[openbeos-cdt] .pkg package uninstaller GUI

  • From: Łukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak <sil2100@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 22:26:34 +0200


I think the time has finally come to start the discussion about the
Package Uninstaller user interface. Once again, I write here for good
advice and help in this task.
I wanted to start this sooner so that after finishing the installer I
could move straight on to working on the uninstaller.

The Package Uninstaller should be a simple application giving the user
the ability to remove packages installed on the system. With this, the
first question arises - since there were discussions about package file
collisions, should control over which versions of files should a package
use be in the competence of this application? Given, of course, that
file collision would be treated in any advanced way.

I have taken a look on how installed package/application managment
appears on a few systems I have under my possession: Xubuntu 7.10,
Windows XP SP2 and BeOS R5 (using the Uninstall application, present by
default in BeOS Max).
For convinience, I uploaded screenshots of the compared designs.


>From my POV all of them have flaws. The most intuitive one seems theUnisntall 
>application for BeOS, having a very nice KISS feel in it.
There's not much that can confuse the user, and its functions are
explicitly given. What it lacks, though, is giving the user the
information about the given package. I think it's important. The
targeted everyday user won't remember what all installed applications do
and whether they are necessary for him/her or not. What information
should be included? The description and size for sure. As for the rest -
don't know.

I have a few propositions ready in my mind. The first one can be seen below.


Simple. After selection of any item from the list view the description
changes to the currently selected package. I didn't want too much space
to be occupied by the list view, since the names of the packages are
usually not too long. The description is placed at the bottom, so that
it wouldn't take much unnecessary attention from the user.
Free space above the "Uninstall" button was left on purpose; because 1)
it looks clean this way, 2) in case some additional feature was to be added.

I think it's quite consistent with the PackageInstall acknowledged UI.

Anyway, as usual, I'm waiting for all kind of feedback, corrections and
advice. Again its only a preliminary proposition, feel free to criticize
it ;-) My final exam this semester is scheduled on Monday. After that
day, I should have more time to spend on my project.


Best regards,
Łukasz 'Sil2100' Zemczak

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