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  • Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 06:09:25 -0700 (PDT)

Why didn't you bring this up over IRC *before* Stuart was going to submit 
names?  There were three sessions, and lots of time to post on the mailing 
  Kristof Polleunis aka BeAdingo <kristof_polleunis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
Boris, that .com suggestion was my idea ;-)

I agree with Boris we are obviously not marketeers and
that's why we forget to consider things, sometimes
important stuff when choosing a name. I believe we
should get in touch with the people who want to
distribute the OS, like BeUnited (isn't Helmar a
marketeer) to discuss these things. 

I believe there are many criteria to consider before
even submitting a name to Michael. These are just a
few I can come up with and I'm not an expert in this

- it has to be a non-existing OS-name.

- it should more or less represent the OS or the 
community, it's a plus to the name this way.

- it should not be an existing trademarked name (also
applies to logo).

- it should be trademark-able(also applies to logo).

- it should be possible to obtain a toplevel
domainname like *.org,*.com,*.net

- it should not have an insulting meaning in other

- it should not be too long, too complicated or
consist of multiple words.

- not too geeky either (my personal view ;-).

The name has to pass criteria tests like these. 
What's the point in having a flashy name if we can't
have the domainname or the trademark or if it's a
infringment on a trademark. It's not just a matter of
picking names at random. 

Everyone who suggests a name should first check if the
names passes these criteria before even mentioning it.
See what happend with BlueOS they had to change their
name because BlueOS already existed. I think we
better avoid things like this.

Kristof Polleunis



--- Boris Kuncer wrote:
> I think that we need help and advice of the
> marketing expert. We are
> here mostly because of a design and visual stuff. I
> think that choosing
> and suggesting names is not where I'm good in. I can
> tell you if I like
> any name suggestion or if I do not like it. This is
> only a vote. Process
> of choosing a name or anything else in the beginning
> of our job is more
> complicated of simple 'I like it - I do not like
> it'. We got here a
> "product" to "sell". For example: when Mercedes have
> new car, all
> aspects of the industry is working in one
> direction(designers, technical
> department, advertising teams...), very good and
> strong marketing
> direction in purpose to sell the product. If you
> want to sell your
> product you have to first analyse market. You have
> to know what are
> obligations and limitations before you came out on
> the market. One
> limitations can be legal and other practical (like
> some one said that we
> got to have free .com or .org). We can not make
> mistakes like that. 
> Personally I do not know answers to all this things.
> This why we need
> help of someone who is professional advertising
> expert.
> -boris
> >
> >
> >I think everything has toned down a bit because the
> work has 
> >become work instead of some sort of free-for-all
> art contest. 
> >Until a name can be chosen for the OS there is
> little reason 
> >to work on any of the other design projects as they
> all depend 
> >on the name. Even then, once a name is chosen, an
> identity 
> >will follow before the icons, wallpaper and GUI
> elements can 
> >be tackled.
> >
> >To be honest, I've been a little disappointed in
> the turnout 
> >in the discussions concerning the name. Out of a
> forty some 
> >odd group, roughly a quarter of the people
> participated in any 
> >meaningful way (including submissions to the
> freelists mailing 
> >list). However, this being a volunteer project,
> you take what 
> >you can get.
> >
> >I'm going to pass a list along to Michael with my 
> >recommendations for a name and see what his
> comments are. 
> >Hopefully by week's end I will know where this
> group stands in 
> >relation to the work that needs to be done and
> those who still 
> >wish to participate in this group will be given the
> >opportunity to contribute.
> >
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> >
> >Hi everyone,
> >
> >What's going on. This was a vibrant group, lots of
> >ideas where being discussed things started to get
> >moving and now I can't help getting the impression
> >that everbody gives up on CDT.
> >
> >Are the discussions being held elsewhere? 
> Freelists
> >is down, the forum is down and no info is coming
> in.
> >To get the group back on tracks and get things
> moving
> >was why we had a change of teamlead or am I wrong?
> >Why do I still have the impression that nothing
> seems
> >to happen and the internal communication has become
> >worse? I'm not here to criticize anyone but I must
> >see I'm worried and start to have my doubts about
> the
> >CDT.
> >
> >regards,
> >
> >Kristof Polleunis
> >
> >(BeAdingo)
> >
> >
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