[openbeos-cdt] Re: Where is everyone

  • From: Kristof Polleunis aka BeAdingo <kristof_polleunis@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 08:52:01 -0700 (PDT)

My temporary list:

Locos : Spanish for "crazy people".  After all we are
a bunch of crazy people who want to start on such a
huge project.  ;-)

Platypus : As I said earlier because 'OBOS'
incorporates ideas of different OSSES into a new

Muchos : Spanish for "Many".  Similar philosophy as

BeeOS : If we use the Bee as metaphore for the social,
friendly hardworking people (that we are).

Dingo(e)s : Because my nick is BeAdingo ;-)

Tui: means your or yours in Latin.  'OBOS' is supposed
to be your system, from the people for the people!

--- Stuart McCoy <stubear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My apologies to those who were on IRC Tuesday night.
>  My ISP, (ATTBI) has
> been having problems of late and my internet
> connection has been flaky for
> the past few days, culminating in a full blown
> outage yesterday afternoon
> and lasting until sometime this morning apparently. 
> Hopefully some of you
> went ahead and discussed the name for OBOS anyway. 
> I'll see if I can't find
> another time, perhaps Thursday at 8pm EST (is this
> time slot cursed?), to
> have a discussion about the name.
> Kristoff,
> I forgot to save the log but the just of the
> conversation began leaning
> towards these few ideas and names.
> 1) Jaffa.  It's a variety of orange. (get it? 
> Apple/Macintosh?)  Anyway,
> it's an idea.
> 2) NucleOS
> 3) something related to the starfish or octopus
> (think nautical or marine
> life)
> 4) something astronomy related.
> 5) the work I've done on the UI has gone under the
> names Terra(the look) and
> Magma(the  underlying functionality).  Some sort of
> elemental name (earth,
> wind, fire, air) might work as well.
> As always, feel free to post suggestions here or on
> the OBOS forum.  I
> wanted to send Michael a list by the 14th but since
> I've had so many
> problems trying to get the IRC sessions (the 8pm
> ones anyway) together I'm
> going to push this back until the 21st.  Get your
> ideas together and post,
> post, post.
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> I'm not sure what has happened but it seems like
> nobody is  there on the CDT ?  I'd like to have some
> news about the IRC meetings, since I was unable to
> join these.  Can someone enlighten me please?
> Kristof Polleunis
> aka
> BeAdingo
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