[openbeos-cdt] Re: artpack release Question

  • From: "Boris Kuncer" <borisko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 03:23:09 +0200

you are right about closing irc channel. I agree that open irc will just
split discussion. 
Ok then. 
Logo team,
organize some closed irc channel and tell to the rest of the people when
is time to other can join discussion.
(btw. who is in logo team?):)


>This is still not organized.  Opening an IRC channel only 
>suffices to split this group even further.  My suggestion was 
>to use the IRC for discussions at particular SET times amongst 
>the different teams, not some open, free for all.  The logo 
>team needs to set a time that ALL in that group can meet and 
>discuss the look and feel of OBOS, including but not limited 
>to the logo and color scheme.  Others may join if they are 
>available but I would not suggest trying to find a time when 
>all 40 members spread across the world can meet. Once this is 
>done the rest of the teams have a starting point and a 
>framework to work within.  An open IRC channel does nothing 
>that the forum and this e-mail list already can't and it 
>splits the group discussion across yet another location that 
>everyone won't have access to necessarily.
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>I think that this artpack can close this stage of cdt work; to 
>tell people that we are working and that we have started. and 
>we have to start again from the START. start is organizing 
>things in cdt. debro open irc discussion and this is good 
>starting point. i've sow today there only guy and debro.. i'm 
>now connected. alone:( and we have 40 people here. why am i 
>alone on irc?
>>I'm going to, once again, reiterate my objections to this art 
>pack.  As 
>>this group doesn't even have any clear direction I feel the art pack 
>>only demonstrates top those outside this group what many of us have 
>>known all along; we are disorganized and lack competent 
>leadership.  Is 
>>this the message we want to show the BeOS community?  If it is then
>>perhaps it is best to quit wasting my time.  I have asked,
>>pleaded, cajoled and even made outright personal attacks in
>>hopes of motivating people to begin organizing this group in a
>>meaningful way, weeding out those whose heart and talent isn't
>>in this project and demonstrating to the world that an OSS GUI
>>CAN be well designed.
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>>hey everyone, i just finished writing the infofile and zipping up the 
>>artpack, only one problem:
>>its huge. 8.22 megs.
>>so i thought we should either split it up, reduce some files, 
>or split 
>>it into two packs - AudioPack and GraphicsPack.
>>- i am delaying the artpack release until i'll see some comments on 
>>this. i think Audio/Graphics will reduce the graphics' pack size 
>>greatly. i tend to go in this direction.
>>Please post your thoughts quickly.

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