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I think that we need help and advice of the marketing expert. We are
here mostly because of a design and visual stuff. I think that choosing
and suggesting names is not where I'm good in. I can tell you if I like
any name suggestion or if I do not like it. This is only a vote. Process
of choosing a name or anything else in the beginning of our job is more
complicated of simple 'I like it - I do not like it'. We got here a
"product" to "sell". For example: when Mercedes have new car, all
aspects of the industry is working in one direction(designers, technical
department, advertising teams...), very good and strong marketing
direction in purpose to sell the product. If you want to sell your
product you have to first analyse market. You have to know what are
obligations and limitations before you came out on the market. One
limitations can be legal and other practical (like some one said that we
got to have free .com or .org). We can not make mistakes like that. 
Personally I do not know answers to all this things.  This why we need
help of someone who is professional advertising expert.

>I think everything has toned down a bit because the work has 
>become work instead of some sort of free-for-all art contest.  
>Until a name can be chosen for the OS there is little reason 
>to work on any of the other design projects as they all depend 
>on the name.  Even then, once a name is chosen, an identity 
>will follow before the icons, wallpaper and GUI elements can 
>be tackled.
>To be honest, I've been a little disappointed in the turnout 
>in the discussions concerning the name.  Out of a forty some 
>odd group, roughly a quarter of the people participated in any 
>meaningful way (including submissions to the freelists mailing 
>list).  However, this being a volunteer project, you take what 
>you can get.
>I'm going to pass a list along to Michael with my 
>recommendations for a name and see what his comments are.  
>Hopefully by week's end I will know where this group stands in 
>relation to the work that needs to be done and those who still 
>wish to participate in this group will be given the 
>opportunity to contribute.
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>Hi everyone,
>What's going on.  This was a vibrant group, lots of
>ideas where being discussed things started to get
>moving and now I can't help getting the impression
>that everbody gives up on CDT.
>Are the discussions being held elsewhere?  Freelists
>is down, the forum is down and no info is coming in.
>To get the group back on tracks and get things moving
>was why we had a change of teamlead or am I wrong?
>Why do I still have the impression that nothing seems
>to happen and the internal communication has become
>worse?  I'm not here to criticize anyone but I must
>see I'm worried and start to have my doubts about the
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