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  • From: "Jace" <jace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 14:52:00 -0500

>Nuts is correct.
>Confusion I can help with.  I have tried repeatedly to view the forum and 
>have only once even been able to get the index page up.  As far as 
>registering and logging in... haven't been so fortunate as of yet.  If this 
>is typical,  I can well understand why people are not using the forum...
> I am amazed that anyone is using it at all.

I've complained about the same things several times.  However, there was 
suddenly a rash of "taking it personally" when the complaints were made.  It's 
NOT personal.  If a system does not work well, folks will not use it.  Simple.  
Taking complaints personally does not help.   Now, I do still try to use the 
forum.  I have some success, as long as I am accessing it via my friend's cable 
modem.  I try to do this once a week.

>Splitting up... well, I suppose that would be one approach... but all the 
>bickering would just be moved to different locations.


>People need to learn 
>how to work together... not an easy thing to do.

Well for starters, there needs to be clear direction.  As you have addressed.

>An established "chain of 
>command", and possibly some clear instructions might help as well.  Not all 
>of us... and I include myself here... have ever worked on a project like 

I have.  Apparently Stuart has as well.  This might explain why I agree with 
almost 100% of his complaints and concerns.

>We don't really know what to do.  I am primarily a photographer.  What 
>would you like a picture of or a what would you like the image to illustrate?

This is what needs to come from leadership.  Leadership needs to see what 
skills people have and assign tasks to them.  Leadership needs to see what 
materials are needed and assign projects to get them made.

> If somebody would like a tiny photograph of a 1930's vintage radio to use 
>for an icon on a sound application...  can do.  Where do I send it?  You want 
>a closeup of a dangerous predator to use for wallpaper?  No problem, it'll 
>just take a day or so at the zoo with a long lens... instant snarling feline. 
> Nudes?  Even that is a possibility.

You're on the right track.  You need direction.  So does this whole team.  "Go 
make stuff" does not cut it.  I am in no way intending any kind of attack on 
Guy.  I am merely stating what seems to me to be an obvious truth, based on my 
work experiences.  As I said above, taking criticism personally does not help 
and is unprofessional.  Flaming is also unprofessional, but I see why it is 
happening: leadership is not taking the legitimate concerns of experienced 
professional designers seriously.

>Some of you are old pros at this... though I don't think anything like this 
>has ever actually been done before the way we are doing it.

Maybe not, but the same methods are easilly applied from standard design teams 
in design companies.

>Those of us who 
>are not old pros need some direction.  A forum that can actually be accessed 
>and used would be useful as well.

Even the pros need direction.  When you take a bunch of actors to make a movie, 
and they're all seasoned pros, they still need a director to pull of an 
organized display of talents.


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