存 MBR。
+At least one partition must be selected!       BootManagerController           
+Back   BootManagerController   Button  退后
+Backup Master Boot Record      BootManagerController   Title   备份主引导记录
+Boot Manager is unable to read the partition table!    BootManagerController   
+BootManager    System name             引导管理器
+Cannot access! DrivesPage      Cannot install  无法获取!
+Default Partition      DefaultPartitionPage    Title   默认分区
+Default Partition:     DefaultPartitionPage    Menu field label        默认分区:
+Done   BootManagerController   Button  完成
+Drives DrivesPage      Title   设备
+Error reading partition table  BootManagerController   Title   分区表读取出错
+File:  FileSelectionPage       Text control label      文件:
+Hard Drive     DrivesPage      Default disk name       硬盘
+Immediately    DefaultPartitionPage            立刻
+Install        DrivesPage      Button  安装
+Installation of boot menu completed    BootManagerController   Title   引导菜单安装完成
+Installation of boot menu failed       BootManagerController   Title   引导菜单安装失败
+Never  DefaultPartitionPage            从不
+Next   WizardView      Button  下一步
+No space available!    DrivesPage      Cannot install  无可用空间!
+OK     BootManagerController   Button  确定
+Old Master Boot Record Saved failure   BootManagerController   Title   
+Old Master Boot Record saved   BootManagerController   Title   旧的主引导记录已保存
+Partition table not compatible BootManagerController   Title   分区表不兼容
+Partitions     DefaultPartitionPage    Pop up menu title       分区
+Partitions     PartitionsPage  Title   分区
+Please locate the Master Boot Record (MBR) save file to restore from. This is 
the file that was created when the boot manager was first installed.     
BootManagerController           请选择执行恢复的主引导记录(MBR)文件。该文件创建于首次安装引导管理器时。
+Please locate the Master Boot Record (MBR) save file to restore from. This is 
the file that was created when the boot manager was first installed.     
UninstallPage           请确定主引导记录备份文件以进行恢复。该文件创建于引导管理器首次安装时。
+Please select the drive you want the boot manager to be installed to or 
uninstalled from.      DrivesPage              请选择设备以安装或卸载引导管理器。
+Please specify a default partition and a timeout.\nThe boot menu will load the 
default partition after the timeout unless you select another partition. You 
can also have the boot menu wait indefinitely for you to select a 
partition.\nKeep the 'ALT' key pressed to disable the timeout at boot time.     
请指定默认分区及超时限制。\n如果未选定分区,超时之后,引导菜单将会载入默认分区。您也可以使引导菜单等待您选定分区。\n按下 'Alt' 
+Previous       WizardView      Button  上一步
+Quit   DrivesPage      Button  退出
+Restore MBR    BootManagerController   Button  恢复 MBR
+Select FileSelectionPage       Button  选择
+Summary        BootManagerController   Title   摘要
+The Master Boot Record (MBR) of the boot device:\n\t%s\nwill now be saved to 
disk. Please select a file to save the MBR into.\n\nIf something goes wrong 
with the installation or if you later wish to remove the boot menu, simply run 
the bootman program and choose the 'Uninstall' option. BootManagerController    
       引导设备的主引导记录(MBR):\n\t%s\n将保存到磁盘。请选择保存 MBR 的文件。\n\n如果安装过程出错或者您希望移除引导菜单,请启动 
bootman 程序,并选择 '卸载' 选项。
+The Master Boot Record could not be restored!  BootManagerController           
+The Master Boot Record of the boot device (%DISK) has been successfully 
restored from %FILE.   BootManagerController           引导设备(%DISK)的主引导记录已经从 
%FILE 成功完成恢复。
+The boot manager has been successfully installed on your system.       
BootManagerController           引导管理器已经成功安装到您的系统。
+The following partitions were detected. Please check the box next to the 
partitions to be included in the boot menu. You can also set the names of the 
partitions as you would like them to appear in the boot menu.   PartitionsPage  
+The old Master Boot Record could not be saved to %s    BootManagerController   
        旧的主引导记录(MBR)无法保存到 %s
+The old Master Boot Record was successfully saved to %s.       
BootManagerController           旧的主引导记录成功保存到 %s。
+The partition table of the first hard disk is not compatible with Boot 
Manager.\nBoot Manager needs 2 KB available space before the first partition.   
BootManagerController           首个硬盘的分区表与引导管理器不兼容。\n引导管理器要求首个分区之前具有 2KB 的可用空间。
+Timeout: %s    DefaultPartitionPage            超时:%s
+USB Drive      DrivesPage      Default disk name       USB 设备
+Uninstall      DrivesPage      Button  卸载
+Uninstall Boot Manager UninstallPage   Title   卸载引导管理器
+Uninstall boot manager BootManagerController   Title   卸载引导管理器
+Uninstallation of boot menu completed  BootManagerController   Title   卸载引导菜单完成
+Uninstallation of boot menu failed     BootManagerController   Title   卸载引导菜单失败
+Unknown        LegacyBootMenu  Text is shown for an unknown partition type     
+Unnamed %d     LegacyBootMenu  Default name of a partition whose name could 
not be read from disk; characters in codepage 437 are allowed only 未命名 %d
+Update DrivesPage      Button  更新
+Write boot menu        BootManagerController   Button  写入引导菜单
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a065abb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/cdplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-CDPlayer    592310631
+Audio CD       CDPlayer                音频 CD
+CD     CDPlayer                CD
+CD drive is empty      CDPlayer                CD 驱动为空
+CDPlayer       System name             CD 播放器
+Disc: %ld:%.2ld / %ld:%.2ld    CDPlayer                磁盘: %ld:%.2ld / 
+Disc: --:-- / --:--    CDPlayer                磁盘: --:--/ --:--
+Disc: 88:88 / 88:88    CDPlayer                磁盘:88:88 / 88:88
+It appears that there are no CD drives on your computer or there is no system 
software to support one. Sorry.  CDPlayer                提示,您的计算机未安装CD 
+OK     CDPlayer                确定
+Track %whichTrack%: %trackAt%  CDPlayer                轨道 %whichTrack%: 
+Track: %ld:%.2ld / %ld:%.2ld   CDPlayer                轨道:%ld:%.2ld / %ld:%.2ld
+Track: --:-- / --:--   CDPlayer                轨道: --:--/ --:--
+Track: 88:88 / 88:88   CDPlayer                轨道:88:88 / 88:88
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a3f0ae1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/charactermap/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,180 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-CharacterMap        1545664922
+Aegean numbers UnicodeBlocks           爱琴海数字
+Alphabetic presentation forms  UnicodeBlocks           字母表现形式
+Ancient Greek musical notation UnicodeBlocks           古希腊音乐符号
+Ancient Greek numbers  UnicodeBlocks           古希腊数字
+Ancient smbols UnicodeBlocks           古代符号
+Arabic UnicodeBlocks           阿拉伯语
+Arabic presentation forms A    UnicodeBlocks           阿拉伯语表示形式 A
+Arabic presentation forms B    UnicodeBlocks           阿拉伯语表示形式 B
+Arabic supplement      UnicodeBlocks           阿拉伯语扩展
+Armenian       UnicodeBlocks           亚美尼亚语
+Arrows UnicodeBlocks           箭头
+Balinese       UnicodeBlocks           巴厘语
+Basic Latin    UnicodeBlocks           基本拉丁语
+Bengali        UnicodeBlocks           孟加拉语
+Block elements UnicodeBlocks           块状元素
+Bopomofo       UnicodeBlocks           汉语拼音
+Bopomofo extended      UnicodeBlocks           汉语拼音扩展
+Box drawing    UnicodeBlocks           方格绘制
+Braille patterns       UnicodeBlocks           盲文图案
+Buginese       UnicodeBlocks           布吉文
+Buhid  UnicodeBlocks           Buhid
+Byzantine musical symbols      UnicodeBlocks           拜占庭音乐符号
+CJK compatibility      UnicodeBlocks           CJK 兼容
+CJK compatibility forms        UnicodeBlocks           CJK兼容表
+CJK compatibility ideographs   UnicodeBlocks           CJK 兼容象形文字
+CJK compatibility ideographs Supplement        UnicodeBlocks           CJK 
+CJK radicals supplement        UnicodeBlocks           CJK 字根补充
+CJK strokes    UnicodeBlocks           CJK 笔划
+CJK symbols and punctuation    UnicodeBlocks           CJK符号和标点
+CJK unified ideographs UnicodeBlocks           CJK 统一象形文字
+CJK unified ideographs extension A     UnicodeBlocks           CJK 统一象形文字扩展 A
+CJK unified ideographs extension B     UnicodeBlocks           CJK 统一象形文字扩展 B
+Carian UnicodeBlocks           卡里亚语
+Cham   UnicodeBlocks           卡姆语
+CharacterMap   System name             字符映射表
+Cherokee       UnicodeBlocks           彻罗基语
+Clear  CharacterWindow         清空
+Code   CharacterWindow         代码
+Combining diacritical marks    UnicodeBlocks           组合变音符号
+Combining diacritical marks for symbols        UnicodeBlocks           组合变音符号
+Combining diacritical marks supplement UnicodeBlocks           组合变音符号扩展
+Combining half marks   UnicodeBlocks           组合半形符号
+Control pictures       UnicodeBlocks           控制图形
+Coptic UnicodeBlocks           科普特语
+Copy as escaped byte string    CharacterView           复制为退格字节字符串
+Copy character CharacterView           复制字符
+Counting rod numerals  UnicodeBlocks           算筹数字
+Cuneiform      UnicodeBlocks           楔形文字
+Cuneiform numbers and punctuation      UnicodeBlocks           楔形文数字和标点
+Currency symbols       UnicodeBlocks           货币符号
+Cypriot syllabary      UnicodeBlocks           塞浦路斯音节文字
+Cyrillic       UnicodeBlocks           斯拉夫字母
+Cyrillic extended A    UnicodeBlocks           斯拉夫字母扩展 A
+Cyrillic extended B    UnicodeBlocks           斯拉夫文扩展 B
+Cyrillic supplement    UnicodeBlocks           斯拉夫字母扩展
+Deseret        UnicodeBlocks           Deseret
+Devanagari     UnicodeBlocks           天城文
+Dingbats       UnicodeBlocks           印刷符号
+Domino tiles   UnicodeBlocks           多米诺骨牌
+Enclosed CJK letters and months        UnicodeBlocks           封装 CJK 字符和月份
+Enclosed alphanumerics UnicodeBlocks           封装字母数字
+Ethiopic       UnicodeBlocks           埃塞俄比亚语
+Ethiopic extended      UnicodeBlocks           埃塞俄比亚语扩展
+Ethiopic supplement    UnicodeBlocks           埃塞俄比亚语扩展
+File   CharacterWindow         文件
+Filter:        CharacterWindow         过滤器:
+Font   CharacterWindow         字体
+Font size:     CharacterWindow         字体大小:
+General punctuation    UnicodeBlocks           常用标点符号
+Geometric shapes       UnicodeBlocks           几何形状
+Georgian       UnicodeBlocks           格鲁吉亚语
+Georgian supplement    UnicodeBlocks           格鲁吉亚语补充
+Glagotic       UnicodeBlocks           Glagotic
+Gothic UnicodeBlocks           哥特文
+Greek and Coptic       UnicodeBlocks           希腊语和科普特语
+Greek extended UnicodeBlocks           希腊语扩展
+Gujarati       UnicodeBlocks           Gujarati
+Gurmukhi       UnicodeBlocks           古木基文
+Halfwidth and fullwidth forms  UnicodeBlocks           半型及全型形式
+Hangul Jamo    UnicodeBlocks           韩国谚文字母
+Hangul compatibility Jamo      UnicodeBlocks           韩语兼容谚文
+Hangul syllables       UnicodeBlocks           朝鲜文音节
+Hanunoo        UnicodeBlocks           哈努诺文
+Hebrew UnicodeBlocks           希伯来语
+Hiragana       UnicodeBlocks           日语平假名
+IPA extensions UnicodeBlocks           IPA扩展
+Ideographic description characters     UnicodeBlocks           象形文字描述字符
+Kanbun UnicodeBlocks           汉文
+Kangxi radicals        UnicodeBlocks           康熙部首
+Kannada        UnicodeBlocks           卡纳达语
+Katakana       UnicodeBlocks           片假名
+Katakana phonetic extensions   UnicodeBlocks           片假名语音扩展
+Kayah Li       UnicodeBlocks           克耶字母
+Kharoshthi     UnicodeBlocks           佉卢文
+Khmer  UnicodeBlocks           高棉语
+Khmer symbols  UnicodeBlocks           高棉语符号
+Lao    UnicodeBlocks           老挝语
+Latin extended A       UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语扩展 A
+Latin extended B       UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语扩展 B
+Latin extended C       UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语扩展 C
+Latin extended D       UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语扩展 D
+Latin extended additional      UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语扩展补充
+Latin-1 supplement     UnicodeBlocks           拉丁语-1补充
+Lepcha UnicodeBlocks           雷布查语
+Letterlike symbols     UnicodeBlocks           类字母符号
+Limbu  UnicodeBlocks           林布文
+Linear B ideograms     UnicodeBlocks           线性象形文字 B
+Linear B syllabary     UnicodeBlocks           线型音节文字 B
+Lycian UnicodeBlocks           利西亚语
+Lydian UnicodeBlocks           吕底亚语
+Mahjong tiles  UnicodeBlocks           麻将牌面
+Malayalam      UnicodeBlocks           马拉雅拉姆语 
+Mathematical alphanumeric symbols      UnicodeBlocks           数学字符数字符号
+Mathematical operators UnicodeBlocks           数学运算符号
+Miscellaneous mathematical symbols A   UnicodeBlocks           其他数学符号 A
+Miscellaneous mathematical symbols B   UnicodeBlocks           其他数学符号 B
+Miscellaneous symbols  UnicodeBlocks           其他符号
+Miscellaneous symbols and arrows       UnicodeBlocks           其他符号和箭头
+Miscellaneous technical        UnicodeBlocks           混合专用符号
+Modifier tone letters  UnicodeBlocks           声调修饰字母
+Mongolian      UnicodeBlocks           蒙古语
+Myanmar        UnicodeBlocks           缅甸文
+N'Ko   UnicodeBlocks           N'Ko
+New Tai Lue    UnicodeBlocks           新傣仂语
+Number forms   UnicodeBlocks           数字表
+Ogham  UnicodeBlocks           欧甘文字
+Ol Chiki       UnicodeBlocks           雷鬼摇摆乐
+Old Persian    UnicodeBlocks           古波斯语
+Old italic     UnicodeBlocks           古意大利语
+Optical character recognition  UnicodeBlocks           视觉字符识别
+Oriya  UnicodeBlocks           奥里亚语 
+Osmanya        UnicodeBlocks           奥斯曼亚文
+Phags-pa       UnicodeBlocks           八思巴文
+Phaistos disc  UnicodeBlocks           费斯托圆盘
+Phoenician     UnicodeBlocks           腓尼基语
+Phonetic extensions    UnicodeBlocks           注音扩展
+Phonetic extensions supplement UnicodeBlocks           语音扩展补充
+Private use area       UnicodeBlocks           独立使用区域
+Quit   CharacterWindow         退出
+Rejang UnicodeBlocks           天干地支
+Runic  UnicodeBlocks           如尼文
+Saurashtra     UnicodeBlocks           索拉什特拉语
+Shavian        UnicodeBlocks           萧氏字母表
+Show private blocks    CharacterWindow         显示独立区块
+Sinhala        UnicodeBlocks           锡兰文
+Small form variants    UnicodeBlocks           小表格变异
+Spacing modifier letters       UnicodeBlocks           空格辅助字符
+Specials       UnicodeBlocks           专有字符
+Sundanese      UnicodeBlocks           巽丹文
+Superscripts and subscripts    UnicodeBlocks           上标和脚注
+Supplement punctuation UnicodeBlocks           标点补充
+Supplemental arrows A  UnicodeBlocks           补充箭头 A
+Supplemental arrows B  UnicodeBlocks           补充箭头 B
+Supplemental mathematical operators    UnicodeBlocks           补充数学操作符
+Supplementary private use area A       UnicodeBlocks           单独使用区域扩充 A
+Supplementary private use area B       UnicodeBlocks           独立使用领域扩展 B
+Syloti Nagri   UnicodeBlocks           锡尔赫特城文
+Syriac UnicodeBlocks           叙利亚文
+Tagalog        UnicodeBlocks           塔加拉族语
+Tagbanwa       UnicodeBlocks           塔巴洼语
+Tags   UnicodeBlocks           标签
+Tai Le UnicodeBlocks           Tai Le
+Tai Xuan Jing symbols  UnicodeBlocks           太玄经符号
+Tamil  UnicodeBlocks           泰米尔语
+Telugu UnicodeBlocks           泰卢固语
+Thaana UnicodeBlocks           塔安那文 
+Thai   UnicodeBlocks           泰语
+Tibetan        UnicodeBlocks           西藏语
+Tifinagh       UnicodeBlocks            提非纳文 
+Ugaritic       UnicodeBlocks           乌加里特文
+Unified Canadian Aboriginal syllabics  UnicodeBlocks           统一加拿大土著语
+Vai    UnicodeBlocks           瓦伊语
+Variation selectors    UnicodeBlocks           变异选择符
+Variation selectors supplement UnicodeBlocks           变异选择符扩充
+Vertical forms UnicodeBlocks           垂直样式
+View   CharacterWindow         视图
+Yi Radicals    UnicodeBlocks           彝文字根
+Yi syllables   UnicodeBlocks           彝文音节
+Yijing hexagram symbols        UnicodeBlocks           易经六爻符号
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/clock/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e327f64
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/clock/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Clock       1361795373
+Clock  System name             时钟
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/codycam/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f7607fa
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/codycam/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku.CodyCam     441085909
+Can't find an available connection to the video window CodyCam         
+Cannot connect the video source to the video window    CodyCam         
+Cannot create a video window   CodyCam         无法创建录像窗口
+Cannot find a video source. You need a webcam to use CodyCam.  CodyCam         
+Cannot find an available video stream  CodyCam         未发现可用视频流
+Cannot find the media roster   CodyCam         未发现媒体名单
+Cannot get a time source       CodyCam         无法获取时间源
+Cannot register the video window       CodyCam         无法注册视频窗口
+Cannot seek time source!       CodyCam         无法找到时间源!
+Cannot set the time source for the video source        CodyCam         
+Cannot set the time source for the video window        CodyCam         
+Cannot start the video source  CodyCam         无法启动视频源
+Cannot start the video window  CodyCam         无法启动录像窗口
+Cannot start time source!      CodyCam         无法启动时间源
+Capture Rate Menu      CodyCam         捕获比率菜单
+Capture controls       CodyCam         捕获控制
+Capturing Image…       VideoConsumer.cpp               捕获图像…
+Closing the window\n   VideoConsumer.cpp               关闭窗口\n
+CodyCam        System name             摄像头
+Connected…     VideoConsumer.cpp               连接中...
+Couldn't find requested directory on server    VideoConsumer.cpp               
+Directory:     CodyCam         目录:
+Error creating output file     VideoConsumer.cpp               创建输出文件出错
+Error getting initial latency for the capture node     CodyCam         
+Error setting type of output file      VideoConsumer.cpp               
+Error writing output file      VideoConsumer.cpp               输出文件写入出错
+Every 10 minutes       CodyCam         间隔 10 分钟
+Every 15 minutes       CodyCam         间隔 15 分钟
+Every 15 seconds       CodyCam         间隔 15 秒
+Every 2 hours  CodyCam         间隔 2 小时
+Every 24 hours CodyCam         间隔 24 小时
+Every 30 minutes       CodyCam         间隔 30 分钟
+Every 30 seconds       CodyCam         间隔 30 秒
+Every 4 hours  CodyCam         间隔 4 小时
+Every 5 minutes        CodyCam         间隔 5 分钟
+Every 8 hours  CodyCam         间隔 8 小时
+Every hour     CodyCam         间隔 1 小时
+Every minute   CodyCam         间隔 1 分钟
+FTP    CodyCam         FTP
+File   CodyCam         文件
+File %s # unterminated quote at end of file\n  SettingsHandler         文件 %s 
+File %s ; Line %ld # unterminated quote\n      SettingsHandler         文件 %s 中 
%ld 行 #存在无端接引用\n
+File %s; Line %ld # %s SettingsHandler         文件 %s; 行 %ld # %s
+File name:     CodyCam         文件名:
+File transmission failed       VideoConsumer.cpp               文件传输失败
+Format:        CodyCam         格式:
+Image Format Menu      CodyCam         图像格式菜单
+JPEG image     CodyCam         JPEG 图像
+Last Capture:  VideoConsumer.cpp               最后捕获:
+Local  CodyCam         本地
+Locking the window\n   VideoConsumer.cpp               锁定窗口\n
+Logging in…    VideoConsumer.cpp               登陆中...
+Login: CodyCam         登陆:
+Never  CodyCam         从不
+OK     CodyCam         确定
+Output CodyCam         输出
+PASS <suppressed>  (real password sent)\n      FtpClient               
+Passive FTP    CodyCam         被动 FTP
+Password:      CodyCam         密码:
+Quit   CodyCam         退出
+Rate:  CodyCam         比率:
+Remote host has closed the connection.\n       FtpClient               
+Rename failed  VideoConsumer.cpp               重命名失败
+Renaming…      VideoConsumer.cpp               无法注册录像窗口
+SFTP   CodyCam         SFTP
+Send to…       CodyCam         发送到...
+Server login failed    VideoConsumer.cpp               登陆服务器失败
+Server:        CodyCam         服务器:
+Start video    CodyCam         启动录像
+Stop video     CodyCam         停止视频
+Transmitting…  VideoConsumer.cpp               传送中...
+Type:  CodyCam         类型:
+Video settings CodyCam         视频设置
+Waiting…       CodyCam         等待...
+capture rate expected  CodyCam         预期的捕获比率
+cmd: '%s'\n    FtpClient               命令:‘%s’\n
+destination directory expected CodyCam         预期目标目录
+image file format expected     CodyCam         预期图像格式
+invalid upload client %ld\n    VideoConsumer.cpp               上传客户端 %ld 无效\n
+login ID expected      CodyCam         预期登录 ID
+on or off expected     Settings        Do not translate 'on' and 'off' 预期的 
+password       CodyCam         密码
+password expected      CodyCam         预期密码
+read: %d\n     SftpClient              读取:%d\n
+read: %ld\n    SftpClient              读取:%ld\n
+reply: %d, %d\n        FtpClient               回复:%d,%d\n
+reply: '%s'\n  SftpClient              回复:‘%s’\n
+server address expected        CodyCam         预期服务器地址
+still image filename expected  CodyCam         预期静态图像文件名
+unknown command        SettingsHandler         未知命令
+unrecognized upload client specified   CodyCam         指定上传客户端未识别
+upload client name expected    CodyCam         预期的上传客户端
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/deskbar/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..2013f7d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/deskbar/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Be-TSKB   1662766351
+Always on top  PreferencesWindow               置顶
+Applications   B_USER_DESKBAR_DIRECTORY/Applications           应用程序
+Applications   PreferencesWindow               应用程序
+Auto-hide      PreferencesWindow               自动隐藏
+Auto-raise     PreferencesWindow               自动
+Change time…   TimeView                修改时间...
+Clock  PreferencesWindow               时钟
+Close all      WindowMenu              关闭所有
+Demos  B_USER_DESKBAR_DIRECTORY/Demos          演示程序
+Deskbar        System name             桌面栏
+Deskbar preferences    PreferencesWindow               桌面栏首选项
+Desktop applets        B_USER_DESKBAR_DIRECTORY/Desktop applets                
+Edit menu…     PreferencesWindow               编辑菜单
+Expand new applications        PreferencesWindow               展开新程序
+Hide all       WindowMenu              隐藏所有
+Hide time      TimeView                隐藏时间
+Menu   PreferencesWindow               菜单
+No windows     WindowMenu              无窗口
+Preferences    B_USER_DESKBAR_DIRECTORY/Preferences            系统设置
+Quit application       WindowMenu              退出程序
+Recent applications:   PreferencesWindow               最近程序:
+Recent documents:      PreferencesWindow               最近文档:
+Recent folders:        PreferencesWindow               最近文件夹:
+Show Time      Tray            显示时间
+Show all       WindowMenu              显示所有
+Show application expander      PreferencesWindow               显示程序扩展
+Show calendar… TimeView                显示日历...
+Show seconds   PreferencesWindow               显示秒钟
+Sort running applications      PreferencesWindow               运行程序排序
+Tracker always first   PreferencesWindow               文件浏览器置顶
+Window PreferencesWindow               窗口
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c78a90b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/deskcalc/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-DeskCalc    1916192649
+Audio Feedback CalcView                音频反馈
+Basic  CalcView                基本模式
+Compact        CalcView                精简模式
+DeskCalc       System name             计算器
+Enable Num Lock on startup     CalcView                启用数字键锁定
+Scientific     CalcView                科学计算
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/devices/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..17fd282
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/devices/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,95 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Devices     865240481
+ACPI Information       DeviceACPI              ACPI信息
+ACPI Processor Namespace '%2'  DeviceACPI              ACPI 处理器命名空间 '%2'
+ACPI System Bus        DeviceACPI              ACPI 系统总线
+ACPI System Indicator  DeviceACPI              ACPI 系统指示器
+ACPI Thermal Zone      DeviceACPI              ACPI 温测区
+ACPI bus       Device          ACPI 总线
+ACPI bus       DevicesView             ACPI 总线
+ACPI controller        Device          ACPI控制器
+ACPI node '%1' DeviceACPI              ACPI 节点 '%1'
+Array  DeviceSCSI              磁盘阵列
+Basic information      DevicesView             基本信息
+Bridge Device          网桥
+Bridge DeviceSCSI              网桥
+Bus    DevicesView             总线
+Bus Information        Device          总线信息
+CD-ROM DeviceSCSI              CD光盘
+Card Reader    DeviceSCSI              读卡器
+Category       DevicesView             分类
+Changer        DeviceSCSI              交换设备
+Class Info:\t\t\t\t: %classInfo%       DeviceACPI              
+Class Info:\t\t\t\t: %classInfo%       DeviceSCSI              
+Class info     DevicePCI               类别信息
+Communication controller       Device          通讯控制器
+Communications DeviceSCSI              通讯设备
+Computer       Device          计算机
+Computer       DevicesView             计算机
+Connection     DevicesView             连接
+Detailed       DevicesView             详细
+Device Device          设备
+Device Name\t\t\t\t: %Name%\nManufacturer\t\t\t: %Manufacturer%\nDriver 
used\t\t\t\t: %DriverUsed%\nDevice paths\t: %DevicePaths%      Device          
+Device class   DeviceSCSI              设备类型
+Device name    Device          设备名称
+Device name    DeviceACPI              设备名称
+Device name    DevicePCI               设备名称
+Device name    DeviceSCSI              设备名称
+Device name:   Device          设备名称:
+Device paths   Device          设备路径
+Device paths   DevicePCI               设备路径
+Devices        DevicesView             设备管理器
+Devices        System name             硬件设备
+Disk Drive     DeviceSCSI              磁盘驱动
+Display controller     Device          显示控制器
+Docking station        Device          扩展接口
+Driver used    Device          已用驱动
+Driver used    DevicePCI               使用驱动
+Enclosure      DeviceSCSI              外围设备
+Encryption controller  Device          加密控制器
+Generate system information    DevicesView             常规系统信息
+Generic system peripheral      Device          外围通用系统
+Graphics Peripheral    DeviceSCSI              外接绘图设备
+ISA bus        Device          ISA 总线
+ISA bus        DevicesView             ISA  总线
+Input device controller        Device          输入设备控制器
+Intelligent controller Device          智能控制器
+Manufacturer   Device          制造商
+Manufacturer   DeviceACPI              制造商
+Manufacturer   DevicePCI               制造商
+Manufacturer   DeviceSCSI              制造商
+Manufacturer:  Device          制造商:
+Mass storage controller        Device          大储量存储控制器
+Memory controller      Device          内存控制器
+Multimedia controller  Device          多媒体控制器
+Name   PropertyList            名称
+Network controller     Device          网络控制器
+None   Device          无
+Not implemented        DeviceACPI              未实现
+Not implemented        DevicePCI               未实现
+Optical Drive  DeviceSCSI              光学设备
+Order by:      DevicesView             排序方式:
+Other  DeviceSCSI              其他
+PCI Information        DevicePCI               PCI 信息
+PCI bus        Device          PCI 总线
+PCI bus        DevicesView             PCI 总线
+Printer        DeviceSCSI              打印机
+Processor      Device          处理器
+Processor      DeviceSCSI              处理器
+Quit   DevicesView             退出
+RBC    DeviceSCSI              RBC
+Refresh devices        DevicesView             刷新设备列表
+Report compatibility   DevicesView             兼容性报告
+SCSI Information       DeviceSCSI              SCSI 信息
+Satellite communications controller    Device          卫星通讯控制器
+Scanner        DeviceSCSI              扫描器
+Serial bus controller  Device          串行总线控制器
+Signal processing controller   Device          信号处理控制
+Tape Drive     DeviceSCSI              磁带驱动
+Unclassified device    Device          未分类设备
+Unknown        DevicePCI               未知
+Unknown device Device          未知设备
+Unknown device DevicesView             未知设备
+Value  PropertyList            数值
+Wireless controller    Device          无线控制器
+Worm   DeviceSCSI              散热风扇
+unknown        Device          未知
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c7cdb81
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/diskprobe/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,133 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-DiskProbe   3441574721
+%ld (native)   ProbeView               %ld(本地)
+(native)       ProbeView               (原生的)
+15 bit TypeEditors             15 位
+16 bit TypeEditors             16位
+16 bit signed value:   TypeEditors             16为有符号数:
+16 bit unsigned value: TypeEditors             16 位无符号数:
+32 bit TypeEditors             32 位
+32 bit signed value:   TypeEditors             32 位有符号数:
+32 bit size or status: TypeEditors             32位大小或状态:
+32 bit unsigned pointer:       TypeEditors             32 位无符号浮点数:
+32 bit unsigned size:  TypeEditors             32位无符号大小:
+32 bit unsigned value: TypeEditors             32位无符号数:
+64 bit signed offset:  TypeEditors             64位有符号偏移量:
+64 bit signed value:   TypeEditors             64位有符号数:
+64 bit unsigned value: TypeEditors             64位无符号数:
+8 bit palette  TypeEditors             8位调色板
+8 bit signed value:    TypeEditors             8位有符号数:
+8 bit unsigned value:  TypeEditors             8位无符号数:
+Add    ProbeView               添加
+Attribute      AttributeWindow         属性
+Attribute      ProbeView               属性
+Attribute offset:      ProbeView               属性偏移:
+Attribute type:        ProbeView               属性类型:
+Attribute:     ProbeView               属性:
+Attributes     ProbeView               属性
+Back   ProbeView               返回
+Base   ProbeView       A menu item, the number that is basis for a system of 
calculation. The base 10 system is a decimal system. This is in the same menu 
window than 'Font size' and 'BlockSize'     权数
+Block  ProbeView               块
+Block %Ld (0x%Lx)      ProbeView               块 %Ld(0x%Lx)
+Block 0x%Lx    ProbeView               块 0x%Lx
+Block:         ProbeView               块:
+BlockSize      ProbeView       A menu item, a shortened form from 'block 
size'. This is in the same menu windowthan 'Base' and 'Font size'     块大小
+Bookmarks      ProbeView               书签
+Boolean        TypeEditors     This is the type of editor      布尔值
+Boolean editor TypeEditors             布尔编辑器
+Boolean value: TypeEditors             布尔值:
+Cancel AttributeWindow         取消
+Cancel OpenWindow              取消
+Cancel ProbeView               取消
+Case sensitive FindWindow              事件敏感
+Close  AttributeWindow         关闭
+Close  FileWindow              关闭
+Close  ProbeView               关闭
+Contents:      TypeEditors             内容:
+Copy   ProbeView               复制
+Could not find search string.  ProbeView               无法找到搜索字符串。
+Could not open \"%s\":\n%s     DiskProbe       Opening of entry reference 
buffer for a DiskProbe request Alert message. The name of entry reference and 
error message is shown.        无法打开 \“%s\”:\n%s
+Could not open file \"%s\": %s\n       DiskProbe               无法打开文件 
+Could not read image   TypeEditors     Image means here a picture file, not a 
disk image.      无法读取图像
+Decimal        ProbeView       A menu item, as short as possible, noun is 
recommended if it is shorter than adjective. 十进制
+Device ProbeView               硬件设备
+Device offset:         ProbeView               硬件偏移量:
+Device:        ProbeView               硬件设备:
+DiskProbe      System name             磁盘扫描器
+DiskProbe request      AttributeWindow         磁盘扫描器要求
+DiskProbe request      DiskProbe               DiskProbe 要求
+DiskProbe request      ProbeView               磁盘扫描器要求
+Do you really want to remove the attribute \"%s\" from the file \"%s\"?\n\nYou 
cannot undo this action.        AttributeWindow         是否删除属性 \"%s\" 
+Don't save     ProbeView               不保存
+Double precision floating-point value: TypeEditors             双精度浮点型数:
+Edit   ProbeView               编辑
+Examine device:        OpenWindow              检测硬件:
+File   FileWindow              文件
+File   ProbeView               文件
+File offset:   ProbeView               文件偏移量:
+File:  ProbeView               文件:
+Find   FindWindow              查找
+Find again     ProbeView               重新查找
+Find…  ProbeView               查找...
+Fit    ProbeView       Size of fonts, fits to available room   适应
+Flattened bitmap       TypeEditors             平面位图
+Floating-point value:  TypeEditors             浮点数:
+Font size      ProbeView               字体大小
+Grayscale      TypeEditors             灰度模式
+Hex    ProbeView       A menu item, as short as possible, noun is recommended 
if it is shorter than adjective. 十六进制
+Hexadecimal    FindWindow      A menu item, as short as possible, noun is 
recommended if it is shorter than adjective. 十六进制
+Icon   TypeEditors             图标
+Icon view      TypeEditors             图标视图
+Image  TypeEditors     This is the type of view        图像
+Image view     TypeEditors     Image means here a picture file, not a disk 
image.      图像视图
+MIME type editor       TypeEditors             MIME 类型编辑器
+MIME type:     TypeEditors             MIME 类型:
+Message        TypeEditors     This is the type of view        消息
+Message View   TypeEditors             信息视图
+Mode:  FindWindow              模式:
+Native: %Ld (0x%0*Lx)  ProbeView               本地:%Ld(0x%0*Lx)
+Native: 0x%0*Lx        ProbeView               本地:0x%0*Lx
+New…   FileWindow              新建…
+Next   ProbeView               下一个
+No type editor available       AttributeWindow         无可用的类型编辑器
+Number TypeEditors     This is the type of editor      数字
+Number editor  TypeEditors             序列号编辑器
+Number:        TypeEditors             序列号:
+OK     DiskProbe               确定
+OK     ProbeView               确定
+Offset:        ProbeView               偏移量: 
+Open device    FileWindow              打开硬件
+Open file…     FileWindow              打开文件…
+PNG format     TypeEditors             PNG 格式
+Page setup…    ProbeView               页面设置...
+Paste  ProbeView               粘贴
+Previous       ProbeView               前一个
+Print… ProbeView               打印...
+Probe device   OpenWindow              查找硬件
+Probe file…    OpenWindow              查询文件中…
+Quit   FileWindow              退出
+Raw editor     AttributeWindow         Raw 编辑器
+Redo   ProbeView               重复
+Remove AttributeWindow         删除
+Remove from file       AttributeWindow         从文件中删除
+Save   ProbeView               保存
+Save changes before closing?   ProbeView               关闭之前保存?
+Select all     ProbeView               全选
+Selection      ProbeView               选择
+Stop   ProbeView               停止
+String editor  TypeEditors             字符编辑器
+Swapped: %Ld (0x%0*Lx) ProbeView               交换:%Ld(0x%0*Lx)
+Swapped: 0x%0*Lx       ProbeView               交换:0x%0*Lx
+Text   FindWindow              文本
+Text   TypeEditors     This is the type of editor      文本
+Type editor    AttributeWindow         类型编辑器
+Type editor    ProbeView               类型编辑器
+Type editor not supported      ProbeView               类型编辑器不支持
+Undo   ProbeView               撤销
+Unknown format TypeEditors             未知类型
+Unknown type   TypeEditors             未知类型
+View   ProbeView       This is the last menubar item 'File Edit Block View'    
+Writing to the file failed:\n%s\n\nAll changes will be lost when you quit.     
ProbeView               写入文件失败:\n%s\n\n退出之后所有的设置将会丢失。
+none   ProbeView       No attributes   无
+of     ProbeView               of
+of 0x0 ProbeView       This is a part of 'Block 0xXXXX of 0x0026' message. In 
languages without 'of' structure it can be replaced simply with '/'.     / 0x0
+what: '%.4s'\n\n       TypeEditors     'What' is a message specifier that 
defines the type of the message.     什么:‘%.4s’\n\n
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/diskusage/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..64129a0
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/diskusage/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-DiskUsage   2324691237
+%a, %d %b %Y, %r       Info Window             %a, %d %b %Y, %r
+%d file        Status View             %d 文件
+%d files       Status View             %d 文件
+9999.99 GB     Status View             9999.99 GB
+Created        Info Window             已创建
+DiskUsage      System name             磁盘查看器
+Free on %refName%      Scanner         空闲存在 %refName%
+Get Info       Pie View                获取信息
+Kind   Info Window             种类
+Modified       Info Window             已修改
+Open   Pie View                打开
+Open With      Pie View                打开方式
+Outdated view  Pie View                过期视图
+Path   Info Window             路径
+Rescan Pie View                重新扫描
+Rescan Volume View             重新扫描
+Scan   Status View             扫描
+Scanning %refName%     Scanner         扫描 %refName% 
+Size   Info Window             大小
+file unavailable       Pie View                文件不可用
+file unavailable       Status View             文件不可用
+in %d files    Info Window             其中 %d 个文件
+no supporting apps     Pie View                无可支持应用
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/drivesetup/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..594fda1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/drivesetup/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,77 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-DriveSetup  1209826930
+%ld MiB        Support         %ld MiB
+<empty>        DiskView                <空白>
+<empty>        PartitionList           <空白>
+Active PartitionList           活动
+Are you sure you want to delete the selected partition?\n\nAll data on the 
partition will be irretrievably lost if you do so!  MainWindow              
+Are you sure you want to initialize the partition \"%s\"? You will be asked 
again before changes are written to the disk.      MainWindow              
+Are you sure you want to initialize the partition? You will be asked again 
before changes are written to the disk.     MainWindow              
+Are you sure you want to write the changes back to disk now?\n\nAll data on 
the disk %s will be irretrievably lost if you do so!       MainWindow           
   您确定将所做修改写入磁盘吗?\n\n如果执行该操作,磁盘 %s 中的所有数据将丢失,无法恢复!
+Are you sure you want to write the changes back to disk now?\n\nAll data on 
the partition %s will be irretrievably lost if you do so!  MainWindow           
   您确定将所做修改写入磁盘吗?\n\n执行此操作之后,分区 %s 中的所有数据将丢失,无法恢复!
+Are you sure you want to write the changes back to disk now?\n\nAll data on 
the partition will be irretrievably lost if you do so!     MainWindow           
+Are you sure you want to write the changes back to disk now?\n\nAll data on 
the selected disk will be irretrievably lost if you do so! MainWindow           
+Are you sure you want to write the changes back to disk now?\n\nAll data on 
the selected partition will be irretrievably lost if you do so!    MainWindow   
+Cancel CreateParamsPanel               取消
+Cancel InitParamsPanel         取消
+Cancel MainWindow              取消
+Cannot delete the selected partition.  MainWindow              无法删除选中分区。
+Continue       MainWindow              继续
+Could not aquire partitioning information.     MainWindow              
+Could not delete the selected partition.       MainWindow              
+Could not mount partition %s.  MainWindow              无法挂载分区 %s。
+Could not unmount partition %s.        MainWindow              无法卸载分区 %s。
+Create CreateParamsPanel               创建
+Create…        MainWindow              创建…
+Creation of the partition has failed.  MainWindow              分区创建失败。
+Delete MainWindow              删除
+Delete partition       MainWindow              删除分区
+Device DiskView                设备
+Device PartitionList           设备
+Disk   MainWindow              磁盘
+Disk system \"%s\"\" not found!        MainWindow              磁盘系统 
+DriveSetup     System name             磁盘管理器
+Eject  MainWindow              弹出
+End: %ld MB    Support         结束:%ld MB
+Error:         MainWindow      in any error alert      错误:
+Failed to delete the partition. No changes have been written to disk.  
MainWindow              删除分区失败。所作修改未写入磁盘。
+Failed to initialize the partition %s!\n       MainWindow              无法初始化分区 
+Failed to initialize the partition. No changes have been written to disk.      
MainWindow              初始化分区失败。所作修改未写入磁盘。
+File system    PartitionList           文件系统
+Format (not implemented)       MainWindow              格式化(未执行)
+Initialization of the partition %s failed. (Nothing has been written to disk.) 
MainWindow              初始化分区 %s 失败。(修改未写入磁盘。)
+Initialize     InitParamsPanel         初始化
+Initialize     MainWindow              初始化
+Mount  MainWindow              挂载
+Mount all      MainWindow              挂载所有磁盘
+Mounted at     PartitionList           挂载于
+No disk devices have been recognized.  DiskView                无可识别的磁盘。  
+OK     MainWindow              确定
+Offset: %ld MB Support         偏移量:%ld MB
+Parameters     PartitionList           参数
+Partition      MainWindow              分区
+Partition %ld  DiskView                分区 %ld
+Partition name:        CreateParamsPanel               分区名称:
+Partition size CreateParamsPanel               分区大小
+Partition type:        CreateParamsPanel               分区类型:
+Rescan MainWindow              重新扫描
+Select a partition from the list below.        DiskView                
+Size   PartitionList           大小
+Surface test (not implemented) MainWindow              表面测试(未执行)
+The currently selected partition does not have a parent partition.     
MainWindow              当前选中分区无父分区。
+The currently selected partition is not empty. MainWindow              
+The partition %s has been successfully initialized.\n  MainWindow              
分区 %s 已被初始化。\n
+The partition %s is already mounted.   MainWindow              分区 %s 已经挂载。
+The partition %s is already unmounted. MainWindow              分区 %s 已经卸载。  
+The partition %s is currently mounted. MainWindow              分区 %s 当前已挂载。
+The selected disk is read-only.        MainWindow              所选磁盘是只读的。
+The selected partition does not contain a partitioning system. MainWindow      
+There was an error acquiring the partition row.        MainWindow              
+There was an error preparing the disk for modifications.       MainWindow      
+There's no space on the partition where a child partition could be created.    
MainWindow              所选分区没有足够的空间创建子分区。
+Unable to find the selected partition by ID.   MainWindow              
+Unmount        MainWindow              卸载
+Validation of the given creation parameters failed.    MainWindow              
+Validation of the given initialization parameters failed.      MainWindow      
+Volume name    PartitionList           卷标
+Write changes  MainWindow              写入修改
+You need to select a partition entry from the list.    MainWindow              
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/expander/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a5df32b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/expander/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Expander    187676748
+Are you sure you want to stop expanding this\narchive? The expanded items may 
not be complete. ExpanderWindow          确定停止解压\n该压缩文件? 已完成解压部分可能不完整。
+Automatically expand files     ExpanderPreferences             自动解压文件
+Automatically show contents listing    ExpanderPreferences             自动显示内容列表
+Cancel ExpanderPreferences             取消
+Cancel ExpanderWindow          取消
+Close  ExpanderMenu            关闭
+Close window when done expanding       ExpanderPreferences             
+Continue       ExpanderWindow          继续
+Creating listing for '%s'      ExpanderWindow          为 '%s' 创建列表
+Destination    ExpanderWindow          目标文件
+Destination folder:    ExpanderPreferences             目标目录:
+Error when expanding archive   ExpanderWindow          解压缩出错
+Expand ExpanderMenu            解压缩
+Expand ExpanderWindow          解压缩
+Expander       System name             归档管理器
+Expander settings      ExpanderPreferences             设置
+Expander: Choose destination   DirectoryFilePanel              归档管理器:选择目标文件
+Expander: Open ExpanderWindow          归档管理器:打开
+Expanding '%s' ExpanderWindow          '%s' 解压进行中
+Expansion:     ExpanderPreferences             解压:
+File   ExpanderMenu            文件
+File expanded  ExpanderWindow          文件解压缩完成
+Hide contents  ExpanderWindow          隐藏内容
+Leave destination folder path empty    ExpanderPreferences             保持目标目录为空
+OK     ExpanderPreferences             确定
+Open destination folder after extraction       ExpanderPreferences             
+Other: ExpanderPreferences             其他:
+Same directory as source (archive) file        ExpanderPreferences             
+Select DirectoryFilePanel              选择
+Select ExpanderPreferences             选择
+Select '%s'    DirectoryFilePanel              选择 '%s'
+Select current DirectoryFilePanel              选择当前
+Set destination…       ExpanderMenu            目标文件…
+Set source…    ExpanderMenu            设定源文件…
+Settings       ExpanderMenu            设置
+Settings…      ExpanderMenu            设置…
+Show contents  ExpanderMenu            显示内容
+Show contents  ExpanderWindow          显示内容
+Source ExpanderWindow          源文件
+Stop   ExpanderMenu            停止
+Stop   ExpanderWindow          停止
+The destination folder does not exist. ExpanderWindow          目标文件夹不存在。
+The destination is not a folder.       ExpanderWindow          目标文件不是一个文件夹。
+The destination is read only.  ExpanderWindow          目标文件为只读的。
+The file doesn't exist ExpanderWindow          文件不存在
+The folder was either moved, renamed or not\nsupported.        ExpanderWindow  
+Use:   ExpanderPreferences             使用:
+is not supported       ExpanderWindow          不被支持
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/fontdemo/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..1601570
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/fontdemo/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-FontDemo    1769653414
+Antialiased text       ControlView             抗锯齿文本:
+Bounding boxes ControlView             边框
+Controls       FontDemo                控件
+Cycle fonts    ControlView             循环字体
+Drawing mode:  ControlView             绘制模式:
+Font:  ControlView             字体:
+FontDemo       FontDemo                字体演示
+Haiku, Inc.    ControlView             Haiku, Inc.
+Haiku, Inc.    FontDemoView            Haiku, Inc.
+Outline:       ControlView             轮廓:
+Outline: %d    ControlView             轮廓:%d
+Rotation: %d   ControlView             旋转:%d
+Rotation: 0    ControlView             旋转:0
+Shear: %d      ControlView             翻转:%d
+Shear: 90      ControlView             翻转:90
+Size: %d       ControlView             大小:%d
+Size: 50       ControlView             大小:50
+Spacing: %d    ControlView             间距:%d
+Spacing: 0     ControlView             间距:0
+Stop cycling   ControlView             停止循环
+Text:  ControlView             文本:
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a242a47
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/glteapot/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-GLTeapot    2890609668
+Add a teapot   TeapotWindow            添加茶壶
+Backface culling       TeapotWindow            隐面消除
+Blue   TeapotWindow            蓝色
+FPS display    TeapotWindow            FPS 显示
+File   TeapotWindow            文件
+Filled polygons        TeapotWindow            填充
+Fog    TeapotWindow            模糊
+GLTeapot       System name             GL 茶壶
+Gouraud shading        TeapotWindow            高氏渲染
+Green  TeapotWindow            绿色
+Lighting       TeapotWindow            灯光
+Lights TeapotWindow            光源
+Lower left     TeapotWindow            左下角
+Off    TeapotWindow            关闭
+Options        TeapotWindow            选项
+Perspective    TeapotWindow            透视
+Quit   TeapotWindow            退出
+Red    TeapotWindow            红色
+Right  TeapotWindow            右边
+Upper center   TeapotWindow            上部中心
+White  TeapotWindow            白色
+Yellow TeapotWindow            黄色
+Z-buffered     TeapotWindow            Z-缓冲
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..fb690b4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/icon-o-matic/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,200 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.haiku-icon_o_matic        2326864078
+<modify path>  Icon-O-Matic-PathCmd            <修改路径>
+<nothing to redo>      Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Edit          <无恢复内容>
+<nothing to undo>      Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Edit          <无撤销任务>
+<unavailable>  Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         <不可用>
+<unkown property>      Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              <未知属性>
+Add    Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          添加
+Add    Icon-O-Matic-StylesList         添加
+Add    Icon-O-Matic-TransformersList           添加
+Add Control Point      Icon-O-Matic-AddPointCmd                添加控制点
+Add Path       Icon-O-Matic-AddPathsCmd                添加路径
+Add Paths      Icon-O-Matic-AddPathsCmd                添加路径
+Add Shape      Icon-O-Matic-AddShapesCmd               添加模型
+Add Shapes     Icon-O-Matic-AddShapesCmd               添加模型
+Add Style      Icon-O-Matic-AddStylesCmd               添加样式
+Add Styles     Icon-O-Matic-AddStylesCmd               添加样式
+Add Transformer        Icon-O-Matic-AddTransformersCmd         添加转换
+Add Transformers       Icon-O-Matic-AddTransformersCmd         添加转换器
+Add circle     Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          添加圆形
+Add empty      Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         添加空白
+Add rect       Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          添加矩形
+Add shape with path    Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Shape         添加模型(包含路径)
+Add shape with path & style    Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Shape         添加模型包含路径与样式
+Add shape with style   Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Shape         添加模型(包含样式)
+Add with path  Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         添加路径
+Add with path & style  Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         添加路径与样式
+Add with style Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         添加包含样式
+All    Icon-O-Matic-Properties         全部
+Append…        Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          附加...
+Assign Path    Icon-O-Matic-AddPathsCmd                指定路径
+Assign Paths   Icon-O-Matic-AddPathsCmd                指定路径
+Assign Style   Icon-O-Matic-AssignStyleCmd             指定样式
+BEOS:ICON Attribute    Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          BEOS:ICON 属性
+Bleep! Exporter - Continue in error dialog             警告!
+Bummer Cancel button - error alert             Bummer
+Cancel Icon-O-Matic-ColorPicker                取消
+Cancel Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              取消
+Cancel Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          取消
+Caps   Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              大写
+Change Color   Icon-O-Matic-SetColorCmd                修改颜色
+Clean Up Path  Icon-O-Matic-CleanUpPathCmd             清理路径
+Clean up       Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          清理
+Click on a shape above Empty transformers list - 1st line              点击上述模型
+Click on an object in  Empty property list - 1st line          点击对象
+Close  Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          关闭
+Closed Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              关闭
+Color  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              颜色
+Color  Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         颜色
+Color (#%02x%02x%02x)  Icon-O-Matic-StyledTextImport           
+Color (#%02x%02x%02x)  Style name after dropping a color               
+Conic  Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         圆锥线
+Contour        Transformation          轮廓
+Copy   Icon-O-Matic-Properties         复制
+Detect Orient. Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              删除格式
+Diamond        Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         菱形
+Discard        Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              放弃
+Duplicate      Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          副本
+Duplicate      Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         副本
+Duplicate      Icon-O-Matic-StylesList         副本
+Edit   Icon-O-Matic-Menus              编辑
+Edit Gradient  Icon-O-Matic-SetGradientCmd             编辑渐变
+Error:         Icon-O-Matic-Exporter           错误:
+Error:         Icon-O-Matic-Main               错误:
+Export Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          导出
+Export Icon    Dialog title            导出图标
+Export as…     Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          导出为...
+Failed to open the file '%s' as an SVG document.\n\nError: %s  
Icon-O-Matic-SVGImport          无法以 SVG 格式打开 '%s' 。\n\n错误:%s
+File   Icon-O-Matic-Menus              文件
+Flip   Icon-O-Matic-PathManipulator            翻转
+Flip Control Point     Icon-O-Matic-FlipPointsCmd              翻转控制点
+Flip Control Points    Icon-O-Matic-FlipPointsCmd              翻转控制点
+Format Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          格式
+Freeze Shape   Icon-O-Matic-FreezeTransformationCmd            冻结模型
+Freeze Shapes  Icon-O-Matic-FreezeTransformationCmd            冻结模型
+Freeze transformation  Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         冻结转换
+Gradient       Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         渐变
+Gradient type  Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         渐变类型
+HVIF Source Code       Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          HVIF 源码
+Height Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              高度
+Icon-O-Matic   System name             图标套件
+Icon-O-Matic might not have interpreted all data from the SVG when it was 
loaded. By overwriting the original file, this information would now be lost.   
     Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          数据加载时,图标套件 并未从 SVG 中解析所有数据。覆盖原文件,将不会再显示该信息。
+Insert Control Point   Icon-O-Matic-InsertPointCmd             插入控制点
+Invert selection       Icon-O-Matic-Properties         反向选择
+Joins  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              连接
+Linear Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         线性
+META:ICON Attribute    Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          META:ICON 属性
+Max LOD        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              最大层次细节
+Min LOD        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              最小层次细节
+Miter Limit    Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              尖角限量
+Modify Control Point   Icon-O-Matic-ChangePointCmd             修改控制点
+Move   Icon-O-Matic-TransformationBoxStates            移动
+Move Path      Icon-O-Matic-MovePathsCmd               移动路径
+Move Paths     Icon-O-Matic-MovePathsCmd               移动路径
+Move Pivot     Icon-O-Matic-TransformationBoxStates            移动中心
+Move Shape     Icon-O-Matic-MoveShapesCommand          移动模型
+Move Shapes    Icon-O-Matic-MoveShapesCommand          移动模型
+Move Style     Icon-O-Matic-MoveStylesCmd              移动样式
+Move Styles    Icon-O-Matic-MoveStylesCmd              移动样式
+Move Transformer       Icon-O-Matic-MoveTransformersCmd                移动转换
+Move Transformers      Icon-O-Matic-MoveTransformersCmd                移动转换器
+Multi Paste Properties Icon-O-Matic-Properties         批量粘贴属性
+Multi Set      Multi Set (property name)               批量设置
+Multi paste    Icon-O-Matic-Properties         批量粘贴
+Name   Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              名称
+New    Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          新建
+No     Icon-O-Matic-StyledTextImport           否
+None   Icon-O-Matic-Properties         无
+Nudge Control Point    Icon-O-Matic-NudgePointsCommand         微移控制点
+Nudge Control Points   Icon-O-Matic-NudgePointsCommand         微移控制点
+OK     Icon-O-Matic-ColorPicker                确定
+OK     Icon-O-Matic-SVGImport          确定
+Off    Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              关闭
+Opacity        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              透明度
+Opening the document failed!   Icon-O-Matic-Main               打开文档失败!
+Opening the icon failed!       Icon-O-Matic-Main               打开图标失败!
+Open…  Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          打开...
+Options        Icon-O-Matic-Menus              选项
+Overwrite      Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          覆盖
+PNG Set        Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          PNG 设置
+Paste  Icon-O-Matic-Properties         粘贴
+Paste Properties       Icon-O-Matic-Properties         粘贴属性
+Path   Icon-O-Matic-Menus              路径
+Path   Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              路径
+Perspective    Icon-O-Matic-TransformersList           透视
+Perspective    Transformation          透视
+Pick a color   Icon-O-Matic-ColorPicker                选择颜色
+Properties     Icon-O-Matic-Menus              属性
+Quit   Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          退出
+Radial Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         射线
+Redo   Icon-O-Matic-Main               恢复
+Remove Icon-O-Matic-PathManipulator            删除
+Remove Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          删除
+Remove Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         删除
+Remove Icon-O-Matic-StylesList         删除
+Remove Control Point   Icon-O-Matic-RemovePointsCmd            删除控制点
+Remove Control Points  Icon-O-Matic-RemovePointsCmd            删除控制点
+Remove Path    Icon-O-Matic-RemovePathsCmd             删除路径
+Remove Paths   Icon-O-Matic-RemovePathsCmd             删除路径
+Remove Shape   Icon-O-Matic-RemoveShapesCmd            删除模型
+Remove Shapes  Icon-O-Matic-RemoveShapesCmd            删除模型
+Remove Style   Icon-O-Matic-RemoveStylesCmd            删除样式
+Remove Styles  Icon-O-Matic-RemoveStylesCmd            删除样式
+Remove Transformer     Icon-O-Matic-RemoveTransformersCmd              删除转换器
+Remove Transformers    Icon-O-Matic-RemoveTransformersCmd              删除转换器
+Reset Transformation   Icon-O-Matic-ResetTransformationCmd             重置转换
+Reset Transformations  Icon-O-Matic-ResetTransformationCmd             重置转换
+Reset transformation   Icon-O-Matic-ShapesList         重设转换
+Reset transformation   Icon-O-Matic-StylesList         重置转换
+Reverse        Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          撤销
+Reverse Path   Icon-O-Matic-ReversePathCmd             反向路径
+Rotate Icon-O-Matic-TransformationBoxStates            旋转
+Rotate Path Indices    Icon-O-Matic-RotatePathIndiciesCmd              旋转路径索引
+Rotate indices backwards       Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          逆时针旋转
+Rotate indices forwards        Icon-O-Matic-PathsList          顺时针旋转
+Rotation       Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              旋转
+Rounding       Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              倒角
+Save   Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          保存
+Save   Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              保存
+Save Icon      Dialog title            保存图标
+Save as…       Icon-O-Matic-Menu-File          保存为...
+Save changes to current icon?  Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              
+Saving your document failed!   Icon-O-Matic-Exporter           文档保存失败!
+Scale  Icon-O-Matic-TransformationBoxStates            比例
+Scale X        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              比例 X
+Scale Y        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              比例 Y
+Select Icon-O-Matic-Properties         选择
+Select All     Icon-O-Matic-PathManipulator            全选
+Set    Set (property name)             设置
+Settings…      Icon-O-Matic-SavePanel          设置...
+Shape  Icon-O-Matic-Menus              模型
+Shorten        Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              缩短
+Snap to grid   Icon-O-Matic-Menu-Settings              对齐网格
+Split  Icon-O-Matic-PathManipulator            分割
+Split Control Point    Icon-O-Matic-SplitPointsCmd             分割控制点
+Split Control Points   Icon-O-Matic-SplitPointsCmd             分割控制点
+Stroke Transformation          描边
+Style  Icon-O-Matic-Menus              样式
+Style type     Icon-O-Matic-StyleTypes         样式类型
+Swatches       Icon-O-Matic-Menus              调色板
+The text you are trying to import is quite long,are you sure?  
Icon-O-Matic-StyledTextImport           导入文件太长,是否确定?
+Transform      Icon-O-Matic-PathManipulator            转换
+Transformation Icon-O-Matic-TransformationBoxStates            转换
+Transformation Icon-O-Matic-TransformersList           转换
+Transformation Transformation          转换
+Transformer    Icon-O-Matic-Menus              转换器
+Translation X  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              平移 X
+Translation Y  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              平移 Y
+Unassign Path  Icon-O-Matic-UnassignPathCmd            取消路径
+Undo   Icon-O-Matic-Main               撤销
+Untitled       Icon-O-Matic-Main               未命名
+Width  Icon-O-Matic-PropertyNames              宽度
+Yes    Icon-O-Matic-StyledTextImport           是
+any of the other lists to      Empty property list - 2nd line          任何其他列表为
+bad news       Icon-O-Matic-Exporter           坏消息
+bad news       Title of error alert            坏消息
+edit it's properties here.     Empty property list - 3rd line          编辑其属性
+load error     Icon-O-Matic-SVGImport          加载错误
+to attach transformers.        Empty transformers list - 2nd line              
+too big        Icon-O-Matic-StyledTextImport           太大
+warning        Icon-O-Matic-SVGExport          警告
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/installedpackages/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..80e18dd
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/installedpackages/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-InstalledPackages   4131220089
+InstalledPackages      System name             软件包管理
+No package selected.   UninstallView           未选中安装包。
+OK     UninstallView           确定
+Package description    UninstallView           安装包描述
+Remove UninstallView           删除
+The package you selected has been successfully removed from your system.       
UninstallView           选中包已从您的系统中成功删除。
+The selected package was not removed from your system. The given installed 
package information file might have been corrupted. UninstallView           
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/installer/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..14d2526
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/installer/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,120 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Installer   3852628561
+%1ld of %2ld   InstallerWindow number of files copied  %1ld来源于%2ld
+1)   If you are installing Haiku onto real hardware (not inside an emulator) 
it is recommended that you have already prepared a hard disk partition. The 
Installer and the DriveSetup tool offer to initialize existing partitions with 
the Haiku native file system, but the options to change the actual partition 
layout may not have been tested on a sufficiently great variety of computer 
configurations so we do not recommend using it.\n     InstallerApp            
1)如果您将安装 Haiku 到真实硬件(而不是虚拟机),强烈建议您预备一个硬盘分区。系统安装器和磁盘管理器将初始化已有分区为 Haiku 
+2)   The Installer will make the Haiku partition itself bootable, but takes no 
steps to integrate Haiku into an existing boot menu. If you have GRUB already 
installed, you can add Haiku to its boot menu. Depending on what version of 
GRUB you use, this is done differently.\n\n\n InstallerApp            
2)系统安装器能够实现 Haiku 分区的启动,但是并不能够将 Haiku 集成到已有的引导菜单。如果您安装了 GRUB,您可以添加 Haiku 
到其引导菜单。对于不同的 GRUB 版本,所要执行的操作将不尽相同。
+2.1) GRUB 1\n  InstallerApp            2.1) GRUB 1\n
+2.2) GRUB 2\n  InstallerApp            2.2) GRUB 2\n
+3)   When you successfully boot into Haiku for the first time, make sure to 
read our \"Welcome\" documentation, there is a link on the Desktop.\n\n    
InstallerApp            3)在首次成功进入 Haiku 时,请一定要阅读我们的 \"Welcome\" 
+<none> InstallerWindow No partition available  <无>
+?? of ??       InstallerWindow Unknown progress        ??来源于??
+???    InstallerWindow Unknown currently copied item   ???
+???    InstallerWindow Unknown partition name  ???
+Abort  InstallerWindow         取消
+Additional disk space required: %s     InstallerWindow         需要额外磁盘空间:%s
+Additional disk space required: 0.0 KiB        InstallerWindow         
需要额外磁盘空间:0.0 KiB
+Additionally you have to edit another file to actually display the boot 
menu:\n\n      InstallerApp            此外,您必须编辑其他文件以显示引导菜单:\n\n
+All hard disks start with \"hd\".\n    InstallerApp            
+An error was encountered and the installation was not completed:\n\nError:  %s 
InstallerWindow         发生意外错误,系统安装未完成:\n\nError:%s
+Are you sure you want to abort the installation and restart the system?        
InstallerWindow         您是否确定终止安装,重新启动系统?
+Are you sure you want to abort the installation?       InstallerWindow         
+Are you sure you want to install onto the current boot disk? The Installer 
will have to reboot your machine if you proceed.    InstallProgress         
您确定安装 Haiku 到当前引导磁盘?如果您继续安装,系统安装器将会重启您的计算机。
+Are you sure you want to to stop the installation?     InstallerWindow         
+Begin  InstallerWindow         开始
+Boot sector not written because of an internal error.  InstallProgress         
+Boot sector successfully written.      InstallProgress         引导扇区写入成功。
+BootManager, the application to configure the Haiku boot menu, could not be 
launched.  InstallerWindow         引导管理器,用于配置 Haiku 引导菜单,无法启动。
+Cancel InstallProgress         取消
+Cancel InstallerWindow         取消
+Choose the disk you want to install onto from the pop-up menu. Then click 
\"Begin\".   InstallerWindow         从弹出菜单中选择希望安装的磁盘。然后点击\"开始\"。
+Choose the source and destination disk from the pop-up menus. Then click 
\"Begin\".    InstallerWindow         从弹出菜单中选择源磁盘和目标磁盘。然后点击\"开始\"。
+Choose the source disk from the pop-up menu. Then click \"Begin\".     
InstallerWindow         从弹出菜单中选择源磁盘。然后点击\"开始\"。
+Collecting copy information.   InstallProgress         收集复制信息。
+Configure your /boot/grub/menu.lst by launching your favorite editor from a 
Terminal like this:\n\n    InstallerApp            从终端中启动偏好的编辑器,配置您的 
+Continue       InstallerApp            继续
+Continue       InstallerWindow In alert after pressing Stop    继续
+DriveSetup, the application to configure disk partitions, could not be 
launched.       InstallerWindow         磁盘管理器可用于配置磁盘分区,当前其无法启动。
+Finally, you have to update the boot menu by entering:\n\n     InstallerApp    
+Finishing Installation.        InstallProgress         完成安装。
+GRUB's naming scheme is still: (hdN,n)\n\n     InstallerApp            GRUB 
+Have fun and thanks a lot for trying out Haiku! We hope you like it!   
InstallerApp            非常感谢您能够使用 Haiku!使用愉快,我们希望您能够喜欢它。
+Here you have to comment out the line \"GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0\" by putting a 
\"#\" in front of it in order to actually display the boot menu.\n\n      
InstallerApp            如下,您需要添加 \"#\" 到 \"GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0\" 
+Hide optional packages InstallerWindow         隐藏附加软件包
+If you have not created a partition yet, simply reboot, create the partition 
using whatever tool you feel most comfortable with, and reboot into Haiku to 
continue with the installation. You could for example use the GParted Live-CD, 
it can also resize existing partitions to make room.\n\n\n    InstallerApp      
      如果您没有创建分区,仅需要重启,使用您感觉友好的工具创建分区,然后重启进入 Haiku 以继续执行安装。例如,您可以使用 GParted 
+Install anyway InstallProgress         继续安装
+Install from:  InstallerWindow         安装源:
+Install progress:      InstallerWindow         安装进度:
+Installation canceled. InstallProgress         安装已取消。
+Installation completed. Boot sector has been written to '%s'. Press Quit to 
leave the Installer or choose a new target volume to perform another 
installation. InstallerWindow         系统安装完成。引导扇区已经写入到 
+Installation completed. Boot sector has been written to '%s'. Press Restart to 
restart the computer or choose a new target volume to perform another 
installation.     InstallerWindow         安装完成.引导扇区已经写入 
+Installer      System name             系统安装器
+Installer\n\twritten by Jérôme Duval and Stephan Aßmus\n\tCopyright 2005-2010, 
Haiku.\n\n      InstallerApp            系统安装器\n\t编写者:Jérôme Duval 和 Stephan 
Aßmus \n\t版权所有 2005-2001 Haiku, Inc.\n\n
+Launch the DriveSetup utility to partition\navailable hard drives and other 
media.\nPartitions can be initialized with the\nBe File System needed for a 
Haiku boot\npartition. InstallerWindow         
启动磁盘管理器为\n可用硬盘和其他媒介进行分区。\n分区可以初始化为 Be 文件系统以作为 Haiku 引导分区。
+NOTE: While the naming strategy for hard disks is still as described under 
2.1) the naming scheme for partitions has changed.\n\n      InstallerApp        
    备注:由于硬盘的命名策略仍然如 2.1) 所述,因此分区的方案已经发生了改变。
+Newer versions of GRUB use an extra configuration file to add custom entries 
to the boot menu. To add them to the top, you have to create/edit a file by 
launching your favorite editor from a Terminal like this:\n\n InstallerApp      
      新的 GRUB 
+No optional packages available.        PackagesView            无可用附加软件包。
+No partitions have been found that are suitable for installation. Please set 
up partitions and initialize at least one partition with the Be File System.    
  InstallerWindow         未发现可用于安装的分区。请设置分区,并至少将一个分区初始化为 Be 文件系统。
+OK     InstallProgress         确定
+OK     InstallerApp            确定
+OK     InstallerWindow         确定
+Onto:  InstallerWindow         安装到:
+Performing installation.       InstallProgress         执行安装。
+Please choose target   InstallerWindow         请选择目标
+Please close the Boot Manager and DriveSetup windows before closing the 
Installer window.      InstallerWindow         请在关闭系统安装器之前关闭引导管理器和磁盘管理器。
+Please close the Boot Manager window before closing the Installer window.      
InstallerWindow         在关闭系统安装器之前请关闭引导管理器。
+Please close the DriveSetup window before closing the Installer window.        
InstallerWindow         请在关闭系统安装器前关闭磁盘管理器。
+Press the Begin button to install from '%1s' onto '%2s'.       InstallerWindow 
        按下 “开始”,从 '%1s' 安装到 '%2s'。 
+Quit   InstallerApp            退出
+Quit   InstallerWindow         退出
+Quit Boot Manager      InstallerWindow         退出引导管理器
+Quit Boot Manager and DriveSetup       InstallerWindow         退出引导管理器和磁盘管理器
+Quit DriveSetup        InstallerWindow         退出磁盘管理器
+README InstallerApp            README
+Restart        InstallerWindow         重启系统
+Restart system InstallerWindow         重启系统
+Running Boot Manager and DriveSetup…\n\nClose both applications to continue 
with the installation.     InstallerWindow         
+Running Boot Manager…\n\nClose Boot Manager to continue with the installation. 
InstallerWindow         引导管理器运行中...\n\n请关闭引导管理器以继续安装。
+Running DriveSetup…\n\nClose DriveSetup to continue with the installation.     
InstallerWindow         磁盘管理器运行中...\n\n请关闭磁盘管理器以继续安装。
+Scanning for disks…    InstallerWindow         扫描磁盘...
+Set up boot menu       InstallerWindow         设置引导菜单
+Set up partitions…     InstallerWindow         设置分区...
+Show optional packages InstallerWindow         显示附加软件包
+So behind the other menu entries towards the bottom of the file, add something 
similar to these lines:\n\n     InstallerApp            
+So below the heading that must not be edited, add something similar to these 
lines:\n\n        InstallerApp            所以,在不需要编辑的头部下面,添加类似于以下行的内容:
+Starting Installation. InstallProgress         启动安装
+Stop   InstallerWindow         停止
+Stop   InstallerWindow In alert after pressing Stop    暂停
+The destination disk may not have enough space. Try choosing a different disk 
or choose to not install optional items. InstallProgress         
+The disk can't be mounted. Please choose a different disk.     InstallProgress 
+The first logical partition always has the number \"4\", regardless of the 
number of primary partitions.\n\n   InstallerApp            首个逻辑分区的编号总是 \"4\",
+The mount point could not be retrieved.        InstallProgress         挂载点无法恢复。
+The partition can't be mounted. Please choose a different partition.   
InstallProgress         分区无法挂载。请选择其他分区。
+The target volume is not empty. Are you sure you want to install 
anyway?\n\nNote: The 'system' folder will be a clean copy from the source 
volume, all other folders will be merged, whereas files and links that exist on 
both the source and target volume will be overwritten with the source volume 
version.       InstallProgress         目标卷不为空。您确定必须进行安装吗?\n\n注意:从源卷拷贝的 'system' 
+This is alpha-quality software! It means there is a high risk of losing 
important data. Make frequent backups! You have been warned.\n\n\n     
InstallerApp            这是 测试版本 软件!因此会有很高的丢失数据风险。请经常进行数据的备份!这是我们的善意提醒。
+Tools  InstallerWindow         工具
+Try installing anyway  InstallProgress         尝试继续安装
+Unknown Type   InstallProgress Partition content type  未知类型
+Welcome to the Haiku Installer!\n\n    InstallerApp            欢迎使用 Haiku 
+With GRUB 2 the first logical partition always has the number \"5\", 
regardless of the number of primary partitions.\n\n       InstallerApp          
  对于 GRUB2 ,首个逻辑分区编号总是 \"5\",它和其他主分区编号没有任何关系。
+With GRUB it's: (hdN,n)\n\n    InstallerApp            使用 GRUB,如下:(hdN,n)\n\n
+Write boot sector      InstallerWindow         写入引导扇区
+Write boot sector to '%s'      InstallerWindow         引导扇区写入到 '%s'
+You can see the correct partition in GParted for example.\n\n\n        
InstallerApp            例如,您可以在 GParted 中查看正确的分区。\n\n\n
+You can't install the contents of a disk onto itself. Please choose a 
different disk.  InstallProgress         您无法将磁盘内容进行自我安装。请选择其他磁盘。
+You'll note that GRUB uses a different naming strategy for hard drives than 
Linux.\n\n InstallerApp            您将会注意到,GRUB 使用了不同于 Linux 的硬盘命名方式。
+\"N\" is the hard disk number, starting with \"0\".\n  InstallerApp            
\"N\" 是硬盘编号,以 \"0\" 开始。\n
+\"n\" is the partition number, also starting with \"0\".\n     InstallerApp    
        \"n\" 是分区编号,也从 \"0\" 开始。\n
+\"n\" is the partition number, which for GRUB 2 starts with \"1\"\n    
InstallerApp            \"n\" 是分区编号,对于 GRUB 2 ,则以 \"1\" 开始。\n
+\t# Haiku on /dev/sda7\n       InstallerApp            \t# Haiku on /dev/sda7\n
+\t\tchainloader +1\n   InstallerApp            \t\tchainloader +1\n
+\t\tset root=(hd0,7)\n InstallerApp            \t\t set root=(hd0,7)\n
+\tchainloader\t\t+1\n\n        InstallerApp            \tchainloader\t\t+1\n\n
+\tmenuentry \"Haiku Alpha\" {\n        InstallerApp            \tmenuentry 
\"Haiku Alpha\" {\n
+\trootnoverify\t\t(hd0,6)\n    InstallerApp            
+\tsudo <your favorite text editor> /boot/grub/menu.lst\n\n     InstallerApp    
        \tsudo <偏好文本编辑器> /boot/grub/menu.lst\n\n 
+\tsudo <your favorite text editor> /etc/default/grub\n\n       InstallerApp    
        \tsudo <偏好文本编辑器> /etc/default/grub\n\n
+\tsudo <your favorite text editor> /etc/grub.d/40_custom\n\n   InstallerApp    
        \tsudo <偏好文本编辑器> /etc/grub.d/40_custom\n\n
+\tsudo update-grub\n\n\n       InstallerApp            \tsudo update-grub\n\n\n
+\ttitle\t\t\t\tHaiku\n InstallerApp            \ttitle\t\t\t\tHaiku\n
+\t}\n\n        InstallerApp            \t}\n\n
+scanning…      InstallerWindow         扫描...
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..847817c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/launchbox/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,33 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-LaunchBox   4192523522
+Add button here        LaunchBox               在此处添加按钮
+Auto-raise     LaunchBox               自动提升
+Bummer LaunchBox               无效
+Cancel LaunchBox               取消
+Clear button   LaunchBox               清除按钮
+Clone  LaunchBox               复制
+Close  LaunchBox               关闭
+Description for '%3'   LaunchBox               描述 '%3'
+Failed to launch '%1'.\n\nError:       LaunchBox               启动 '%1' 
+Failed to send 'open folder' command to Tracker.\n\nError:     LaunchBox       
        发送 'open folder' 命令到 Tracker 失败。\n\n错误:
+Horizontal layout      LaunchBox               水平层
+Icon size      LaunchBox               图标尺寸
+Ignore double-click    LaunchBox               忽略双击
+LaunchBox      System name             启动栏
+Name Panel     LaunchBox               命名面板
+New    LaunchBox               新建
+OK     LaunchBox               确定
+Pad    LaunchBox               面板
+Pad %1 LaunchBox               面板 %1
+Pad 1  LaunchBox               面板 1
+Quit   LaunchBox               退出
+Really close this pad?\n(The pad will not be remembered.)      LaunchBox       
+Remove button  LaunchBox               删除按钮
+Set description…       LaunchBox               设置描述...
+Settings       LaunchBox               设置
+Show on all workspaces LaunchBox               在所有工作区显示
+Show window border     LaunchBox               显示窗口边界
+Vertical layout        LaunchBox               竖直层
+You can drag an icon here.     LaunchBox               您可以将图标拖动至此处。
+\n\nFailed to launch application with signature '%2'.\n\nError:        
LaunchBox               使用署名 '%2' 启动应用程序失败。\n\n错误:
+last chance    LaunchBox               最后机会
+launch popup   LaunchBox               载入弹出菜单
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/login/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..eed7166
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/login/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Login       1678631300
+--edit\tLaunch in shelf editting mode to allow customizing the desktop.\n      
Login App               --edit\t使用编辑模式启动,以便自定义桌面。
+--nonmodal\tDo not make the window modal\n     Login App               
+Desktop        Desktop Window          桌面
+Error  Login App               错误
+Error: %1      Login App               错误:%1
+Halt   Login View              挂起
+Hide password  Login View              隐藏密码
+Info   Login App               信息
+Invalid login! Login View              登陆无效!
+Login application for Haiku\nUsage:\n  Login App               Haiku 
+Login: Login View              登陆:
+OK     Login App               确定
+OK     Login View              确定
+Password:      Login View              密码:
+Reboot Login View              重新启动
+Unimplemented  Login App               未实现
+ValidateLogin: %s\n    Login App       A message returned from the 
ValidateLogin function. It can be \"B_OK\". 登陆验证:%s\n
+Welcome to Haiku       Login Window            欢迎使用 Haiku
+You can customize the desktop shown behind the Login application by dropping 
replicants onto it.\n\nWhen you are finished just quit the application (Alt-Q). 
  Login App               您可以在桌面上放置 replicant 
+error %s\n     Desktop Window  A return message from fDesktopShelf->Save(). It 
can be \"B_OK\" 错误 %s\n
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/magnify/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7cfb04f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/magnify/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Magnify     3748875992
+%width x %height  @ %pixelSize pixels/pixel    Magnify-Main            %width 
x %height  @ %pixelSize pixels/pixel 
+Add a crosshair        Magnify-Main            添加十字光标
+Copy image     Magnify-Main            复制图像
+Copy/Save:\n  copy - copies the current image to the clipboard\n  save - 
prompts the user for a file to save to and writes out\n    the bits of the 
image\n    Magnify-Help            复制/保存:\n复制 - 复制当前图像到剪贴板\n 保存 - 
+Decrease pixel size    Magnify-Main            缩小像素尺寸
+Decrease window size   Magnify-Main            缩小窗口尺寸
+Freeze/Unfreeze image  Magnify-Main            冻结/解冻 图像
+General:\n  32 x 32 - the top left numbers are the number of visible\n    
pixels (width x height)\n  8 pixels/pixel - represents the number of pixels 
that are\n    used to magnify a pixel\n  R:152 G:52 B:10 -  the RGB values for 
the pixel under\n    the red square\n     Magnify-Help            常用:\n 32 x 32 
- 左上数字为可见像素的数量(宽 x 高)\n 8 pixels/pixel - 代表用于放大单个像素的像素数量\n R:152 G:52 B:10 - 
红色方块之下的像素的 RGB 值。
+Help   Magnify-Main            帮助
+Hide/Show grid Magnify-Main            隐藏/显示栅格
+Hide/Show info Magnify-Main            隐藏/显示信息
+Increase pixel size    Magnify-Main            增大像素尺寸
+Increase window size   Magnify-Main            放大窗口尺寸
+Info   Magnify-Main            信息
+Info:\n  hide/show info - hides/shows all these new features\n    note: when 
showing, a red square will appear which signifies\n      which pixel's rgb 
values will be displayed\n  add/remove crosshairs - 2 crosshairs can be added 
(or removed)\n    to aid in the alignment and placement of objects.\n    The 
crosshairs are represented by blue squares and blue lines.\n  hide/show grid - 
hides/shows the grid that separates each pixel\n     Magnify-Help            
信息:\n 隐藏/显示信息 - 隐藏/显示 所有新功能\n 注意:当显示,红色方形反映出\n 显示其中像素的RGB值将\n 添加/删除十字光标- 
可以添加(或删除)2十字光标\n 以帮助路线和安置对象。\n 十字光标为代表的蓝色方块和蓝线。\n 隐藏/显示网格- 隐藏/显示像素分隔的网格。
+Magnify        System name             放大镜
+Magnify help   Magnify-Help            放大帮助
+Make square    Magnify-Main            创建方形
+Navigation:\n  arrow keys - move the current selection (rgb indicator or 
crosshair)\n    around 1 pixel at a time\n  option-arrow key - moves the mouse 
location 1 pixel at a time\n  x marks the selection - the current selection has 
an 'x' in it\n Magnify-Help            导航:\n箭头键 - 移动当前选中(颜色指示器或光标)\n每次一个像素\n 
option+箭头键 - 移动鼠标位置,每次一个像素\n x 标记选中 - 当前选中部分中显示 'x'\n
+Remove a crosshair     Magnify-Main            删除十字光标
+Save image     Magnify-Main            保存图像
+Sizing/Resizing:\n  make square - sets the width and the height to the 
larger\n    of the two making a square image\n  increase/decrease window size - 
grows or shrinks the window\n    size by 4 pixels.\n    note: this window can 
also be resized to any size via the\n      resizing region of the window\n  
increase/decrease pixel size - increases or decreases the number\n    of pixels 
used to magnify a 'real' pixel. Range is 1 to 16.\n   Magnify-Help            
缩放:\n make square - 设置长宽为两者中较大的以创建方形图像\n 缩放窗口尺寸 - 增大或者缩小窗口 4 个像素。\n 
注意:该窗口可以通过拖动区域为任何尺寸\n 缩放像素尺寸 - 增加或者缩小用于放大 ‘真正’ 像素的像素数量,从 1 至 16。\n
+Stick coordinates      Magnify-Main            插入坐标
+freeze - freezes/unfreezes magnification of whatever the\n    cursor is 
currently over\n       Magnify-Help            冻结 - 冻结/解冻当前光标所聚焦的地方\n
+magnify: size must be a multiple of 4\n        Console         放大:尺寸必须为 4 
+no clip msg\n  In console, when clipboard is empty after clicking Copy image   
+size must be > 4 and a multiple of 4\n Console         尺寸必须大于 4,并且为 4 的倍数。\n
+usage: magnify [size] (magnify size * size pixels)\n   Console         
用法:magnify [size](如,放大 size * size 像素)\n
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/mail/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d092234
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/mail/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,160 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Be-MAIL   2276629278
+%d - Date      Mail            %d - 日期
+%e - E-mail address    Mail            %e - 邮箱
+%e wrote:\\n   Mail            %e 写:\\n
+%n - Full name Mail            %n - 全名
+(Address unavailable)  Mail            (地址不可用)
+(Date unavailable)     Mail            (日期不可用)
+(Name unavailable)     Mail            (名称不可用)
+<none> Mail            <无>
+Account from mail      Mail            邮件账户
+Account:       Mail            账户:
+Accounts…      Mail            账户…
+Add    Mail            添加
+Add enclosure… Mail            添加附件中…
+Add signature  Mail            添加署名
+An error occurred trying to open this signature.       Mail            
+An error occurred trying to save the attachment.       Mail            
+An error occurred trying to save this signature.       Mail            
+Attach attributes:     Mail            附加属性:
+Attachments:   Mail            附件:
+Auto signature:        Mail            自动署名:
+Automatic      Mail            自动
+Automatically mark mail as read:       Mail            邮件自动标记为“已读”:
+Bcc:   Mail            邮件副本:
+Beginner       Mail            新手
+Button bar:    Mail            按钮栏:
+Cancel Mail            取消
+Cc:    Mail            副本:
+Check spelling Mail            检查拼写
+Close  Mail            关闭
+Close and      Mail            关闭并且
+Colored quotes:        Mail            彩色:
+Copy   Mail            复制
+Copy link location     Mail            复制链接
+Copy to new    Mail            转发
+Couldn't open this signature. Sorry.   Mail            署名无法打开,对不起。
+Cut    Mail            剪切
+Date:  Mail            日期:
+Decoding:      Mail            解码:
+Default account:       Mail            默认账户:
+Delete Mail            删除
+Discard        Mail            忽略
+Do you wish to save this message as a draft before closing?    Mail            
+Do you wish to send this message before closing?       Mail            
+Don't save     Mail            不保存
+E-mail draft could not be saved!       Mail            邮件草稿无法保存!
+Edit   Mail            编辑
+Edit queries…  Mail            编辑查询…
+Edit signatures…       Mail            编辑署名…
+Encoding:      Mail            编码:
+Expert Mail            专家
+File   Mail            文件
+Find   Mail            搜索
+Find again     Mail            重新搜索
+Find…  Mail            查询...
+Font:  Mail            字体:
+Forward        Mail            下一封
+Forward without attachments    Mail            不添加附件,继续
+From:  Mail            从:
+Hide   Mail            隐藏
+Include file attributes in attachments Mail            在附件中包含文件属性
+Inconsistency occurred in the undo/redo buffer.        Mail            
+Initial spell check mode:      Mail            拼写检查模式:
+Leave as '%s'  Mail            标记为 '%s'
+Leave as New   Mail            标记为“未读”
+Leave same     Mail            忽略
+Mail   System name             电子邮件
+Mail couldn't find its dictionary.     Mail            电子邮件无法找到字典。
+Mail preferences       Mail            邮箱首选项
+Mailing        Mail            发送中
+Message        Mail            邮件
+Move to trash  Mail            移动到垃圾箱
+Need Tracker to move items to trash    Mail            需要使用文件浏览器将其移动到垃圾箱
+New    Mail            新建
+New mail message       Mail            新建邮件
+Next   Mail            下一个
+Next message   Mail            下一个
+No file attributes, just plain data    Mail            文件属性为无,属于简单数据
+No matches     Mail            无匹配项
+None   Mail            无
+OK     Mail            确定
+Off    Mail            关闭
+On     Mail            开启
+Only files can be added as attachments.        Mail            只有文件可以作为附件发送。
+Open   Mail            打开
+Open attachment        Mail            打开附件
+Open draft     Mail            打开草稿
+Open this link Mail            打开链接
+Page setup…    Mail            页面设置…
+Paste  Mail            粘贴
+Preferences…   Mail            首选项…
+Previous       Mail            前一封
+Previous message       Mail            上一个
+Print  Mail            打印
+Print… Mail            打印中…
+Put your favorite e-mail queries and query templates in this folder.   Mail    
+Queries        Mail            查询
+Quit   Mail            退出
+Quote  Mail            转发
+Random Mail            随机
+Read   Mail            阅读
+Really delete this signature? This cannot be undone.   Mail            确定删除标识? 
+Redo   Mail            重复
+Remove attachment      Mail            删除附件
+Remove enclosure       Mail            删除格式
+Remove quote   Mail            删除引用
+Removing attachments from a forwarded mail is not yet implemented!\nIt will 
not yet work correctly.    Mail            从邮件中删除附件的功能暂时还未实现!\n可能无法正常运行!
+Reply  Mail            回复
+Reply account: Mail            回复:
+Reply preamble:        Mail            回复主题:
+Reply to all   Mail            全部回复
+Reply to sender        Mail            回复发件人
+Resend Mail            重新发送
+Revert Mail            恢复
+Save   Mail            保存
+Save address   Mail            保存地址
+Save as draft  Mail            保存为草稿
+Save attachment…       Mail            保存附件…
+Save changes to this signature?        Mail            保存此样式?
+Select all     Mail            全选
+Send   Mail            发送
+Send message   Mail            发送邮件
+Set to %s      Mail            设置为 %s
+Set to Saved   Mail            设置为保存
+Set to…        Mail            设置为…
+Show header    Mail            显示邮件头部
+Show icons & labels    Mail            显示图标和标签
+Show icons only        Mail            只显示图标
+Show raw message       Mail            显示原始信息
+Signature      Mail            样式
+Signature:     Mail            样式:
+Signatures     Mail            署名
+Size:  Mail            大小:
+Sorry  Mail            对不起
+Sorry, could not find an application that supports the 'Person' data type.     
Mail            对不起,无法找到支持‘个人’数据类型的程序。
+Start now      Mail            开始
+Subject:       Mail            主题:
+Text wrapping: Mail            文本加密:
+The mail_daemon could not be started:\n\t      Mail             mail_daemon 
+The mail_daemon is not running. The message is queued and will be sent when 
the mail_daemon is started.        Mail            mail_daemon 
+There is no installed handler for URL links.   Mail             URL 链接无法处理。
+Title: Mail            标题:
+To:    Mail            发送到:
+Trash  Mail            垃圾箱
+Undo   Mail            撤销
+Unread Mail            无法读取
+Use default account    Mail            使用默认账户
+User interface Mail            用户界面
+View   Mail            查看
+Warn unencodable:      Mail            无法识别的编码类型警告:
+Your main text contains %ld unencodable characters. Perhaps a different 
character set would work better? Hit Send to send it anyway (a substitute 
character will be used in place of the unencodable ones), or choose Cancel to 
go back and try fixing it up.  Mail            你的正文中包含的 %ld 属于无法识别的编码类型。 
可能改变编码类型之后会更好的运行? 点击“发送”继续(系统将会选择一种合适的类型来代替无法编码的类型),或者点击“取消”,进行修复。
+\\n - Newline  Mail            \\n - 插入空行
+draft  B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/draft             草稿箱
+helpful message        Mail            帮助消息
+in     B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/in                收件箱
+mail   B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail           邮件
+out    B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/out               发件箱
+queries        B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/queries           查询
+sent   B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/sent              已发送
+spam   B_USER_DIRECTORY/mail/spam              垃圾邮件
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/mandelbrot/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5216e9c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/mandelbrot/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-Mandelbrot  3766380907
+File   Mandelbrot              文件
+Iterations     Mandelbrot              迭代次数
+Mandelbrot     System name             分形图形
+Palette        Mandelbrot              画板
+Palette 1      Mandelbrot              画板 1
+Palette 2      Mandelbrot              画板 2
+Palette 3      Mandelbrot              画板 3
+Palette 4      Mandelbrot              画板 4
+Quit   Mandelbrot              退出
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ff0fc5f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/mediaconverter/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,68 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-MediaConverter      424866547
+%.1f kHz %ld channel / %lld frames     MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz %ld 通道 
/ %lld 帧
+%.1f kHz mono / %lld frames    MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz 单声道 / %lld 帧
+%.1f kHz stereo / %lld frames  MediaFileInfo           %.1f kHz 立体声 / %lld 帧
+%amountOfFiles files were not recognized as supported media files:     
MediaConverter          %amountOfFiles 文件为不支持的媒体类型:
+%d bit         MediaFileInfo           %d bit
+%d byte        MediaFileInfo           %d 字节
+%u x %u, %.2ffps / %Ld frames  MediaFileInfo   Width x Height, fps / frames    
%u x %u,%.2ffps / %Ld 帧
+An error has occurred reading the file info.\n\nError :        
MediaConverter-FileInfo         读取文件信息错误。\n\n错误:
+Audio encoding:        MediaConverter          音频编码:
+Audio quality not supported    MediaConverter          音频质量不支持
+Audio quality: %3d%%   MediaConverter          音频质量:%3d%%
+Audio: MediaConverter-FileInfo         音频:
+Cancel MediaConverter          取消
+Cancelling     MediaConverter          取消
+Cancelling…    MediaConverter          取消...
+Continue       MediaConverter          继续
+Conversion cancelled   MediaConverter          转换取消
+Conversion completed   MediaConverter          转换结束
+Convert        MediaConverter          转换
+Drop media files onto this window      MediaConverter          拖放媒体文件到窗口
+Duration:      MediaConverter-FileInfo         持续时间:
+Encoder parameters     MediaConverter-EncoderWindow            编码器参数
+End   [ms]:    MediaConverter          结束 [ms]:
+Error  MediaConverter          错误
+Error converting '%filename'   MediaConverter          转换 '%filename' 错误
+Error creating '%filename'     MediaConverter          创建 '%filename' 错误
+Error launching: %strError%    MediaConverter          启动错误:%strError%
+Error loading a file   MediaConverter          载入文件错误
+Error loading files    MediaConverter          载入文件错误
+Error read audio frame %Ld     MediaConverter          读取音频帧 %Ld 错误
+Error read video frame %Ld     MediaConverter          读取视频帧 %Ld 错误
+Error writing audio frame %Ld  MediaConverter          写入音频框架 %LD 错误
+Error writing video frame %Ld  MediaConverter          写入视频框架 %Ld 错误
+File   Menu            文件
+File Error     MediaConverter-FileInfo         文件错误
+File details   MediaConverter          文件详情
+File format:   MediaConverter          文件格式:
+High   MediaConverter          高
+Low    MediaConverter          低
+MediaConverter System name             媒体转换器
+MediaConverter+:SaveDirectory  MediaConverter          
+No audio       Audio codecs list               无音频
+No file selected       MediaConverter-FileInfo         无选中文件
+No video       Video codecs list               无视频
+None available Audio codecs            无可用
+None available Video codecs            无可用
+OK     MediaConverter          确定
+OK     MediaConverter-FileInfo         确定
+Open…  Menu            打开...
+Output file '%filename' created        MediaConverter          输出文件 
'%filename' 已创建
+Output folder  MediaConverter          输出目录
+Output format  MediaConverter          输出格式
+Preview        MediaConverter          预览
+Quit   Menu            退出
+Select MediaConverter          选择
+Select this folder     MediaConverter          选中该文件件
+Source files   MediaConverter          源文件
+Start [ms]:    MediaConverter          开始 [ms]:
+The file was not recognized as a supported media file: MediaConverter          
+Video encoding:        MediaConverter          视频编码:
+Video quality not supported    MediaConverter          视频质量不支持
+Video quality: %3d%%   MediaConverter          视频质量:%3d%%
+Video using parameters form settings   MediaConverter          视频参数表使用设置
+Video: MediaConverter-FileInfo         视频:
+Writing audio track: %ld%% complete    MediaConverter          写入音频轨道:%ld%% 完成
+Writing video track: %ld%% complete    MediaConverter          写入视频轨道:%ld%% 完成
+seconds        MediaFileInfo           秒
diff --git a/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e7de6dc
--- /dev/null
+++ b/data/catalogs/apps/mediaplayer/zh-Hans.catkeys
@@ -0,0 +1,137 @@
+1      simplified_chinese      x-vnd.Haiku-MediaPlayer 138551800
+%app% encountered an internal error. The file could not be opened.     
MediaPlayer-Main                %app% 出现内部错误。文件无法打开。
+1.85 : 1 (American)    MediaPlayer-Main                1.85 : 1(美式)
+100% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                100%
+2.35 : 1 (Cinemascope) MediaPlayer-Main                2.35 : 1(宽屏)
+200% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                200%
+300% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                300%
+400% scale     MediaPlayer-Main                400%
+50% scale      MediaPlayer-Main                50%
+<nothing to redo>      MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              <无重复内容>
+<nothing to undo>      MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              <无撤销内容>
+<unknown>      PlaylistItem-album              <未知>
+<unknown>      PlaylistItem-author             <未知>
+<unnamed>      PlaylistItem-name               <未命名>
+<untitled>     PlaylistItem-title              <无标题>
+All files could not be moved into Trash.       MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd    
+Always on top  MediaPlayer-Main                置顶
+Aspect ratio   MediaPlayer-Main                纵横比
+Attributes     MediaPlayer-Main                属性
+Audio  MediaPlayer-Main                音频
+Audio track    MediaPlayer-Main                音频轨道
+Automatically start playing    MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              自动开始播放
+Bottom of screen       MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              屏幕底部
+Bottom of video        MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              视频底部
+Cancel MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              取消
+Close  MediaPlayer-Main                关闭
+Close  MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              关闭
+Close window after playing audio       MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              
+Close window after playing video       MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              
+Copy Entries   MediaPlayer-CopyPLItemsCmd              复制条目
+Copy Entry     MediaPlayer-CopyPLItemsCmd              复制条目
+Drop files to play     MediaPlayer-Main                拖放文件以播放
+Edit   MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              编辑
+Error:         MediaPlayer-Main                错误:
+Error:         MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            错误: 
+File Info      MediaPlayer-InfoWin             文件信息
+File info…     MediaPlayer-Main                文件信息...
+Full screen    MediaPlayer-Main                全屏
+Full volume    MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              最大音量
+Gets the URI of the currently playing item.    MediaPlayer-Main                
+Gets/sets the volume (0.0-2.0).        MediaPlayer-Main                
+Hide interface MediaPlayer-Main                隐藏界面
+Import Entries MediaPlayer-ImportPLItemsCmd            导入条目
+Import Entry   MediaPlayer-ImportPLItemsCmd            导入条目
+Internal error (locking failed). Saving the playlist failed.   
MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              内部错误(锁定失败)。保存播放列表失败。
+Internal error (malformed message). Saving the playlist failed.        
MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              内部错误(格式错误消息)。保存播放列表失败。
+Internal error (out of memory). Saving the playlist failed.    
MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              内部错误(内存不足)。保存播放列表失败。
+It appears the media server is not running.\nWould you like to start it ?      
MediaPlayer-Main                媒体服务器没有运行。\n 你要打开吗?
+Large  MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              大
+Lock Peaks     MediaPlayer-PeakView            锁定采样
+Loop audio     MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              音频循环播放
+Loop video     MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              视频循环播放
+Low volume     MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              低音量
+MediaPlayer    System name             媒体播放器
+MediaPlayer settings   MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              MediaPlayer 设置
+Medium MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              中等
+Move Entries   MediaPlayer-MovePLItemsCmd              移动条目
+Move Entry     MediaPlayer-MovePLItemsCmd              移动条目
+Move Into Trash Error  MediaPlayer-RemovePLItemsCmd            移动到垃圾箱出错
+Move file to Trash     MediaPlayer-PlaylistWindow              移动文件到垃圾箱
+Mute   MediaPlayer-Main                静音
+Muted  MediaPlayer-SettingsWindow              静音
+New player…    MediaPlayer-Main                新建播放器...
+Next   MediaPlayer-Main                下一个

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