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  • Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:45:57 -0500

>As soon as I saw Stuart's original message, I knew there would be a 
>hornet's nest stirred up

Well at least we're still working with bees...  (that was ajoke)

>First, we are not all sociologists... I would vernture to say that 
>probably none of us is an expert in that field.  Stuart is certainly not 
>very knowledgable about human interaction, as his commentary 
>demonstrated.  This is normal.  

Or he was just frustrated and spoke his mind, however appropriate or not the 
vocabulary.  Were it the only time I'd seen that kind of "commentary" (I've 
seen it from more than one person in the forum) I would not have reacted so 
strongly.  I had come into the group expecting professionalism.  I suppose I 
should not have, since there are probably less professional designers here than 
"the majority."  So, anyway, I'm over it now.  I'm finding Stuart to be a very 
capable designer and an active and motivated design-team member.  I appreciate 
this and his skills.  I can work with him, it seems, quite well.  I just need 
to follow your rule two:

>(2)  When a little sand gets into the works, it behooves us all to 
>develop a thicker skin and give the offending individual a bit of room 
>to vent.  Be tolerant.

But I do hope that everyone else tries to follow your rule one:

>(1)  Courtesy is the watchword and the lubrication that allows the parts 
>of a team to work together properly.  Be courteous.

>We need all the help we can get.  Calm down, think before you post, and 
>ask God for guidance.  Ultimately nothing succeeds without His help.

Well, you have to consider the audience when making statements like this just 
as we would like Stuart to consider his words more carefully.  There's no 
relationship between me and any god.  However, I do understand your motivation 
and I greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for your suggestions on interpersonal 
interaction here in this team.  I really can be easy to get allong with given 
that others are interested in doing so :)

>Now, about the forum.  I have tried repeatedly to get onto it without 
>success.  Perhaps this is the reason people are not using it as 
>prevalently as they are the mail list?
>Dale A. Raby

Yes.  The forum has caused me much teeth gritting.  Stuart suggested that those 
of us who have problems just try to use the forum once a week (a regular 
basis), not every day.  I think that's reasonable if I can get it to work at 
all.  Last night I was in there and had some productive interaction with Stuart 
(he's really got a great mind for design) - so I came back this morning to 
continue the conversation.  Trying to post, however, turned out to be a problem 
(this is why I am emailing right now - I'm still waiting for the forum to 
respond to my reply request).  I'm in the US, have either a 28.8 modem or a 
one-way cable connection (the cable is on a Mac so it's a no-win situation for 
me). Regardless of my choice of connection, the forum is rarely easy to work 
with.  I'm trying though.


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