[openbeos-cdt] Re: cdt leadership and my personal status.

  • From: DigitalSin <digisin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 12:45:17 -0500

Hello Guy,

    I am sad to see this but am glad that you will be sticking around.
Also, I can understand you not wanting to mess with organization,
but I see that as part of being a 'leader' for the CDT ; so I can
understand Michael's decision.

    Having said that, I must also say that I agreed with how you tried
to bring the members together - to be more productive and to work
together without stepping on each other's toes. You were always
courteous and constructive in your criticism - something I think
all the members should try more to emulate.

    In that way, I do have some concerns as to the future of the CDT,
and to it's leadership, that I would like to address. If you would
kindly forward this to Michael it would be much appreciated.

    Firstly, my main concern being the structure of the team, and
the views of some of the members as to how to move forward in a timely
fashion. While I agree with the call for a 'professional' appearance
and internal organization, and that the team needs direction, it is
the means to that end that concerns me.

    It is the general concensus (from what the members have posted)
that everyone seems to feel the need for these things, but their
suggestions for the way in which they are to be implemented are....
off basis. There are members that seem to think we should be
'run and managed' like a business, most likely due to their personal
experience in their professions. That is to say that they think,
from what they have openly said, that we should be told what to do
and how to do it, and that the CDT needs this to have 'direction'.

    I was under the impression that this was a 'Creative Development Team'.
There are two basic ways to 'manage' a group such as this.
One way is to have a leader who in the end has final say in making
the decisions. The other way is to have the group decide, based on a
voting system where the highest number of votes passes a motion.
Either way though, there is the method of creation - born of the very
words that our team is entitled with - creative development.

    The best way is to have a mixing of the two, NOT just one or the other.
A team leader is one who will take charge but not be overpowering, and
who can see both sides unbiased. What has been proposed by others is
contrary to these very notions.

    Some have said that what we are striving for must be defined first,
before any creative work can be done. What they are losing sight of is
that this in itself is a creative act. What we need now is for a leader
to step in and say:

"Ok everyone, as a group brainstorm proposals for
what you think OpenBeos should look like, feel like, be like...
as a WHOLE - don't be too specific, think general. The end for submissions
is ONE WEEK from now. Remember to work together, and come up with 
atleast five
general descriptions. We will then vote individually:
each member can cast ONE vote for any submission of their choice.
The top three are then voted upon in a final round. The winner will be 
the proposal
with the most points, and the ranking system is as follows:

Team Member: 1 point
Team Leaders: 2 points (there are fewer of us and we put up with more :P)
Project Leader: Breaking decision/ultimate choice

ALL OBOS members take part in final vote, and there is an anonymous person
in charge of point tallying (chosen by project leader).

The chosen 'look/appearance/feel' of OpenBeos will then influence all 
of the cdt, and the voting can have a positive affect (publicity). It 
will also
give everyone a say in the final outcome (including not only the cdt but 
the programmers), leaving noone feeling 'left out'.

It is important to see this as a stepping stone, one to be done 
cooperatively -
NOT a competition."

    After that, of course, the Team Leader should be in charge of 
keeping 'deadlines' for
the development. There should be rounds of brainstorming to lay down the 
exactness of
the details, followed by refinement of the product. It is important that 
members be allowed
to produce 'specialized' material (so long as it is deemed fit by Team 
Leader's opinion),
although this should not interfere with the 'mainstream' product.

    I'd like to close in saying that it is of course Michael's decision 
in what gets layed out. I only wanted to voice my views from my own 
perceptions in the
hope that it may or may not be agreed with. I'm not looking to dictate 
to anyone, or
to try to impose myself onto anyone... I only want what's best for the 
team and the project.
It's been my experience that what else has been proposed in the forums 
just won't cut it
for this kind of project.

Thanks alot for your time and your efforts,
Jonas Laurio

Guy wrote:

>hello everyone,
>i have just recieved an email from michael asking me to leave the leadership
>of the cdt. so as of now, i think ill stay around, but it will ofcourse be
>it has been fun, but it also was very difficult. i think that the main thing
>i understood in the last months is that i'm an artist (and a political
>acitivst, an educator, partime programmer,etc .. :), but i do not wish to
>manage things in the aspect of organization. i have very clear views of how
>i would like to see openbeos, and i want to stay around to make this work.
>i'm not quite sure who's taking over (since michael's email was a bit too
>short and undetailed in my opinion..) but i wish him goodluck.
>and ofcourse i would like to hear from you.

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