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  • Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 10:33:30 CST

Hey guys I'm trying to eek this out my net is dropping like mad & I 
dont see a fix in sight. There are massive problems with the lines in 
the building & they aren't being permitted to fix the problem as of yet 
so come sunday if things are not back up I'm disconnecting permanently. 
Just be forewarned any email to me may not be received & such & don't 
expect to see me around. :( I can't imagine no net but this has gotten 
stupid. unless they drop my monthly to $5 I'm not paying for this, & 
there is no other viable provider here. The DSL is a MAJOR joke. Take 
care & This sickens me but if you need to email me use 
Death_Shed@xxxxxxxxxxxx I rarely check hotmail as i HATE it but this is 
the least checked so if you don't hear back please resend. 

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