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My apologies to those who were on IRC Tuesday night.  My ISP, (ATTBI) has
been having problems of late and my internet connection has been flaky for
the past few days, culminating in a full blown outage yesterday afternoon
and lasting until sometime this morning apparently.  Hopefully some of you
went ahead and discussed the name for OBOS anyway.  I'll see if I can't find
another time, perhaps Thursday at 8pm EST (is this time slot cursed?), to
have a discussion about the name.


I forgot to save the log but the just of the conversation began leaning
towards these few ideas and names.

1) Jaffa.  It's a variety of orange. (get it?  Apple/Macintosh?)  Anyway,
it's an idea.
2) NucleOS
3) something related to the starfish or octopus (think nautical or marine
4) something astronomy related.
5) the work I've done on the UI has gone under the names Terra(the look) and
Magma(the  underlying functionality).  Some sort of elemental name (earth,
wind, fire, air) might work as well.

As always, feel free to post suggestions here or on the OBOS forum.  I
wanted to send Michael a list by the 14th but since I've had so many
problems trying to get the IRC sessions (the 8pm ones anyway) together I'm
going to push this back until the 21st.  Get your ideas together and post,
post, post.

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I'm not sure what has happened but it seems like
nobody is  there on the CDT ?  I'd like to have some
news about the IRC meetings, since I was unable to
join these.  Can someone enlighten me please?

Kristof Polleunis



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