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> I forgot to save the log but the just of the conversation began leaning
> towards these few ideas and names.

Well, I did...

> 1) Jaffa.  It's a variety of orange. (get it?  Apple/Macintosh?)  Anyway,
> it's an idea.
> 2) NucleOS
> 3) something related to the starfish or octopus (think nautical or marine
> life)
> 4) something astronomy related.
> 5) the work I've done on the UI has gone under the names Terra(the look)
> Magma(the  underlying functionality).  Some sort of elemental name (earth,
> wind, fire, air) might work as well.

Here is the log for those who are interested. I hope I don't blow your
May be I'm outing myself as a bad English speaker by doing this *g*...

---8<--- snip --->8---

<Jace-CDT> Okay, Garfield82, here are some brainstorm words: Enlightenment,
Transcendence, Eternity, Helix, NexOS, Eye of Harmony, Event One,
<stubear> Two names suggested so far have been Jaffa (a variety of Orange)
and NucleOS
<Jace-CDT> I personally like Japanese words... do you think there's a
possiblity of that working?  Example: Genki was a popular codename for BeOS
unrealsed version R5 I think.
<Jace-CDT> Genki means "well" or "all is well" or "healthy"
<stubear> Write them up with their definitions.  Sadly I don't speak
<Jace-CDT> I'm only up on a few vocab words and a few Kana... so I don't
speak it yet either.  Plan to, though.
<Garfield82> i've got problems with enlightenment and Event One so far:

<Garfield82> Wasn't Enlightenment a dsektop for linux?

<Garfield82> What do you mean with Event One?

<Jace-CDT> Enlightenment... yeah, that is a Linux thing... oh well.  Event
One is a sort of scifi slang for the big bang.
<Jace-CDT> Usagi = bunny
<Jace-CDT> Hachi=bee
<Jace-CDT> (the a sounds more british like ah instead of american nasal a,
<stubear> yes, Enlightenment is a desktop manager for Linux.UNIX
<Garfield82> *g*

<Garfield82> Hachi sounds like the german word for the thing you do before
someone else says "blesse you"

<Jace-CDT> heh heh
<stubear> Reminds me of Bacci(sp?) ball.
<Garfield82> don't know what you mean.

<Jace-CDT> Kinen=monumenal
<Jace-CDT> monumental
<stubear> I should have said sounds like
<Garfield82> i think it's a game ;)

<stubear> Perhaps we should be asking, what is BeOS?
<Jace-CDT> BeOS is igaku, the science of restoring health to the computer
<Garfield82> an os? - just kidding.

* stubear slaps Garfield82 around a bit with Tux, the Linux Penguin
<Jace-CDT> (the i in Japanese is pronounced like a double e in english)
<Garfield82> (the same in german)

<Garfield82> (i = i)

<stubear> oops, sorry about Tux there.  I'll have to find out where you can
set things like that in Besirc
<Jace-CDT> Fushigi=mysterious
<Jace-CDT> FushigiOS the mysterious OS
<Garfield82> I donÄt think that BeOS is misterious.

<Garfield82> is it?

<Jace-CDT> Yeah, I guess Windows is more mysterious... in the horror film
<Jace-CDT> "What's it doing??"
<Garfield82> *lol*

<stubear> Actually I don't think Windows is mysterious at all, but that's
neither here nor there  :)
<Jace-CDT> "Persuasion"
<Jace-CDT> What BeOS is to me: "The potential to make computers what they
should be: useful tools that do what you want and expect.  Also the
rebuilding of a formerly anti-consumer industry."
<Jace-CDT> Right now, there is no computer that works like it really ought
to.  BeOS was always the closest thing to that potential, in my mind.
<Jace-CDT> Simple, just plain works, all that.
<Garfield82> Why not collect those sentences and build an acronym of them?

<Jace-CDT> hmm.
<Jace-CDT> PTBWTSB... nah, that doesn't work.
<stubear> Simple is good.  Any associations with simple that aren't
derogatory (i.e. plain)?
<Jace-CDT> "vanilla"
<Garfield82> *g* like the "wine" guys did for example

<Jace-CDT> Singular (used by cell phone co)
<Garfield82> "handy"

<Jace-CDT> BINAPOC: Beos Is Not A Piece Of Crap... that's not helpful.
<Garfield82> ..but nice#

<Garfield82> (in a way)

<Jace-CDT> Tanjunsa=simplicity
<Jace-CDT> sobokusa
<Garfield82> why don't we just browse through a dictionary?

<Jace-CDT> Uta = act of singing
<Garfield82> thats the way for BeOS

<Jace-CDT> That's a good thing to do.
<stubear> I'm doing that as we speak  :)
<Jace-CDT> That's what I'm doing with Japanese
<Garfield82> shall i say "stop" by browsing?

<Jace-CDT> Silhouette (shiruetto)
<Jace-CDT> Stop?
<Garfield82> while you browse through the dictionay i say sotp and you stop
on that page. the word you have could be a new name

<stubear> Sorry, multimedia dictionary (Encarta).
<Garfield82> ehh...

<Garfield82> i ment the way like jean-louis did...

<Garfield82> you know?

<stubear> I did discover that Be is also a city in Vietnam
<Jace-CDT> Millennium
<stubear> Taken - Windows ME (Millennium Edition)
<Garfield82> do you know how the name "BeOS" was invented?

<Jace-CDT> Ah...the bastards
<Jace-CDT> I don't even think of it that way... just as ME
<Jace-CDT> as in EniMe
<Jace-CDT> EniMy
<stubear> Garfield,  no and I could find nothing about it in the Be
Newsletter archives either  :(
<Garfield82> i just looked it up. interested?

<stubear> sure
<Garfield82> ok. a little story (it's true):

<Garfield82> Jean-Louis Gassée was looking for a name for his new OS. He
browsed through a dictionary and fell asleep...

<Garfield82> he told the people that he slept in at the letter "b" and
everybody understood "be"

<Garfield82> so the name was "BeOS"

<Garfield82> that's it (in a was).

<Garfield82> basically it was found by accident.

<Garfield82> (i ment "in a way" not "was")

<Jace-CDT> and they realized it was a very widely used word that would lend
itself to much friendly adoption
<stubear> hmmmm....Are you suggesting we all take a nap?  Sleep on it so to
speak?  ;)
<Garfield82> the story is true. i read it in the only german print magazine

<Jace-CDT> my dictionary sucks.  X Y and Z are all on one page!
<Garfield82> i just "stopped" (that's what i meant) at the "k"

<Garfield82> would lead to "kos" or "chaos"

<Garfield82> what do you think of "isos" (thinking of isis)

<stubear> I think it's WAY too obscure, and I've even been to Egypt to the
Temple of Isis
<Jace-CDT> It might demand an acronym too
<Garfield82> well could also be "is" according to "be"

<Jace-CDT> "Is is a great OS"  nah...
<Garfield82> just "IsOS"

<Jace-CDT> I think that would be harder to explain than Be has been...v;)
<stubear> Personally I would like to steer away from the -OS suffix if I
could.  I think it's clear that this is an OS.  A direction we might
consider is something similar to Apple or Sun.  Apple named their OS after a
variety of Apple (McIntosh, Apple misspelled it), and Sun after another term
for the sun, Sol...
<Jace-CDT> :)
<Jace-CDT> I like Sol
<Jace-CDT> VirtuOS, Unity, UbiquitOS, Dawn, Tribe, Trion, Trio
<Jace-CDT> I was working on those before you said to avoid OS
<stubear> That was the thinking behind Jaffa.  It's a variety of an orange.
I was thinking along the likes of Terra, Magma or some other elemental name.
<stubear> fire, water, earth, air.
<stubear> Aqua has been taken.
<Jace-CDT> Mikan is a Japanese tangerine
<Jace-CDT> Of course, no one would pronounce it right...
<Garfield82> i just looked out of my window and saw a box(tree)

<Jace-CDT> except the Japanese
<Jace-CDT> Orchid
<Garfield82> java was inteded to be called Ork

<Jace-CDT> hah
<stubear> I believe Java was codenamed Oak.
<Garfield82> oh. sorry i ment this. was just a misstype...

<stubear> Funny you should mention orchid.  Vanilla is a type of orchid and
I believe there was mention of it earlier.  Unfortunately my encyclopedia
search didn't turn up anything interesting concerning either.
<Jace-CDT> Vanilla is an Orchid? Cool!
<Jace-CDT> Sun really has a great name/logo combo.  I have to say.
<stubear> It's a climbing orchid.  I saw them all over the Seychelle
<stubear> I think the idea behind the name Sun was their concept of the thin
client, "the network is the OS" strategy.  Again, this begs the question,
what is BeOS?  Is it the server behind the thin clients like Sun (I know it
isn't but this is the direcitonthis should take)?
<Jace-CDT> BeOS is like a team.
<Garfield82> what about "Culcita", "Oraster" or "Fromia"? these are names of

<Jace-CDT> A team of components working in harmonious tandem to do things
for you
<Garfield82> a starfish could be a symbolc commections between the members
of a team

<Jace-CDT> I've been using "NUMA" for my new computer architechture I've
been writing.  What do you think of that?
<Garfield82> what is behind this? is ist an acronym?

<Jace-CDT> It's a bad acronym.
<Jace-CDT> New Useful Machine Atchitecture
<Garfield82> well, BeOS ist not quite new, i think

<Jace-CDT> The idea was "this architechture will replace all the old useless
junk that's been crawling along, rotting for decades."
<stubear> I like the starfsh concept but I discovered that the japanese have
something against the image of a starfish.  According to Adobe, the splash
screen of Photoshop v6.0 was annoying to the Japanese because of the
starfish image and it has been replaced (it would have been anyway) in v7.0.
I'll look into it, but I really like the concept.
<Garfield82> why don't japanese like the starfish?

<Jace-CDT> That's interesting.  I do know that the Japanese are a number one
target for BeOS because their culture embrases new technology
<stubear> I didn't see an explanaiton, just a comment by one of the
programmers that the japanses market wasn't big on the starfish image.  I'll
shoot him an e-mail and see what the explanaiton was.
<Garfield82> "(sea) anemone"

<Garfield82> or "Actinia"

<Jace-CDT> Amber
<stubear> Asteroidea - class starfish are in
<Garfield82> "Apogon"

<Jace-CDT> Does anyone here know a lot of Astronomy names?
<stubear> such as?
<Garfield82> not yet

<Jace-CDT> Andante = in music, with slow graceful movement.  I guess slow is
<Garfield82> I'm actually browsing through my dictionary of "fishtank
fishes" *g*

<Jace-CDT> forget that.
<Garfield82> "Ornatus" means decorated.

<Garfield82> "Pulcher" = beautiful

<Garfield82> "Mysis"

<Jace-CDT> Quantum Mechanics is a hip source for names... any favorite words
<Jace-CDT> Oasis
<Garfield82> hmm.. don't like quantum mechanics.

<Garfield82> it's kinda theoretical. BeOS isn't

<Jace-CDT> OBOS is... hah hah
<Jace-CDT> Ikaido is a Japanese flower
<Jace-CDT> Kai: found in several languages.  In Japanese: seashell,
shellfish, meeting, conference, party, gathering, association
<Jace-CDT> also the name of a dead assassin in Lexx
<stubear> I've got a list of keywords and names started here.  I'm going to
give these some more thought later.

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