[openbeos-cdt] Re: What happened?

  • From: Nathan Callender <nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 06:45:21 -0800 (PST)

 Okay ... this is my opinion.  I don't think a split is a good thing.  Granted, 
the team is big right now, and there are more opinions about everything, but 
that doesn't mean we have to split.  Waht we need is a hierarchy.  We need a 
CDT lead, and then a lead person for each of the categories (UI lead, sound 
lead, logo lead).  The team lead will coordinate with the category leads which 
will coordinate with their teams.  I suggest that we limit ourselves to being 
on no more than two teams (this will keep us more focused, and will make the 
teams smaller.  ... both good things.)
I think we all need to take a break ... for about a week.  We should think 
about how to organize the team, and then after the week is over, come back 
together and persent our plans.  ... then we should select about 4 - 5 people 
to get together and create a design strategy (a plan as to how we can ge this 
done and how to get organized) meanwhile the rest of us do nothing.  After they 
are done, THEN we can move onto doing something productive.
Guy ... what do you think about this?  We need to do something soon before more 
of us get pissed off like Jess.  ... I suggest we do this.
NateC (saffertan) 
  Jess Tipton <Shed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
I think the split would be a good thing but in theory if I stay I'll be 
in 3 of them he.

>I'm out of town for the weekend and come back only to find the group
>bickering once again? This is nuts, folks.
>I'm also rather confused as to why nobody's using the forum. I 
realize it
>has its slow times, but it seems to be reliable enough for this group. 
>do we have 20 million messages here and only 374 on the forum? Why 
are 10
>members of this group NOT EVEN SIGNED UP? I had thought the forum was 
>primary form of communication. Do I need to take it down?
>I suggest we stop all work, stop all the flaming and reorganize this 
>from top to bottom. I think we should suggest to Michael that the 
>team be split up into seperate teams: an icon team, an advertising 
team, a
>backgrounds team, a sounds team, etc ... each team having its own
>leadership. I think this group has grown FAR to large for Guy to 
>alone and has FAR too many people with varying ideas on how things 
>Certainly these groups should communicate, as we cannot have anything
>looking different from anything else, but I do believe we need to 
split up.
>Any suggestions? And once again, please take this to the forum.

Nathan Callender           nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx

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