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  • Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 10:51:21 -0400

Nathan, the other one was planned for Tuesday at 8pm EST.  I don't expect
these to run more than an hour as ideas begin to turn sour if you harp on
them too long.  I'm hoping these will spark some ideas and suggestions I can
send along to Michael Phipps for consideration.  This session on Tuesday is
supposed to be a make-up for the one that didn't happen last Thursday due to
"technical difficulties".

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 Stuart ...
I can't make it to this chat session.  You mentioned another one on
Thursday.  When is that, and if it's after 9:00pm eastern time could we make
it earlier?
  Stuart McCoy <stubear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Don't forget about the name brainstorming session on IRC today at 2pm EST.
If you don't see #obos-cdt listed in the channel list just type /join

Stuart McCoy

Nathan Callender           nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx

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