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-- Eddy Groen, on Mon, 16 Nov 2009 12:14:33 +0100:
> T.I. = thread initiator, the individual who came up with the idea

Normally called OP - "Original Poster" (may be better to distinguish in 
regard to T.S.)

> T.S. = team spokesperson (or secretary)
> CDT = team as a whole
      = CDT mailing list, right.
> 1. Find something to improve (by CDT or by T.I.)
> 2. Come up with an initial idea / proposal (by T.I.)
> 3. Discuss divergently in CDT (iterative process: brainstorm,
>      conceptualize, prototype, summarize by T.I., repeat)
> 4. Discuss convergently in CDT (reaching a point of agreement)
> 5. Formulate the idea into a clear plan including sketches (by T.I.)
> 6. Present the idea to others (general list, non-tech users; by T.S.)
> 7. Evaluate the feedback from the presented idea (by T.S.)
> 8. Write Trac entry (by T.I.), have it checked (by CDT)
> 9. Post a Trac entry (along with the necessary attachments, by T.I.)
> 10. Evaluate the eventual implementation (by CDT)

I'm not sure a T.S. is needed and a good idea. It needlessly introduces 
a point of failure in the process. Steps 6 and 7 could be equally done 
by the OP. Just make sure to have the result of step 5 checked by CDT, 
before moving on to step 6.
Of course, it should be pointed out that if any OP needs help with any 
step (apart from the first... :) ), he should just ask for it. I'm 
sure, if someone sees merit in it, he'd receive it.

I'd like to add one more step:
9.5. Track the progress of the Trac ticket, give feedback to possible 
developer questions there, report back to CDT when the ticket is marked 
"fixed" (by OP)

In order to still get 10 easy steps, you may consider removing step 1, 
as that's a given... :)

Otherwise, I agree with the process. Nicely done, Eddy. Maybe that 
should be worked into a wiki. With an actual example of every step, 
once we've been through the process.


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